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Complex Inheritance Patterns

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1 Complex Inheritance Patterns
Polygenic Inheritance Incomplete Dominance Codominance Environmental Factors

2 Heredity Genetics Heredity Study of GENES Study of
INHERITANCE PATTERNS Passing of traits from parents to offspring

3 Types of Complex Inheritance
Polygenic Polygon: Multiple sides Polygamy: Multiple marriages Polytheism: Multiple gods Polygenic: Multiple GENES Incomplete Dominance Codominance Environmental Factors

4 Polygenic Inheritance
Multiple alleles (more than two options) Genes spread over different locations or chromosomes MANY different combinations and mixes Examples: Hair color Eye color Skin color Degrees of extremes (Dark to light, etc)

5 Incomplete Dominance MIXING Snapdragons: Red (R1) White(R2) Pink(R1R2)

6 Hair Type Straight Hair: Homozygous: Incomplete Dominant
Curly Hair: Homozygous: Incomplete Dominant Wavy Hair: Heterozygous: A mix (Straight and Curly)

7 Environmental Factors
Some genes are only expressed under certain ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS Hydrangea Arctic Fox

8 Gender Determination Alligators, Tortoises and Turtles EXAMPLE:
Temperature changes the gender of offspring! EXAMPLE: Female if Hot Male if Cold

9 Codominance Multiple alleles are DOMINANT over others Blood Type:
Dominant Types: A and B Recessive Types: O AA or AO=Type A BB or BO=Type B AB=Type AB OO=Type O

10 http://www. google. com/imgres

11 Rh+ and Rh- Simple dominance and recessiveness
Rh+ is the DOMINANT trait (R) Rh- is the RECESSIVE trait (r) + (Positive) simply means you carry Rh factor Genotype Phenotype RR (++) Positive Rr (+-) Rr (--) negative

12 Want to know your blood type?
Legally, we can’t do the lab anymore  BUT…you can find out by Donating Blood  Here’s an example though… My blood type is O (I’m a universal donor) My brother is AB (He’s a universal acceptor) What are my parents? (Let’s do this on the board…it’ll be easier)

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