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MARCOS DE NIZA HIGH SCHOOL Gifted Program Orientation Leah Lang, Coordinator of Gifted Services 480.730.7658.

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1 MARCOS DE NIZA HIGH SCHOOL Gifted Program Orientation Leah Lang, Coordinator of Gifted Services 480.730.7658

2 How Did You Get Here?  Students are identified as Gifted by scoring in the 97 th percentile on a standardized test.  Most here took the TUHSD Honors Placement Test.  CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)  Others may have previous tests or will test “Gifted” after starting high school (PSAT, etc.).

3 Haven’t Taken Honors/Gifted Test?  Final chance is Sat, Jan. 25, 2014  McClintock High School  Online Registration:   Or call 480-752-8696 for more information

4 *2014-15 online open enrollment applications are available on our district website. *Applications must be submitted online by February 1. *Turn in a complete MdN registration packet to the front office at MdN by Feb. 3 rd. Marcos de Niza Open Enrollment?

5 MdN Gifted Philosophy  Student-focused program, family-centered  Offers opportunities that are  Individualized  Flexible  Developmental  Partnership between family, student, and school

6 Gifted Coordinator Duties  Develops and monitors Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) with students  Coordinates resources for students  Academic programs  GATS club/activities  Works with faculty and staff to develop  Individual accommodations  Awareness and opportunities for special programs

7 Individualized Learning Plans  ILPs are a plan between the gifted coordinator, student, and family  Include several components  4-year academic plan  College and career preparation  ECAP (Education Career Action Plan Use Kuder Navigator website & Canvas account  Utilize the Whole Person Approach

8 The Whole Person Approach Academics Co & Extra Curricular Activities GPA Class Rank Test Scores Academic Challenge & Rigor Clubs & Sports Leadership Community Service Other Activities Honors & Awards

9 Value of the Whole Person  Develops each student to his/her fullest potential  Maximizes the high school experience  Prepares students for consideration by competitive colleges/universities

10 ACADEMIC PROGRAMS “Marcos Scholars”

11 Graduation/Admission Credit Requirements CoursesGraduation Requirements AZ Universities Requirements Highly Selective University Requirements English4 credits 4 credits (including composition & literature) Mathematics4 credits (2 AIMS, 1 upper level) 4 credits (Alg. 1-2, Geometry, Alg. 3-4, College Math and beyond) 4 credits (including college prep math) Lab Science3 credits 4 credits (including Chemistry & Physics) Social Studies3 credits2 credits4 credits Foreign Language2 credits (same language)4 credits (same language) Fine Art/CTE/Practical Arts2 credits1 credits (Fine Art)1 credit (Fine Art) Phys. Ed./Health1.5 credits Electives5.5 credits 23 credits16 core credits

12 MdN Honors Courses  27 Honors courses  Rigorous core and elective classes  Offered at all grade levels  Weighted rank points awarded  Eligibility is determined by score on honors/gifted test Teacher recommendation/current grades may also be used

13 MdN Dual Enrollment Courses  35 Dual Enrollment (DE) courses  Core and elective classes  Offered at all grade levels  Rio Salado College courses at MdN with college-certified MdN teachers Financial assistance is available  Both high school &college credit are earned upon successfully completing the course  Credit is accepted at in-state public universities and many out- of-state universities. Check for college equivalency credit at specific universities at

14 MdN AP Courses  15 Advanced Placement (AP) courses  Offered at all grade levels  Gain college level skills  Earn college credit and/or placement into advanced courses in college by taking the AP Test in May  Check for college equivalency credit at specific universities arch-credit-policies

15 Gifted-only Courses  Designed for highly-focused gifted students  Offered to juniors and seniors  Advanced Studies  Specialized independent study project, or  Enrollment in college coursework  Honors Professional Internship Program  High-level internship opportunity  Work with a professional mentor  Designed to give student career insight

16 High School Registration Info.  Counselors visit each feeder middle school  Early-mid January: Registration Orientation  Late Jan.: Actual Registration (collect & process paperwork)  8 th Grade Open House  Monday, January 13 th at 6:00 pm  Meet department representatives, coaches, club sponsors

17 Scheduling Recommendations for Gifted Students  Most competitive colleges require  4 years: English, Math, Science  3-4 years: Foreign Language  4 years: Social Science  1+ year: Fine Art  6 classes x 4 years = 24 credits  Graduation requirement is 23 credits

18 Competitive Track  Full load with as many Honors classes as possible  Aimed at producing the top 5-10% of the class  Only one “free” class choice per year  All others are Honors or Required  Freshman: English, Math, Science, Foreign Language, PE, and elective  Sophomore through senior: add Social Studies in place of PE

19 Honors Scheduling Considerations  Take Honors classes in areas of strength and interest to provide a challenge, demonstrate academic rigor, boost class ranking  Take PE, Health, and other non-Honors classes during Summer School to open opportunities for electives  Math Placement Freshman Year is based on the fall and spring Final Exam grades in 8 th Grade.

20 G.P.A. vs Rank Points G.P.A. Rank points An “A” in a regular class = 4.0=4 rank points An “A” in an Honors/AP class =4.0 =5 rank points Grade points Grade points A = 4 B = 3 C = 2 D = 1 F = 0 Rank points (Honors/AP) A = 5 B = 4 C = 3 D = 2 F = 0

21 G.P.A. vs. Rank Points Calculation of Class Rank Class rank is computed by calculation of a student’s total rank points. 1 st Core courses that are weighted 2 nd Core courses that are not weighted 3 rd Non-core courses that are weighted 4 th Non-core courses that are not weighted

22 Downside of Competitive Track  Typically involves 18 Honors classes in 24-credit high school transcript: 3-5-5-5  Issues of overload and stress  Can ruin motivation, grades, overall happiness  Balance challenging work load and the ability to be a “teenager”

23 Individual Track  An option for students with different academic and career pursuits  Less emphasis on competitive track classes and objectives  More emphasis on helping students transition into and out of high school, and with making life choices  Focused on personal interests and out-of-school experiences

24 Bottom Line  Freshman year is a transition year  Classes will be more challenging  Workload will increase  More activities in which to participate: more opportunity for “positive” distraction  High school is flexible Can do all three core classes Honors or just one or two Honors  Consider all of this when selecting classes

25 Honors & AP Drop/Add Policy  Be sure to read the Registration Information in the Registration book you will receive in January  Students may change to a regular level of the same course prior to the end of the 6 th week of the semester, but not earlier than the 4 th week.  Date of Parent/Teacher Conference  Teacher and Department Chair must agree  There must be room in the regular section  Your entire schedule may have to change  Teachers are staffed based upon your initial scheduling decisions; choose correctly the first time

26 National Honor Society The fall of junior year List of eligible students Class rank GPA Teachers nominate – from list of eligible students Very important you remind your previous teachers who you are early in the year. Students are invited to apply Applications include essays Important to have leadership Important to have extracurricular activities Important to have community service If not selected Junior year – keep up grades, make changes, apply senior year.


28 The Padre Experience  Marcos Scholars  Malachai Payne  Casey Silva  Lily Wick  Christina Winkler

29 Want a head start as to what our current students and parents see? Visit the Marcos de Niza website and Counseling page. Marcos Guidance

30 Next Step…  Turn in Student and Parent Questionnaires or bring them to the ILP meeting  Sign up for ILP session  (I will send you a reminder)

31 Thank you for coming!  Questions?  If you have further questions or concerns contact Leah Lang:   480.730.7658

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