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Linking Generations Northern Ireland Welcomes you to this information session.

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1 Linking Generations Northern Ireland Welcomes you to this information session

2 Work Programme 2011 -2014 Funding From The Atlantic Philanthropies - Development Work Partnership Small Grants Training Facilitation Intergenerational Network

3 Development Work New Staff 2 PT Regional Development Workers - Support and Advice Promotional Events Linkage and Signposting

4 Partnership Working & Small Grants Atlantic Themes for project work 2011 -2014 Social Justice Generational Equity Age Friendly Communities Intergenerational Aspects of Building the Peace Social Enterprise Shared & Safer Communities LGNI will partner with organisations but also allocate small grants through an application process.

5 Social Justice Intergenerational justice has been achieved if the opportunities of the members of the next generation to fulfil their needs are better than those of the members of the preceding generation. For this, each generation ought to leave for the next generation an amount of resources that is at least equal to its own amount. (Foundation for the rights of future generations)

6 The Generational Equity debate The generational equity perspective is the idea that each generation should provide for itself and not be supported by the next. In particular when the next is not likely to have reciprocal treatment. “Age prejudice in this country is one of the most socially-condoned and institutionalized forms of prejudice” (Nelson, 2002a; Palmore, 1999).

7 Generational Equity and Intergenerational Practice Current issues that may cause potential intergenerational conflict, inequality and ageism : Pensions, Retirement, Welfare, Employment, Healthcare, Education, Housing, access to services (e.g. insurance, transport, social inclusion activities etc)

8 Age Friendly What is Age Friendly? Community? Space? City? County? “An Age-friendly City is an inclusive and accessible urban environment that promotes active ageing” “An ‘age friendly’ community benefits all residents, young and old alike. Secure neighbourhoods are safe for children, youth, women and older adults, ” Making cities ‘age friendly’ is one of the most effective policy approaches for responding to demographic aging and is one of the ways we are supporting our aging population.” (World Health Organisation)

9 ‘Age Friendly’ and Intergenerational Practice Possibilities for ‘Age Friendly’ intergenerational initiatives.... Creating an Age Friendly Space within your community, IG consulting on the term ‘Age Friendly’, production of an ‘Age Friendly’ plan for your community/city/organisation.

10 Intergenerational Aspects of Building the Peace Agreeing the narrative Differing experiences of the young and the old – transferring the trauma? Social Enterprise Promoting your project as a social enterprise Unltd

11 Shared and Safer Communities What is the role of intergenerational practice in the building of shared and safer communities? Shared – building communities that respect those of all ages, religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds.... Safer – community safety issues that affect all ages, building safer communities for all....

12 Community Safety Regional funding from the Community Safety Unit Enabling – Six intergenerational Projects in six council areas – promotion through local CSP’s re need Three intergenerational attitudinal events Promotion of Neighbourhood Watch as an intergenerational initiative

13 Training and facilitation LGNI Introductory Training Training re the new themes of work Taster sessions 1 st December & 12 th December New grantees Facilitation support – grantees and wider groups Organisation tailored training Facilitation of an intergenerational network

14 LGNI Evaluation Launch 2009-2011 LGNI will be launching the evaluation of their completed work 2009-2011 at City Hall Belfast Tuesday 15 th November @11:00am We would like to extend the invitation to you all but spaces must be booked in advance!

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