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Developing an ECAP (Education Career Action Plan).

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1 Developing an ECAP (Education Career Action Plan)

2 What do you want to BE when you GROW UP?

3 Work information Full time work is equal to at least 1/3 of the hours you are awake Work should interest you!! Navigator interest inventory (Career Search with Person Match) Happiness at work can = A Happy Life! Work should relate to your skill and values More inventories over the next few years

4 Planning for your future Career… Not just a job Education University (in state or out of state) Community college Trade school Work Grades in high school Activities Clubs Sports Service Job

5 Freshman year COUNTS!! You start with a clean record EVERY grade counts on your transcript Each course gives you credit (1 semester =.5 credit) Remember to check your grades online Check your credits online

6 TUHSD Graduation Requirements Subjects Grad. RequirementsUniversity English44 Math44(Alg 1-2, Geometry, Alg 3-4, Advanced Level) Science33(Chem-Physics, Biology, Advanced Level) Social Studies32 Fine Art/CTE21 (Fine Art) PE/Health1.50 Foreign Language02 (Same Language) Electives5.50 Total2316

7 Arizona University Admissions Must have minimum 3.0 GPA or ACT 22 or SAT 1040 or be in the top 25% Applicant with a 2.50-2.99 GPA in core course may be admitted with conditions Admission may be granted with one deficiency in no more than two subject areas. Deficiencies in both math and science are not acceptable

8 Lots of information index.htm Upcoming events in Guidance Forms Add/drop form Alternative credit form (MUST be filled out when taking any courses outside school day) TUOL, Evening school, Saturday school registration Recommended websites Volunteer information

9 Meet your counselor A-B: LangC-H: Ramirez I-N: TalaveraO-T: Martinez U-Z & Gifted: Cuevas As a senior, you may need a counselor letter of recommendation, and it helps to get to know each other We can answer questions regarding credits, classes, college, etc. Come by our office or make an appointment We are here to help guide you to success!


11 Four Year Plan Freshman Courses 1. English 2. Math 3. Chem-Physics Foundation or Physical World 4. Physical Education 5. 6. Sophomore Courses 1. English 2. Math 3. Biology or Living World 4. World History/Geography 5. Health.50 /.50 Elective 6. Junior Courses 1. English 2. Math 3. Science 4. US/AZ History 5. 6. Senior Courses 1. English 2. Math 3. US/AZ Govt./Economics 4. 5. 6.

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