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Katie Gardella, President, PO Box 274, Peterborough,

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1 Katie Gardella, President, PO Box 274, Peterborough, NH 03458, Prosper Fundraising Strategies Specializing in Major Gift Fundraising, Board and Staff Development, and Development Planning

2 Katie Gardella, President, LEADERSHIP GIVING Presented by: Katie Gardella, Prosper Fundraising Strategies Stacy LeBaron, Merrimac River Feline Rescue Society Susan Ruderman, Animal Rescue League Boston

3 Katie Gardella, President, What is Leadership Giving? A systematic program by which an organization educates, motives, and rewards its most generous donors thereby building loyalty and increased giving

4 Katie Gardella, President, Who Are These People? Those who display a deeper commitment to the organization through thoughtful, increased support Mission, Vision, Values based giving

5 Katie Gardella, President, And Where Can I Find Them? Your Database! A word about the wealthiest people in town… Connection, Concern, Capacity

6 Katie Gardella, President, Why is Leadership Giving Important? Competition Long term health of organization Individuals make up the bulk of giving in the U.S.

7 Katie Gardella, President, The Cycle of Giving Identification Information Inform Involve Investment Stewardship Deepening Relationship

8 Katie Gardella, President, What Do I Need to Start? Database Qualified prospects Case for support/Strategic Plan Person or persons to make consistent contact Plan for what you would like to accomplish

9 Katie Gardella, President, The $1,000+ Giving Club: The Threshold to Philanthropy Creating a major gifts club is the first step in creating a true major gifts program. With the proper treatment, today’s $1,000 donor will be tomorrow’s $10,000 donor

10 Katie Gardella, President, Naming Your Club Names can be generic or they can be specific to the organization: founder of the organization benefactor notable community figure or asset.

11 Katie Gardella, President, Name Your Club Sample generic names include Leadership Circle Founder’s Society Director’s Circle

12 Katie Gardella, President, katie tyler leadership circle The Katie Tyler Leadership Circle is a special giving club of dedicated supporters who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more to help the mission of the Humane Society of Charlotte which is to provide love and hope to all animals by ensuring the humane treatment of companion animals through adoption, spay/neuter and education. Leadership Circle gifts provide the resources needed to continue caring for animals until they find their forever homes. Katie Tyler, president and founder of Tyler 2 Construction, has been an instrumental member of the Humane Society of Charlotte, serving and formerly chairing the Board of Trustees. Katie has provided leadership, guidance and support which has allowed the Humane Society of Charlotte to become the organization it is today. We are grateful to Katie for all that she has done for the Humane Society of Charlotte and the thousands of animals we serve.

13 Katie Gardella, President, THE AMBER GIVING CIRCLE The Amber Giving Circle is a special group of loyal supporters who make annual gifts to the Monadnock Humane Society of $1,000 or more to help us achieve our mission of improving the quality of life for animals and people through humane education and to provide shelter and facilitate adoption for lost, abandoned, and abused animals. The Giving Circle is named after Amber, who was with four different families before being adopted from MHS by two of our benefactors. She proved to be a faithful companion who lived a long and happy life in her new home for over 10 years. Amber is greatly missed and will be long remembered with much affection

14 Katie Gardella, President, Giving Levels At most organizations, $1,000 is the entry level gift for a major donor giving club It makes sense to do a little research in your community to see what similar organizations consider the entry “club level” gift

15 Katie Gardella, President, Giving Levels Check websites of other organizations to see what they consider an entry level major gift If most organizations in your area are already raising gifts of $1,000 or more, it’s likely that you will be able to start at that level as well

16 Katie Gardella, President, Giving Levels Create a ladder of levels Don’t stop at the $1,000 level! Most organizations use the following ladder: $1000-$2,499 $2,500-$4,999 $5,000-$9,999 $10,000+

17 Katie Gardella, President, Benefits Every level of your giving club needs special benefits attached to it Offering benefits is a nice way to thank and cultivate donors and may be a secondary reason a donor decides to join your giving club

18 Katie Gardella, President, Benefits Philanthropic donors do not give solely based on benefits. They give because they believe in the mission of the institution. When thinking about benefits for this group of people, think about perks that are mission based and will help you advance the relationship with the donor.

19 Katie Gardella, President, Amber Giving Circle Benefits $1,000-$2,499 Invitation to special events and special newsletter. Recognition in print, and on website $2,500-$4,999 All of the above plus lunch with CEO $5,000-$9,999 All above benefits plus dinner with CEO and Board Chair $10,000+ All above benefits plus table at annual Hairball fundraising gala

20 Katie Gardella, President, Creating Your Prospect List Frequency of giving How often does a donor give? Longevity of giving How long has a donor been a member. Has he/she upgraded their support consistently? Size of last gift Has the donor given a gift of $500 or more?

21 Katie Gardella, President, Creating Your Prospect List All donors who have given $500+ every year for the past five years All donors who have given $500+ every year for the past three years OR (if these do not return a good sized list) All donors who have given $250+ every year for the past three to five years

22 Katie Gardella, President, Creating Your Prospect List Have a “rolodex” party Ask Board members/volunteers to think of contacts who might be interested

23 Katie Gardella, President, Creating Your Prospect List The number of prospects will depend upon the amount of staff time dedicated to the major gifts effort 25% of time = 50 prospects 50% of time = 100 prospects 100% of time = 200 prospects

24 Katie Gardella, President, Now What Do I Do? Market giving club on web, in newsletters, and in annual report Send out solicitation letters to prospects Hold quarterly cultivation events Prioritize list and start calling!

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