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Safety Culture Workshop ACIG Strategic Safety Initiative

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1 Safety Culture Workshop ACIG Strategic Safety Initiative
Carl Heinlein, CSP, OHST, STS Sr. Safety Consultant June 11-12, 2013

2 ACIG Strategic Safety Initiative
Safety initiative to save lives and reduce losses across all lines of business Fact Finding : Safety Benchmarking Survey; Life-Saving Commitments Survey, ZIP Survey, Safety Culture Survey (Third Party) CEO meeting, ACIG facilitator Contractor Action Plan (CAP) developed as the focus of the executive management meeting NOTE: Safety Culture Elements Safety and Health Program Elements Zero (0) direct-payroll deaths Reduce losses by 40% Strategic long-term planning Executive driven and full participation

3 Developing a Strategy Establishing goals
Deciding on the proper metrics Involving the right people Making the PLS initiative a “big deal”

4 ACIG Strategic Safety Initiative
Project Lifesaver Meetings ACIG Develops Meeting Materials Historical Loss Analyses Contractor Rankings Best Practices Utilization (RMS, Safety, Claims, Fleet, General Liability, LSC) Participants Contractor CEO, COO, Safety/Risk Manager, other appropriate Staff ACIG: RME & Safety Consultant Broker Contractor Action Plan (CAP) is the Key Focal Point

5 ACIG Strategic Planning Sessions
Key Deliverables CEO Active Participation Team approach in completing the CAP

6 ACIG Strategic Safety Initiative

7 ACIG Top Ten - Best Practices
Executive level support – high level of expectation Pre-task planning for every task Management visibility Supervision involvement and accountability Root cause analysis of incidents Measurement and frequent review of key indicators Active Risk Management Committee Pre-project planning Subcontractor safety management Employee engagement/involvement


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