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2012-2013 REGISTRATION Class of 2016…Welcome. High School Diploma vs. University Admission All of the above courses plus ONE of the following: 3.0 GPA,

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1 2012-2013 REGISTRATION Class of 2016…Welcome

2 High School Diploma vs. University Admission All of the above courses plus ONE of the following: 3.0 GPA, Top 25%, 1040 SAT, 22 ACT

3 AIMS  Must pass AIMS Writing, Reading and Math to receive a HS diploma.  Five chances to meet AIMS standards  ABOR Honors Tuition Waiver

4 Course Placement Criteria How will I know which Math, English & Science classes I can take? AIMS Scores Other Standardized Scores Honors Testing Scores Last Honors Testing is on July 27 to sign up contact Donna Wittig at 839-4222 or email

5 If AIMS scores are low then….. Your student may be placed in the following remediation courses below:  Math Lab with Algebra 1-2 (two period block)  Reading Strategies  Physical World

6 Four Year Plan Freshman Courses 1. English 2. Math 3. Science (Physical) 4. Physical Education 5. 6. Sophomore Courses 1. English 2. Math 3. Science (Life) 4. World History/Geography 5. Health.50 /.50 Elective 6. Junior Courses 1. English 2. Math 3. Science 4. American/AZ History 5. 6. Senior Courses 1. English 2. Math 3. US/AZ Govt./Free Enterprise 4. 5. 6.

7 Page 17 Honors Classes Traditional Remediation Mathematics Classes Marcos de Niza High School

8 Page 16 SCIENCE CLASSES Marcos de Niza High School University Track Honors Biology Honors Physics Honors Chemistry Anatomy Biotech Honors Chem-Physics Physical World Biology Living World Practical Ecology Astronomy Chemistry Physics Earth Science Career Track Non-science major Community College Track Biology 3-4 16

9 Dual Enrollment vs Advanced Placement Courses Dual Enrollment:  To meet “core” requirements & electives  $243 per semester ($76 per credit hour plus $15 registration fee per semester)  The grade is the same as the HS grade  Transfers in-state and other public institutions and many private schools; not accepted by some selective private schools. Advanced Placement:  To meet “core” requirements & some electives  $87 per exam  Based on a single, national exam administered in May; class grade has nothing to do with exam score  Transfers to most institutions, public and private.

10 Freshman Dual Enrollment Courses Cost: $76 per credit Computer Applications (3) Desktop Publishing (1) Multimedia Tech. (2) Child Development I (3) *More to come for 2012-2013

11 Dual Enrollment College Courses ART  Ceramics  AP Art History BUSINESS  Accounting  Computer Applications  Desktop Publishing  Internet Web Design  Business Management  Marketing ENGLISH  Honors Junior English SCIENCE  Biotechnology  Anatomy  Biology 3-4  Honors Chemistry MATH  Pre Calculus  College Math (pending approval)  Honors Finite Math  Honors Brief Calculus  Honors Calculus  Honors Computer Programming 1-2, 3-4, 5-6  AP Statistics SOCIAL STUDIES  Honors American/Arizona History  AP American/Arizona History FACS  Apparel Design and Merchandising  Child Development  Adv. Child Development FOREIGN LANGUAGE  Honors Spanish 7-8

12 Level Changes  Honors course level changes are allowed only between the 4 th and 6 th week of the semester.  The level change process will not begin without a Parent/Teacher Conference and ALL completed signatures on Add/Drop form (available in Guidance)  Parent  Teacher  Department chair

13  Marketing (grades 11 & 12)  Advanced Marketing (12th only)  Entrepreneurship (9th-12th)  Business Law (9-12th)  Business Management (9th-12th)  Personal Finance & Investing (9th-12th)  Computer Applications (9th-12th)  PC 101 (9th-12th)  Multimedia Technology (9th-12th)  Web Design (9th-12th)  Desktop Publishing (9th-12th) Students who complete the MBA program at MdN AND meet the ASU entrance requirements AND W. P. Carey School of Business entrance requirements will automatically quality for acceptance to the W. P. Carey School of Business undergraduate program. MBA courses to choose from:

14 EVIT Programs  Flight Training and Aviation  Automotive Technology  Practical Nursing (LPN)  Cosmetology  Culinary Arts  Collision Repair Technology  Photo Imaging  Radio Broadcasting  Fire Fighting  Construction Tech.  Massage Therapy  3-D Animation  Medical Assistant  Electronics Pages 54-58

15 EVIT student  1Jr. English  2Science  3Math  4early release  5Lunch  6EVIT  7EVIT  1EVIT (Culinary Arts)  2EVIT  3EVIT  4early release  5lunch  6Jr. English  7Math Bus Schedule 7:12AM – 11AM – 3:10 PM Summer or Evening School or TUOL: Am/AZ History

16 Summer School at Mtn. Pointe HS  Session 1: May 29 th – June 15 th  Session II: June 18 th – July 6 th  Time: 7:15 AM to 12:15 PM  Cost $175 per session Registration begins February 27th Classes Computer Application 1-2 Algebra 1-2 Physical Education 1-2 Spanish 1-2

17 Alternative Courses  TUOL: Tempe Union On-Line ($175 per =.50 credit)  Free if one of SIX courses  TUOL-CR: Tempe Union On-Line Credit Recovery (FREE)  English, Social Studies and some math courses  CRC-Credit Recovery Center @ MdN (FREE)  7 th, 8 th or 9 th hours  Evening School @ Compadre HS ($175 per =.50 credit)  Saturday School @ MdN ($175 per =.50 credit)  Career Exploration (FREE)  Summer School ($175 per =.50 credit)  Correspondence Courses (Costs vary)  Out of district Make sure you see your counselor when taking courses outside of the school day. Most courses need an Alternative Credit Form to be filled out.

18 SUMMER INFORMATION  Summer School  Reduced payment for students that receive free/reduced lunch  Students in Title 1 classes can be reimbursed for classes they PASS See your counselor for more information

19 ECAP: Education Career Action Plan   Kuder-Navigator Career Planning System  State requirement  Must be updated every year  Over four years, students will complete skills,values and interest inventories along with career,college and scholarship searches

20 Guidance Department Guidance Department Who is your guidance counselor?  A-B Mrs. Lang  C-H Ms. Ramirez  I-N Ms. Talavera  O-T Mrs. Martinez  U-Z Mrs. Cuevas – Gifted Counselor

21 Academic Expectations for Freshman Padres  Conference Time  Homework Lab M, W, Th 3:00 - 4:30 PM  Use Agenda  Stay Organized  Set time for studying  Be on time  View grades weekly on Student VUE

22 Credit check *Having a credit waived means you have another elective credit/still same TOTAL credits required

23 BENEFITS: Provides an opportunity for the Tempe Union H.S. District to communicate with our parents and community. Provides information about school-related topics and societal concerns and/or issues that impact our adolescents. Allows caring adults additional insight on how to better understand and assist their adolescents. Opens the lines of communication within the family. To learn what workshops are available, please visit us online at and click on “Parent Workshops” under the Parents tab. To pre-register: Visit or contact the Parent Community Services Office at (480) 838-3200 ext. 40074. As a program of the Tempe Union High School District, we provide an assortment of free educational workshops for our families and surrounding communities. NPLB UNIVERSITY (No Parent Left Behind)

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