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TASK FORCE ON SEXUAL VIOLENCE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SEATTLE Domonique Crosby, Taylor Dukes, Alexa Forster, and Kjirsten Kennedy 1.

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1 TASK FORCE ON SEXUAL VIOLENCE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SEATTLE Domonique Crosby, Taylor Dukes, Alexa Forster, and Kjirsten Kennedy 1

2 PURPOSE  To introduce the Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention (R.S.V.P.) Lead team  To educate the Student Development Division of the University of Seattle about Title IX policies  To announce the Sexual Education and Relationship Violence (SERV) Center, opening Fall 2014  To explain programs pertaining to sexual violence prevention and education, including the “I’m In” campaign 2

3 The University of Seattle Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention Team Vice President of Student Life Dean of Students SERV Center Director 2 LMSW/Counseling Interns Title IX Coordinator Program Coordinator Student Affairs Graduate Assistant Student Team Academic Provost University of Seattle PD Representative 3

4 VICTIM SERVICES  1-800-SEA-HAWK serves as a victim support service with each on-call staff member trained to provide necessary and immediate resources to callers  This includes, but is not limited to:  University of Seattle counseling services  University of Seattle Police Department or Seattle Police Department  University of Seattle Medical Center  SERV Center  University of Seattle student health center  University of Seattle Housing & Residence Life on-call staff 4

5 MANDATORY REPORTING  Mandated reporters include every university employee, graduate assistants, work-study students, and other agents of the university.  All instances of alleged sexual assault should be directly reported to your supervisor & the R.S.V.P. Lead Team 5

6 RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED  In all instances, staff should make every effort to protect the privacy of the complainant, witnesses, and the accused person  Only the R.S.V.P. Lead team has the ability to deem an investigation necessary  All accused students will be protected from retaliation during and after the investigation process  All accused students will have the right to be notified of any and all charges and be afforded the right to a formal hearing and an appeals process, if necessary 6

7 MISSION  The mission of the University of Seattle’s Sexual Education and Relationship Violence (SERV) Center is to foster an inclusive community of learners focused on education and advocacy of sexual and relationship violence. Awareness: Understand your rights and the rights of others Knowledge: Ability to recognize any behavior, choice, word, or attitude that constitutes sexual and relationship violence Skills: Promote prevention through the process of collaboration and dialogue between students, staff, administration, and faculty. VALUES SERV CENTER: About Us 7

8 STRATEGIC PLAN  Mandatory orientation for all students  “I’m In” Campaign  Team  Undergraduate and graduate students  Work in the center to plan programs and facilitate dialogue with peers 8

9 MANDATORY ORIENTATION SESSION  Occurs at beginning of every semester  Required for all student new to the University  Led by Task Force members and Center staff  3 Main Elements  Consent  Shift from victim blaming  Sexual Misconduct Prevention  Peer led discussion groups  Team members 9

10 INTENTIONAL SEPARATE WORKSHOPS Recognizing at-risk populations at our campus  Traditional (social) Greek Life  Focused on social gatherings  Bystander Intervention Training  Student Athlete Training  1 in 3 college sexual assaults are committed by athletes. (NCAVA)  Bring an already established program to campus: INTERCEPTINTERCEPT Needs differ from that of others  Graduate Students  Focus on Domestic Violence 10

11 ARE YOU IN? 11

12 “I’M IN” CAMPAIGN  “I’m In” pledge  Sponsored events and workshops  Social media presence 12

13 ACTIVE PROGRAMMING  Conferences  Once-a-month event hosted by “I’m In” team  Voluntary workshops  Service learning opportunities 13

14 PASSIVE PROGRAMMING  Bulletin boards  Tabling  “I’m In” banner  Tweet Board  Newsletters  For student population  For faculty/staff population 14

15 MOBILE APPLICATION  Mobile app created by University of Seattle student(s)  Students can type in question about sexual violence myths and have it answered within 24 hours 15


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