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State of Emergency: End the Red Zone (ER) # E ND R ED Z ONE By: Ashleigh Taylor Drew Lail Breion Harris ShirDonna Lawrence.

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1 State of Emergency: End the Red Zone (ER) # E ND R ED Z ONE By: Ashleigh Taylor Drew Lail Breion Harris ShirDonna Lawrence

2 Establish a campus wide initiative and awareness campaign addressing sexual violence and sexual misconduct. Launch the campaign: State of Emergency: End the Redzone The tag for this campaign is: #E ND R ED Z ONE Our Charge

3 What is the Red Zone? The Red Zone is identified as the first 4-6 weeks during the academic in which the most sexual assaults occur on collegiate campuses.

4 Catered functional Areas: Residential Life Academic Affairs Campus Wide Student Life. Catered Institutional Types: Large State University Small Private College Community College Tier Execution

5 Residential Life # E ND R ED Z ONE

6 #ENDREDZONE-Year Initiative Initiative: 365 State of Emergency This initiative advocates for constant awareness of sexual violence and misconduct throughout the year with students, faculty and staff. The Cleary Act requires that all instances of sexual misconduct and violence be reported. Students will be more aware of what those terms mean if there is constant awareness brought towards these issues.

7 #ENDREDZONE-Year Initiative Initiative- 365 State of Emergency Residence halls are the hosts of large amounts of students abiding in one place, it is essential that frequent awareness is publicized and adopted regarding sexual misconduct and violence permeates the buildings.

8 Residence Hall Association (RHA) in conjunction with other university offices will create a year long calendar of programs. Everyday there will be a program, event, and or informational table that caters towards awareness of sexual misconduct There will be bracelets, shirts, and other paraphernalia to emphasize this initiative. State University

9 At the beginning of each month there will be a large event. This will likely be sponsored by RHA and the Student Activities Office. There will lots of free give-a-ways. In the warm months the event would be like a block party with music and short speeches about sexual violence and misconduct. The residents will be encouraged to wear their bracelets and other paraphernalia. State University

10 The programs that occur on a daily basis will be in conjunction with offices such as the Counseling Center. Speakers will be invited. Informational tables will be placed in the residence halls. Pamphlets will be given out. RAs will be required to host a least one program per semester that pertains to #ENDREDZONE. State University

11 A series of programs and events will be held in conjunction with other offices and departments at the college. The smaller community type residence hall will allow for more intimate sessions and programs. Wristbands, shirts, pens, stationary, and other paraphernalia will be given out to emphasize initiative. Small Private College

12 There will be one large event at the beginning of each month. The first will be to emphasize the new initiative. Students will be asked to use social media specifically using the #ENDREDZONE topic. The smaller events throughout the month will be catered towards smaller groups Residents will be encouraged to wear paraphernalia. Small Private College

13 The first monthly will likely be sponsored by RHA and the Student Activities Office. This event will occur during Welcome Week. There will lots of free give-a-ways. This will be in the style of a block party with short speeches about the initiative and what sexual violence and misconduct means. Small Private College

14 The other monthly events will be seminar style and/or programs that are meant to be both educational and engaging. The daily programs will have sign up sheets prior to program to ensure small attendance so that it is easier for audience to interact with presenters. This will likely be co-sponsored with the Counseling Center. Small Private College

15 The amount of students living on campus will be small in comparison to the amount of students commuting and living off campus. The residence life administration along with the enrollment management office will gage the types of students at the college. These offices will create a year long initiative that caters towards awareness of sexual misconduct and violence. Community College

16 A committee will be formed that consists of members of the residence life administration and enrollment management office. The committee with formulate programming that assists students that live on and off campus. Wristbands and pamphlets will be given out at these events to emphasize the initiative. Community College

17 Informational tables set up in both the residence halls and common areas for commuting students will be necessary. Faculty engagement will be key especially for the commuting students. There will be a large event each semester. This will be block party style. Community College

18 Academic Affairs # E ND R ED Z ONE

19 Strategy Apply Bowman and Deals Four Frames as introduced in Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership Four Frames Structural Human Resources Political Frame Symbolic Frame

20 Structural Provosts/Chief Academic Officers responsible for establishing standards in regards to academia. Enlist Provost and other essential administrators to promote the #EndRedzone Campaign

21 Human Resources Offer active bystander, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and intervention trainings at seasonal in-services. Offer procedural training for faculty and staff on reporting a sexual assault, and how to access Clery Reports. Utilize testimonials as well as sexual assault statistics from Cleary Reports to shed light on the issue of sexual violence and sexual misconduct to faculty and Staff.

22 Human Resources Actively recruit faculty to get involved with the EndRedZone Campaign. Invite community partners to sponsor and take part in the #EndRedzone campaign to raise awareness in the surrounding community.

23 Political Issue statement from the presidents office outlining President Obamas efforts to address the topic of sexual violence and sexual misconduct. In issued statement highlight measures that the university has taken in the past to ensure a safe campus, and detail the EndRedzone campaign. Express that the EndRedzone Campaign is means to open dialogue about the issue of sexual violence and sexual misconduct on the respective campus moving forward.

24 Political Provost/Chief Academic Officer makes a point to attend kick off events for the #EndRedzone campaign #EndRedzone campaign integrates small presentation into orientation sessions

25 Symbolic Design EndRedzone logo Offer logo decals to faculty and staff who have completed trainings Inform campus the logo represents a safe zone for individuals who have experienced an act of sexual violence or sexual misconduct Offer digital image for e-mail signatures

26 Bring the campaign to the Faculty and Staff Infuse the topic into meetings, retreats, and other opportunities in which faculty and staff gather Communicate to Faculty that their reach extends beyond Research, Teaching, and Service in this particular area to promote a cultural shift Impart information to faculty and staff about counseling resources offered on campus State University

27 Relate national trends about sexual violence and sexual misconduct to private colleges to dispel a perception of immunity because of privatization. Create an environment of inclusiveness for faculty staff and students by promoting respect of differences. Push faculty to be mindful of student behavior in and out of the classroom Small Private College

28 Make faculty aware of counseling and reporting resources off campus Designate Safe Zone areas around the campus for students Community College

29 Campus Wide Programming # E ND R ED Z ONE

30 Programming Initiatives Guest Speaker(s) Noteworthy Lectures, testimonials Service Initiative Community Partner centered Fundraising Program Blue Light Special Training for FYE GateKeepers Police Escort Service 24 Hour access Response Training for Faculty/Staff State University

31 Programming Initiatives First Year Studies Issue in Common Documentary Viewing Coupled with guest lecture Fundraising Program for New Response Center Police Escort Service Small Private College

32 Programming Initiatives Campus Awareness program Community Partnership for Student Resource Police Escort Community College

33 Student Development Theory Schlossbergs Transition Theory Empower students to recognize and evaluate their new environment, be accountable for safety, and get actively engaged.

34 Student Life # E ND R ED Z ONE

35 Student Programming Board On a large state university campus the two most over arching student organizations will be the Student Government and the Student Activities Board. We will use a collaboration between the two to increase the education of the entire campus. State University

36 Idea Creation of a campus wide ENDREDZONE Initiative: Student Government would market a month long awareness program for the campus stories from anonymous students what can be done how to report and tips to stay safe State University

37 Student Activities Board would kick off the month with a large scale event featuring a prominent public figure with a story on the issue, motivational speaker against sexual violence. Use this event to boost awareness and advertisement for the ENDREDZONE month State University

38 Student Forum Campus culture comes from the individuals who are currently at the institution By creating a safe atmosphere where campus leaders can discuss these topics, students will buy into the initiative. More effective than random speakers Invite all campus RSOs to enter a participant State University

39 Example: Greek Life The ENDREDZONE month would be marketed heavily inside the Greek community to: Dedicate service hours to the case Participate in a student forum designed as a event during the month to discuss personal topics related to sexual awareness (stronger message when it comes from peers) Fundraise for campus partners that help fight sexual violence State University

40 Use Resources and Strengths! Students at a small school are connected and involved in the everyday life of the university-use this! Goal Goal : Full acceptance from the student population Small Private College

41 ENDREDZONE Field Day Dedicate a day to competition and fun that encourages students to learn and speak out against sexual violence: Create teams through registered student organizations, residence halls and Greekchapters. Create events Mix Events with Speakers and media coverage Market as a day dedicated to raising awareness against sexual violence Small Private College

42 Invite community and campus partners to set up booths and displays across campus All proceeds go to a sexual violence prevention agency OR all money goes toward the citation of a anti-sexual violence student group being brought to the campus Small Private College

43 Organizations Involved Greek Life Student Government RSOs Campus Publications Administration ETC Day would be dedicated to creating a Sexual Awareness campaign or student group or community partner. Small Private College

44 Formation of a Student Group Community college students do not have the schedules of a normal college student, so to make an effective campus change you must work around this. Create a University operated student group (by invitation or application) Community College

45 What it will do This student group, ENDREDZONE, will be student ran and charged with working with community partners to bring information into the college atmosphere. - This gives students a chance to get involved and encourages them to work outside of the institution Community College

46 Goal Raise awareness Create community partners Gain information for individuals who have suffered from this before Partner with neighboring institutions to bring in professors/speakers Community College

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