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Spanish I- Unit I EspañA.

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1 Spanish I- Unit I EspañA

2 GeoCultura- España (pgs 0-3)
Quick Facts Located on the Iberian Peninsula (La Península Ibérica) in Europe Capital- Madrid Currency: Euro Government: Parliamentary Monarch

3 Page R2 in your textbook

4 GeoCultura- España (pgs 0-3)
Spain in bordered on the Northeast by France (Francia) and Portugal to the West. Spain is also bordered by two Major Bodies of water: the Mediterranean Sea (Mar Mediterráneo) to the East and the Atlantic Ocean (Océano Atlántico) to the West. The coast of Africa can be seen from the southernmost point in Spain. The Straight of Gibraltar (El Estrecho de Gibraltar) separates Spain and Morocco.

5 GeoCultura- España (pgs 0-3)
Spain is a mountainous country with several mountain ranges. It is the 2nd most mountainous country in Europe. Picos de Europa in the North are the largest national park in Europe. The tallest peak is 2,648 meters tall. Los Pirineos separating Spain and France in the Northeast Sierra de Guadarrama in the center of the country Sierra Nevada in the South


7 GeoCultura- España (pgs 0-3)
Regions and Cities: The region of Andalucía is known for exporting of olive oil to countries throughout the world. Andalucía is also known for having flexible time. La Mancha (of the the region of Castilla-La Mancha) is known for its windmills. Galicia is known for the use of Celtic-inspired music festivals. The city of Sevilla holds a yearly festival with traditional costumes, songs, and dances called Feria de Abril.

8 GeoCultura- España (pgs 0-3)
La Feria de Abril is a week long celebration that began in the 19th century. What began as a livestock fair has evolved into a large festival with flamenco dancing and bullfighting.

9 GeoCultura- España (pgs 0-3)
Bullfighting (la corrida de toros) has been a Spanish tradition for over 600 years. Many in Europe see it as cruelty to animals while others defend the tradition.

10 GeoCultura- España (pgs 0-3)
Foods Paella is the most well-known seafood dish in Spain. Gazpacho is a cold-soup of pureed tomatoes and other vegetables La tortilla is a dish made with eggs, onions, and potatoes that is similar to an omelet. Paella, Gazpacho, and La tortilla are foods that can be found throughout Spain while most Spanish food is influenced by the geography or history of a particular region.

11 GeoCultura- España (pgs 0-3) (Continued)
Architecture The Guggenheim (in Bilboa) is a contemporary-style museum Avila is city surrounded by medieval walls. Much of the Architecture in Spain reflects the Arab influence in the country. An example is La Mezquita found in Córdoba.

12 GeoCultura- España (pgs 0-3) (Continued)
Arte Diego Velazquez, Juan Miró, Salvador Dalí, and Pablo Picasso are just a few famous Spanish artists Las cuevas de Altamira in Santillana are an example of prehistoric art.

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Humbach, Nancy, et. al. ¡Exprésate! Level 1. New York: Holt, 2006. Images from the following websites:

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