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Inteligencia artificial Star Trek y Jordi Delgado, Dept. LSI ( UPC)

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1 Inteligencia artificial Star Trek y Jordi Delgado, Dept. LSI ( UPC)
Campus Party, Valencia, 2005

2 Inteligencia artificial : 1956 (IA)
Conferencia de Dartmouth A.Newell H.A.Simon M.Minsky J. McCarthy

3 Inicios: • W.McCulloch & W.Pitts: Redes Neuronales (1943)
• M.Minsky & D.Edmonds: SNARK (1951) • A.Newell , J.C.Shaw & H.A.Simon: GPS (1957) • J.McCarthy: Lenguaje LISP (1958) • F.Rosenblatt: Perceptron (1958) • Micromundos: STUDENT (D.Bobrow, 1967) ANALOGY (T.Evans, 1968) ELIZA (J.Weizenbaum, 1965) • Stanford Research Institute: Shakey (1966)

4 Impacto mediático IA

5 Star Trek TOS 1967 - 1969 What are little girls made of?
"Unlike you, we humans are full of unpredictable emotions that logic cannot solve." Kirk al androide Ruk Landru (The return of the Archons) "Without freedom of choice, there is no creativity. Without creativity, there is no life." Kirk a Landru

6 Star Trek TOS 1967 - 1969 A taste of armaggedon The apple
-"A feeling is not much to go on". "Sometimes a feeling, Mister Spock, is all we humans have to go on". Spock y Kirk The apple -"There's certain absolutes, Mister Spock, and one of them is the right of humanoids to a free and unchained environment: The right to have conditions which permit growth." -"Another is their right to choose a system which seems to work for them." McCoy y Spock

7 (The Ultimate Computer)
Star Trek TOS M-5 multitronic unit (The Ultimate Computer)

8 Star Trek TOS 1967 - 1969 The Ultimate Computer
"We're all sorry for the other guy when he loses his job to a machine, but when it comes to your job… that's different. And it always will be diferent." McCoy a Kirk "Granted, it can work a thousand, a million times faster than the human brain, but it can't make a value judgment, it hasn't intuition, it can't think". Kirk a Dr. Richard Daystrom

9 Knowledge Systems: 70s • Sistemas Expertos:
Dendral: Estructura molecular (Buchanan, Feigenbaum & Lederberg, 1969) Mycin: Infecciones en la sangre (Feigenbaum, Buchanan & Shortliffe, 1973) • Quinta Generación: Proyecto Japonés, 1981

10 Star Trek: La Película (1979)
V'Ger (Voyager 6) "Logic and knowledge are not enough", Spock a Kirk

11 Redes Neuronales: Computación subsimbólica • Perceptrons,
Minsky & Papert (1969) • Modelo de Hopfield, J.Hopfield (1982) • Algoritmo Back-propagation, en Parallel Distributed Processing, Rumelhart & McClelland (1986)

12 Redes Neuronales: Computación subsimbólica

13 Redes Neuronales: Computación subsimbólica

14 Redes Neuronales: Computación subsimbólica Memoria Asociativa
Reconocimiento de patrones (patterns)

15 Robotica Humanoide COG (R. Brooks, MIT AI Lab)

16 Star Trek TNG 1987 - 1993 Data y su creador, Dr. Noonien Soong
(fotos del capítulo Datalore)

17 Star Trek TNG 1987 - 1993 The Naked Now The Measure of a Man
"And what I want now is gentleness. And joy. And love. From you, Data. You are fully functional, aren't you?" Tasha a Data The Measure of a Man "Are you prepared to condemn him and all who come after him to servitude and slavery? Your honor, Starfleet was founded to seek out new life. Well, there it sits, waiting. You wanted a chance to make law. Well, here it is. Make it a good one." Picard to Phillipa

18 Inspirada en el comportamiento de Insectos Sociales:
Inteligencia Colectiva (Swarm Intelligence) Inspirada en el comportamiento de Insectos Sociales: Cuanto más compleja es una sociedad, más simples son sus individuos (Klaus Jaffe)

19 Inteligencia Colectiva (Swarm Intelligence)
Aplicaciones: - Asignación de tareas (task allocation) - Optimización en redes de comunicaciones - Transporte cooperativo • Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems, E.Bonabeau, M.Dorigo, G.Theraulaz (1999) • Swarm Intelligence, J.Kennedy, R.C.Eberhart (2001)

20 Star Trek TNG 1987 - 1993 Nanites toman el control de Data (Evolution)
The Best of Both Worlds "Strength is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours." Borg a Picard

21 And so on and so forth… Algoritmos genéticos y computación evolutiva
Arquitecturas cognitivas (SOAR) Aprendizaje Agentes racionales . . . Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (2nd ed.) Stuart J. Russell & Peter Norvig, 2002 Prentice Hall (existe traducción al castellano)

22 Machines will be capable, within twenty years, of doing any work that a man can do
H.Simon, 1965

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