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ECAP Education Career Action Plan. What are your postsecondary plans?! College Road Trip-video clip /

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1 ECAP Education Career Action Plan

2 What are your postsecondary plans?! College Road Trip-video clip / /

3 Part 2: Postsecondary Planning HOW MUCH DOES COLLEGE COST?

4 Cost of attendance In-State University* Tuition $4,860 per sem. ($405 per credit hr.) Books $645 per sem. Dorm- $3,582 per sem. Board-$2,136 per sem. Depends on meal plan Transp.-$525 per sem. Personal-$1,003 per sem. Loan fees-$23 TOTAL per sem: $12, 774 TOTAL per yr: $25,548 * Based on full-time status info on Community College** Tuition $912 per sem. ($76 per credit hr) Books $645 per sem. Transp.-$525 per sem. Personal-$1,003 per sem. Live at home TOTAL per sem: $3,085 TOTAL per yr: $6,170 ** Based on full-time status info on

5 Out of State university Tuition* Pepperdine $63,988 Stanford $57,198 UCLA $54,422 Harvard $52,652 University of Colorado $31,559 Notre Dame $55,260 *Based on living on campus as a non-resident full time status per year

6 Other Postsecondary Sectors Collins College 18 months Visual Comm. $30,450 ITT Technical Institute 48 months Game Design $62,460 Arizona Automotive Institute 10 months Automotive $13,895 Carsten Institute 1600 hrs Cosmetology $12,700


8 Financial Aid Definitions Financial Need- A dollar amount that you and/or your parents need in order to pay the bill for a year of your college education. This need is found by completing a specific form, called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

9 Financial Aid Definitions Scholarship- An award of money toward college education, typically based on school achievement and/or test scores, that does not have to be paid back. Grant- An award of money toward college education, typically based on financial need, that does not have to be paid back. Loan- An award of money toward college education based on financial need that has to be paid back, often at low interest starting after college graduation

10 Making Sense of Scholarships! College-based Scholarships -Merit Scholarships -Departmental Awards -Athletic Scholarships Private Scholarships -Corporations -Professional Assoc. -Clubs/Groups in community -Parent Affiliations -Minority Organizations

11 University Scholarship Programs President Barack Obama Scholars Program – $60,000 or less U of A Assurance Program - $42,400

12 Valid at ASU, NAU, and U of A Part 1 (Course Competency) Students must complete all 16 Core Competency Courses with a grade B or better Part 2 (GPA/Class Rank) Students must meet at least ONE of the following academic requirements: Option 1 - GPA: A CORE GPA of 3.50 IN THE 16 CORE COMPETENCY COURSES. Option 2 - Class Rank: Student is in the top 5% of high school graduating class upon graduation. ABOR Tuition Waiver Criteria (aka AIMS scholarship)

13 Part 3 (AIMS Exams) Students must meet the following assessment options: Option 1: EXCEED Standards on all 3 of the AIMS Exams (Reading, Writing, and Math) by the end of junior year. Option 2: EXCEED Standards on 2 of the AIMS HS Exams (Reading, Writing, and Math) and MEET Standards on one of the AIMS HS Exams by the end of their junior year. Additionally, student would need to receive a minimum score of 3 on any two Advanced Placement tests. Part 4 (SAT1/ACT) Students must meet at least one of the following admissions test options and submit scores to the university they apply to Option 1: At least a 28 on the ACT test Option 2: At least a 1300 on the SAT test ABOR Tuition Waiver Criteria Continued

14 Scholarship Websites

15 Marcos de Niza Scholarship Web Page

16 Sophomore ECAP- DAY 3

17 High School Diploma vs. University Admission CoursesTUHSD Graduation Requirements Arizona Universities Requirements English4 credits4 Years Mathematics4 credits4 Years Lab Science3 credits3 Years Social Studies3 credits2 Years Foreign Languagenone2 Years (same) Fine/Voc/Practical Arts2 credits1 Year (Fine Art) Phys. Ed./Health1.5 credits Electives5.5 credits ALL of the above courses PLUS ONE of the following: 3.0 GPA, Top 25%, 1040 SAT, 22 ACT 23 total credits 16 core credits

18 High School Diploma vs. Community College Admission Requirements MDN Diploma = Community College Admission!

19 Advantages to Dual Enrollment Courses Over 28 Dual Credit Classes in 7 departments Jump start in taking college classes at a reduced cost Graduate early from college Community Colleges Rio Salado Community College South Mountain Community College Cost: $76 per credit hour Plus $15 enrollment fee

20 Advantages AP Courses 12 AP Classes offered in 6 departments Gives you a lead in the college application pool Accepted by most institutions, public and private Exam in May (Cost $87.00)

21 EVIT Programs Flight Training and Aviation Automotive Technology Practical Nursing (LPN) Cosmetology Culinary Arts Collision Repair Technology Photo Imaging Radio Broadcasting Fire Fighting Construction Tech. Massage Therapy 3-D Animation Medical Assistant Electronics Pages 54-59 *Presenting in Health classes this January!

22 EVIT student 1Jr. English 2Science 3Math 4lunch 5EVIT (Culinary Arts) 6EVIT 7EVIT 1EVIT (Culinary Arts) 2EVIT 3EVIT 4Math 5lunch 6Jr. English 7Science Bus Schedule 7:12AM – 11AM – 3:10 PM Summer School/TUOL: Am/AZ History

23 Alternative Courses TUOL/TUOL CR/MDLP: Tempe Union On-Line Free if one of 6 courses $175 per =.50 credit Saturday School at MDN $175 per =.50 credit Evening School at Compadre $175 per =.50 credit Summer School $175 per =.50 credit CRC- 7 th, 8 th, 9 th hour For students behind more than 1 credit (FREE) Correspondence Courses (out of district) Costs vary Make sure you see your counselor when taking courses outside of the school day. Most courses need an Alternative Credit Form to be filled out!

24 Honors Freshmen Honors Sophomore Honors Jr. or AP Lang.& Comp. Honors Sr. English or AP Lit or Adv. Comp Freshmen English Sophomore English Jr. English Sr. English or Adv. Comp ENGLISH CLASS FLOWCHART


26 Page 16 SCIENCE CLASSES Marcos de Niza High School University Track Honors Biology Honors Physics Honors Chemistry Anatomy Biotech Honors Chem-Physics Physical World Biology Living World Practical Ecology Astronomy Chemistry Physics Earth Science Career Track Non-science major Community College Track Biology 3-4 16


28 Difference between FA/CTE credits Fine Arts Voc Ed or Career Technical Education Drama Art/Design Piano/Guitar Choir Ceramics Photography Construction Tech. Computer classes Marketing Business Mgmt. Culinary Arts Child Development

29 Freshman Courses 1. English 2. Math (Alg 1-2) 3. Chem-Physics Foundation or Physical World 4. Physical Education 5. Elective (For. Lang.) 6. Elective Sophomore Courses 1. English 2. Math (Geometry) 3. Biology or Living World 4. World History/Geography 5. Health (.5) / Elective (.5) 6. Elective (For. Lang.) Junior Courses 1. English 2. Math (Alg 3-4) 3. Science (Chem, Physics, Bio 3-4, Human Anat., Biotech, Earth) 4. US/AZ History 5. Elective (CTE or Fine Art) 6. Elective Senior Courses 1. English 2.Upper level math (College Math or higher) 3.US/AZ Govt (.5)/Economics or Entrepreneurship (.5) 4. Elective (CTE or Fine Art) 5. Elective 6. *University acceptance

30 Go to Click on Log

31 Click on Plan for Education

32 Click on Make An Education Plan

33 Click on your Education Plan (4 Year Plan)

34 Start Entering in Classes!

35 Marcos Website Scavenger Hunt 1.) Go to the MDN Guidance website and locate the scholarship link. Raise your hand when you can name a scholarship and give me the deadline. 2.) Click on the link for Honors & Advanced Placement and tell me 1 Honors/AP class you plan to take Junior year. 3.) Go to the MDN Guidance Website and find the date for the PSAT test that was given this year. Answer: October 20 th, 2012.

36 Scavenger Hunt Continued…… 4.) All Sophomores have to take the AIMS test in the Spring. What are the dates for the Reading, Writing, Math and Science tests? Answer: Reading Feb.25, Writing Feb. 26, Math April 9 th, Science April 10th 5.) Click on the EVIT link and look for the titlePrograms in purple. Click on Programs and name 1 program you would be interested in. 6.Go to StudentVue and click on Course History, review all your grades and see if they are accurate.

37 Marcos Guidance

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