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Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira Portugal May 2011

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1 Aanifeira – Associação dos Amigos dos Animais de Santa Maria da Feira Portugal May 2011

2 Mission Provide clean and safe surroundings for stray and abandoned dogs and cats with the care and attention that each animal deserves together with the necessary follow- up attention after an adoption has been made. Provide the resident dogs (those that are not adopted) with a life of the best comfort available for as long as they live. Pledges to enhance the human-animal bond and to teach and ensure that neutering/spaying is the foremost in animal adoption.

3 BACKGROUND Non-profit / no-kill animal welfare charity Location: Santa Maria da Feira, northern Portugal Founded on December 7th, 1999 25 year rental free lease agreement on land and buildings (old cattle pavilion) given by local council Currently housing approx. 400 dogs and a small number of cats 7 Committee/Managing team out of which 5 are volunteers 6 full time employees Monthly running cost Euros 8.000

4 UP UNTIL 2006 VERY DIFFICULT TIMES WERE EXPERIENCED AT AANIFEIRA Close to 800 animals were housed Serious overcrowding No population control Lack of proper sanitation Lack of daily veterinary care Lack of staff Lack of funding

5 TERRIBLE LIVING CONDITIONS OvercrowdingLack of sanitation


7 2006 NEW VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT TEAM TAKES OVER Changes are implemented No new dogs were accepted into shelter from the local community Guidance and help given to people wanting to have their animals adopted without taking them into the shelter Start of reduction of dog population Membership campaign gets underway Refurbishing kennels once used for cattle Local schools education program is put into action Formal adoption policy put into action Fostering an animal became possible Iniciative of Cats & Dogs events started Neutering program for resident animals got underway Line of Aanifeira merchandising introduced - t-shirts, polos, caps

8 2006 NEW DEVELOPMENTS WERE SEEN New block of 12 boxes was completed through donations of building materials and volunteer work 70 dogs transferred from a dark enclosure to outside kennels each with small outside area for movement

9 2007 LANDSCAPING THE EXERCISE PARK August 2007 work was completed on fencing in a large outdoor exercise area Animals were finally released in sessions, some after several years of confinement

10 Fundraising Events Parties held at local establishments Gala dinners in 2007 & 2008 Adult and Childrens theatrical spectacles Dinner get-togethers for members, staff and volunteers Aanifeira 10th Anniversary Dinner held on December 5th, 2009 Appearance of public figures & celebrities at some of the above events Participation by three nationally known Portuguese celebrities in drawing public awareness to Aanifeiras cause and animal welfare in general: Miguel Vieira – top fashion designer Ricardo Azevedo – solo singer & guitarist EZ Special – top national pop rock music band

11 THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH HOWEVER More work needed to be done: Campaign for funding – nationally & internationally Work on adoptions of resident animals Start neutering/spaying campaign Recruit new members (fee Euros 15 per annum) Recruit more fosterers (fee Euros 5 per month) Find more donations of building materials Publisize for more donations of gifts for bazaars, local fairs, etc. Recruit more Volunteers Work on internet site, blog, newsletter Ensure Aanifeira was known publicly and that its policies were respected.

12 MAJOR PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN GOT UNDERWAY Regular appearances on the major Portuguese television station Photographic exposition of Aanifeiras animals (courtesy of a member) on view in public buildings – later made into a set of beautiful postcards put up for sale Presence with volunteers at local schools, sporting clubs, cultural/recreational associations and senior community homes Working closely with local Municipal Council in trying to solve the street dog situation Annual presence on Aanifeira stand at local community fairs worked by volunteers Presence on chat shows on local radio stations Presence in local and national newspapers.

13 2007 Aanifeira Veterinary Clinic opened Work completed on building a Veterinary Clinic using some donations of building materials as well as basic hospital equipment Clinic opens exclusively to Aanifeiras members working with lower prices than those practised by other clinics Today two full-time vets are employed giving full back-up to 1200 members animals as well as resident animals.

14 2009 FUNDING GRANT RECEIVED FROM BRIGITTE BARDOT FOUNDATION New set of kennels constructed to house dogs kept in central corredor of main pavilion which had little access to sunlight Capacity to hold 40 dogs

15 OCTOBER 4TH, WORLD ANIMAL DAY Presence on October 4th, 2009 & 2010 to celebrate WORLD ANIMAL DAY Open days to the members of the public to visit the shelter Educational visit to local sports ground to explain animal welfare to junior soccer players

16 2009/2010 Educational Programs for staff and volunteers introduced Shelter Care and Medicine, held at Aanifeira Senior Animal Care, Aanifeira ITP - International Training Programme, Dogs Trust, U.K. (shelter/animal management) – held in England OEW – Overseas Education Workshop, Dogs Trust, U.K. – Focusing on teaching children at schools about animal welfare, held in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal and included a visit to local school for demonstration Attendance by two Management Team members to ICAWC – International Companion Animal Welfare Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic in 9-11 Nov 2010

17 International Donations Aanifeira is proud to be associated with other international animal welfare foundations AMCF – Animal Medical Care Foundation Holland Veterinary medicine Stichting Dierennood Holland Veterinary medicine Medical equipment International volunteers SNIP International England Specialist equipment for use in trap-neuter- return

18 2009 – 2011 International Volunteer Internship Program International volunteers coming from Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland and Australia are welcomed to work in the following areas: Veterinarians Animal Care Members of the public with a love of animals Working under the guidance of the Aanifeira vets and staff they learn the basics and difficulties of running a non- profit/no-kill animal shelter Registered with the BVA – British Veterinary Association as a shelter that is equipped to receive veterinary volunteers

19 FIRST BOOK RELEASE - DECEMBER 2010PACO Written by Mafalda Damião and addressing all age groups Recounts the many aspects that concern the treatment of animals in Portugal, covering this in an educational way Sponsored by Zurich Insurance company

20 STATISTICS - MEMBERS An important asset to a non-profit association YearMembers 19993 20002 20015 20026 20035 200415 200551 200674 2007130 2008175 2009388 2010338 Total 1192

21 STATISTICS ANIMALS NEUTERED / SPAYED LAST 3 YEARS 200820092010 Dogs68120143 Cats71132180 Today at Aanifeira, all bitches are spayed with 25% of males neutered

22 STATISTICS ANIMALS ADOPTED 20062007200820092010 Dogs40927218611583 Cats123525041 Adoptions have decreased over the years due to the fact that people are mainly looking for puppies which Aanifeira does not have.

23 WHAT WE FACE TODAY An uphill battle to avoid overcrowding at the shelter Handling an adult > senior dog population at the shelter Difficulty in having people adopt an older animal Stopping abandonment at the doors Continued fundraising Drawing public awareness to spay/neutering and vacination of animals Continued follow-ups on adoptions

24 WHERE DO WE GO FOR THE FUTURE Licensing and certification of Aanifeira Veterinary Clinic for opening to the general public Renovations in main pavilion area to increase space allowing expansion on current kennel space for animals Building cattery and boarding kennels to ensure a continued source of income Renovation to Aanifeira Veterinary Clinic to increase clinic space and install sophisticated equipment i.e. X-Ray machine, Ultrasound whereby increasing customer service to clients. Expanding the Aanifeira Pet Shop Grassing the entire outside exercise area in couch grass Work side by side with one other very small association and the main local pound in controlling the abandoned animal population in the five major districts in the area (Terras de Santa Maria). Creating responsible dog/cat ownership: matching animal to owner, background checks, home checks, follow-up Build a sanctuary for unadoptable dogs to live the rest of their lives in freedom Become an exemplary shelter in Portugal and have the opportunity in helping and giving guidance to other shelters around the country

25 OUR THANKS The staff and volunteers that work with Aanifeira give their own time devotely to helping the many unwanted animals that come into the shelter, sometimes in incredible circumstances and situations. They work tirelessly, often facing long hours but all is done with dedication and with one thought in mind to save animals. Animals are special to them and over the years their dedication and work has not gone unnoticed. Aanifeiras story over the past 11 ½ years has only improved and we believe this is only the beginning. We look forward to a better future and to achieving even greater heights.

26 END

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