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I PLEDGE LEADERSHIP University of Oregon Lauren Staubli and Desiree Woodruff.

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1 I PLEDGE LEADERSHIP University of Oregon Lauren Staubli and Desiree Woodruff

2 Program Objective This program will give participants the opportunity to explore ways to revitalize their hall/governments, discuss best practices and engage in dialogue and strategies that can be brought back to their institution

3 Hall/Complex Government Philosophy Voice for the residents in the building – advocacy and policy formulation Educational and social programming utilizing campus and community resources Opportunity for leadership experience and skill development Improve overall residential experience

4 Challenges Faced at UO Investment in Hall/Complex Government Recruitment, motivation Retention Training and leader development Resident Engagement Understanding organization, participating in meetings, attending programs Accountability Relationship with RHA/NRHH

5 Restructuring at UO Hall/Complex Government Review Committee Talked about challenges, strategies way for improvement around recruitment, retention Marketing material in welcome packets for residents Advertising available at check-in Publicity throughout halls/complexes Streamline election process Training/retreat development Meeting with advisors and RHA Role of RHA in recruitment and training

6 Meeting the Challenges Recruitment – election process Training Role of the Advisor Goal-setting Member/leader development Support

7 Recruitment Methods:personalized letters, posters, flyers, word of mouth (RAs/RHA), interest sheets and informational sessions Benefits of hall/complex government: Short-term benefits – friendship, making a difference, develop new skills, identity development, confidence Long-term benefits – job preparation, community involvement, future memories Purpose and tradition of organization How things work – structure, calendar, routine, opportunities and recognition

8 Election Process Advertisement and application available on move-in days Informational sessions Applications due Advisor confirm candidacy with applicants and provide campaign rules and regulations Campaign days Elections Results Training and Retreat

9 Orientation/Training/Retreat Introduction to RHA/NRHH Icebreakers/Teambuilders Positional Time Responsibilities, committee assignments, mission/goals, etc. Rotating system Quorum and Parliamentary Procedures OTM Awards Hall/Complex Government Time Icebreakers, meeting times, position goals, expectations, program planning, policies and procedures, forms, and budget

10 Role of Advisor Many roles: counselor, mentor, motivator, etc. Provide a clarified vision/goals – what values do you hope to instill, what skills you hope to develop, what knowledge you hope to impart Share your role as an advisor, including expectations of you and yours of them Help student leaders make good ethical, financial and learning decisions that meet the vision, mission and goals of the department and university Passionate and dedicated to the development of the organization and individual leaders, bringing a dynamic and positive outlook Role model positive behavior

11 Goal-setting Brief introduction to general concepts of goal-setting Review traditions Brainstorm and critique possibilities Set deadlines, chairs, sub-committee groups Define each project as specifically as possible: What, when where, how and who? Help establish a timeline for completing a project with tasks for each member Determine how and when to celebrate the completion of a project

12 Member/Leader Development Personal Goal Setting Chances to define personal goals – example: skills, relationships, perspectives and achievements Follow-up on status of goal and provide continued support Recognition Workshops/Conferences Opportunity to attend Presentations

13 Support What are we doing to support individuals, inside and outside their roles in the organization? Provide regular opportunities in meetings to briefly share personal side of life – example: highs and lows Following up on individual comments with supportive comments/notes Looking for and commenting on positive things done by the individual Seeking out missing individuals to share with them your interest in their involvemnt

14 Roundtable Discussion Breakout groups – 5 Questions: What has your campus done to meet the challenges faced amongst hall/complex government? What are currently some of your recruitment and marketing strategies? How do you retain resident within your organization? How is your training/retreat in fall term structured? What are some of your successes as an Advisor? What are some of the successes from your hall/complex government?

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