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on a very controversial subject!

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1 on a very controversial subject!
A TALE OF TWO PHOTOS fake on a very controversial subject! The most obfuscated photo in history?

2 There is an old photo that no one can see!
Not that it doesn’t exist! It exists alright. But no one is allowed to really see it..or believe it by the “thought police.” (from ‘1984’ by George Orwell) Even IF people get to see it, many still can’t really see it as it is! At least very few! I hope you can! Allow me to set the stage…

3 INTRODUCTION: When an octopus is threatened, what does it do
INTRODUCTION: When an octopus is threatened, what does it do? It expels a confusing cloud of ink into the face of its pursuer. The octopus is there! but becomes invisible behind its cloud of ink while it escapes. This is how the Powers-That-Be (PTB) often change a true historical fact into an unclear, confusing event, obfuscated (muddled) by pages of printers’ ink of conflicting commentaries, opposing opinions and confusing chatter.

4 An example: The assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.
Now, you and I can clearly see: JFK gets shot from the right, is thrown back-wards & slumps left! The largely unknown, so-called “grassy knoll” shooter James Files, confessed already long ago that he shot the last fatal bullet into JFK’s right temple, which made him fall BACK-WARD. This is purposely unreported & obfuscated by “tons of ink” supporting the official U.S. government lie of “Oswald the “lone” shooter from behind”. Even today the media still lie that “the bullet came from behind!” After the assassination, this Zapruder Film was locked up in a vault & not shown to Americans for 12 years! No wonder people are confused not knowing what to believe. They “switch off”, go in denial, too mentally paralysed to pursue & bring to justice the real assassins! –The very criminal power elite still in charge of America today! This is termed OBFUSCATION!

5 The first: A damaged, old-looking, sepia shot…
There exist 2 virtually identical photos… The first: A damaged, old-looking, sepia shot… It was printed in a “believe it or not” type book in the U.S, according to people who owned a copy or read it, published sometime between the 1950-ies & 60-ies. Then, in the nineties, this amazing photo got scanned & put on the internet, in plain sight! Nevertheless, today, very few people can see it for what it really is! Their “eyes wide… shut” because of obfuscation, “Octopus Ink” & a “Doppelganger” photo! [Orig. German: "Doppelganger"= A "double" or "look alike" impersonator.] May God bless the brave, anonymous scanner & poster of this extremely important photo!

6 This is the “Doppelganger” Photo!
A yellow-ish virtually identical imitation of the sepia original, Most people don’t know its origin! Lets compare the two pictures together! The first we’ll call the real “Sepia shot” & the second the fake “Yellow shot“:

7 EDWARD ANTHONY. New York Street Scene, 1859.
BUT FIRST: Note that photography was well developed in 1859, yet the edges of the lenses rendered the edges of the picture unclear, due to “chromatic abberation!”

8 TWO virtually identical photos?
Yes! Both photos show 6-7 American soldiers with similar Civil War uniforms & guns. Both photos show a non-decomposed carcass of a recently shot Pterosaur!? Both hunters have a similar position with their left foot on the Pterosaur’s head. Both photos’ soldiers hold largely similar positions in similar open spots in a forest. Both photos have blurred edges, but the right one’s blur seems applied & more artificial. Both photos have a similar fold line going vertically through the picture, both photos have similar scrape marks at virtually the same spots. Coincidence? This Pterosaur looks pretty real… This prop looks like a plastic bag! In the 1st photo on the left, details are much clearer than in the 2nd blurry photo on the right. The sun-faded spots in the 1st photo look more genuine than the lightened parts in the 2nd. We can safely say that the 2nd is an imitation of the 1st one, except for the pterosaur’s size! The CONTENT of the SEPIA photo is SHOCKING & CONTROVERSIAL, to say the least!

9 Its soldiers’ uniforms & rifles are historically correct!
Is the first Sepia Shot a real Civil War photo? Its soldiers’ uniforms & rifles are historically correct! Powderhorn for side pistol on belt

10 This 2nd photo imitates the 1st sepia.
The soldiers’ faces are unneccesarily blurred as is the rest of the picture & the small, flat, saggy “animal” is non-descript! The belts, rifles, and uniforms are incorrect and non standard But Civil War photography already produced clear crisp pictures. Though the Sepia photo’s edges are not so clear (chromatic abberation), there’s no reason for the Yellow photo to be so equally blurred, other than intentionally! We can safely conclude that this 2nd photo is a fake, and a copy of the first one, purely intended to obfuscate it.

11 A perfect anatomically correct pteranodon!
Apart from the fact that this Sepia shot was eclipsed by the yellow fake, WHY is it such a controversial photo? This photo was obviously taken to record a unique historical event: The shooting down of some kind of “flying dinosaur” with “canoe-shaped wings”, which is in fact… A perfect anatomically correct pteranodon! According to the caption in the original 60-ies book, it was shot down in 1864 by soldiers during the American Civil War near the city of Vicksburg. The book called it an unknown “bird or monster”. This photo plainly documents a 7½ - 8 meter wingspan Pteranodon type pterosaur, obviously QUITE ALIVE and BREEDING, in the 2nd half of the 19th CENTURY!!!

12 That’s why this photo had to disappear!!
Yet it IS a male Pteranodon with the correct “ante-orbital fenestra” cavity… situated just before the eye socket. and the eye is visibly open… Also the neck goes into the skull at the right spot as seen in this picture & the wavy eye brow ridge is the same as in this skeleton The soldiers obviously turned the head right sideways to show off the beak, head, eye & neck! Its correct anatomy was largely unknown in 1864, as the first Pteranodon were discovered just then!

13 Pteranodon only really known after 1900!
BERKELEY UNIVERSITY STATES: “Although bones of Pteranodon were first discovered in the 1860s, it was not until after the turn of the [19th] century that we had a reasonably complete picture of the animal. Its bones are hollow and thin-walled; therefore, they were usually crushed flat. Also skeletons were generally incomplete. Like our model, it was necessary to incorporate bones from several specimens in order to reconstruct Pteranodon.” Source: So there’s no way that hoaxers could have created a 100% anatomically correct model of a Pteranodon in 1864. Even the creators of the yellow fake, in 1995, could not get their act together enough to create something of this standard.

14 And so there was a Pterosaur still ALIVE & BREEDING in 1864!
The only way they could discredit this Sepia photo... Is to say that Creationist Christians in the 1950-ies lied and conspired to stage a perfect Civil War photo, with perfectly outfitted soldiers & to make a perfect fake of a Pteranodon from wood, glue & cloth, because the book got published then, and this photo was put on the internet during the early 90-ies, when Adobe Photoshop hadn’t even come out yet! But that would be ludicrous of course, because in the 50-ies there were no “creationists” yet! Let alone “militant” ones! And so there was a Pterosaur still ALIVE & BREEDING in 1864!

15 But the automatic reaction of most people would be…
“But that’s impossible! Dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years! (As we’ve all been taught)” And…so they dismiss the photo! “That photo is such an obvious FAKE!” People automatically “shut off” their brain denying what their eyes are actually seeing, in plain sight! Why? Only because of what they’ve been taught by educational and m.s. media conditioning! But especially when they learn —what they by default already had automatically assumed!— the fact that the yellow fake is indeed a FAKE! Not just “rumoured” as such, but debunked & discredited as total fake! BY WHO!? By its very own creators! “Huh? What?”

16 YES! American film & TV production company “Haxan” fabricated the fake dino & “yellow shot” for their TV-series “Freaky Links”! “Freaky Links” was a program on mystery- and paranormal themes for Fox TV in 2000. “Haxan” means “witches” in German: “Hexen!” On their F.L. website they feature a “Civil War Pterodactyl” page which “happens” to snag 70 % of  all “Civil war pterodactyl” searches, [Not anymore! We do now!] They were linked to by 73 other websites. Haxan also produced the “Blair Witch” movie!

17 Haxan Shamelessly Promotes The FAKE!
The Internet reports that: “This photo was a promotional tool in 1998 of “Haxan” for their forthcoming sci-fi television program “Freaky Links.” This series, broadcast on Fox TV in 2000, involved a fictional character “Derek Barnes, the investigator of the unknown.” “The photograph was a hoax, using Civil War re-enactors and a pterodactyl created as a prop exclusively for two episodes of “Freaky Links.” Haxan never came right out to say that it’s “their photo!” On their popular ‘Pterodactyl’ webpage, the fictional ‘Derek Barnes’ pretends to investigate the photo’s origin, and whether or not the (their!) photo is a staged hoax! The real [sepia] photo is never shown, except the very last link on the page goes to a sub-page with “expert” criticisms by some “Eric” who does “this kind of photo composition” bla..

18 Controlled media Haxan promotes & attacks the fake strawman while dissing the original as photoshop!
“Derek” features “expert opinions” of two university professors even, who, when you google them however, never existed in the respective universities! Then he does finally mention the true photo, but merely to discredit it using two fake “graphic art experts”! : Eric from Minneapolis had this to say: Hurdy Gur, Derek Derek - OK, not to be a know-it-all or anything, but I do this type of photo composition (TV commercials) for a living. Attached are two JPEG images with my "analysis" of the pic. I would love for a photo like this to be real, but this one seems particularly bad! Eric. Then Derek [Haxan] says: Steve added this: I have and always believed that dinosaurs survived on into the early 20th century Explaining the dragon myth for example.. and this picture almost had me convinced until I blew the picture up with Paintshop and noticed this little discrepency. [sic]

19 Image: courtesy of Allie Huyghe.
Also well-known “crypto zoologist” Loren Coleman prefers Haxan’s fake models & fake photos to the REAL McCoy! The only one that does look real they make very small! Perhaps Coleman is more an Evolutionist gatekeeper than just a crypto-zoologist? Why an astute “crypto zoologist” gets so involved with fakes, is a total mystery! And why does Coleman, in discussing the Civil war Pterodactyl cryptids on his famous website, hardly EVER POST the first true Sepia Picture, except as Photoshop? He doesn’t like to mention it for some reason! Is Coleman perhaps a crypto himself?? SKETCH Coleman actually bought up the Ptero model Haxan used for the “Freaky Links Show”, which you can see here, thus solidly debunking the 2nd REAL FAKE! BUT REMEMBER… NEVER THE SEPIA SHOT! FAKE Image: courtesy of Allie Huyghe.

20 And what about the Sepia Photo? What the bleep is going on here?”
But THINKING people will say and ask: “Huh?! That photo was DESIGNED as a FAKE?” “WHY! And what about the Sepia Photo? What the bleep is going on here?”

21 But the real question is:
Good questions! But the real question is: “Why did Haxan not use the original, older, clearer, sepia Civil War photo with the far more convincing, “really freaky”, canoe-winged REAL PTERANODON?” IF they really wanted to make a lucrative, convincing “Freaky Links” show about real genuine mysteries, they should have used the original genuine photo instead! Why in the world did they go through all that trouble to create an imitation of the photo, plus a fake monster! —And a lousy one at that!—to base their TV show on? Were they nuts?

22 Nope. They weren’t nuts at all
Nope! They weren’t nuts at all! They were waging standard Psychological Warfare! From the onset, the real objective of Haxan’s yellow-fake creators’ handlers, the first reason why they created it, was never to just make money off of some stupid TV emission, … Jef Levy director BUT to confuse us, to sow doubts in the original Sepia photo, in order to discredit and obfuscate it! Gregg Hale producer

23 False Positives hide True positives!
WIKIPEDIA: In Paranormal investigation [Or in any other undesirable theme!] The notion of a false positive is common in cases of paranormal or ghost phenomena seen in images and such, when there is another plausible explanation. [Because they don’t WANT you to believe in ghosts!] When observing a photograph, recording, or some other evidence that appears to have a paranormal origin—in this usage, a false positive is a disproven piece of media "evidence" (image, movie, audio recording, etc.) that actually has a normal explanation. IN OUR WORDS: When evil media people want to “DISPROVE” any un-desirable REAL EVIDENCE, they just CREATE a fake FALSE POSITIVE that is similar to the actual original evidence! Result: “Truth eclipsed! Case closed!” REAL evidence is “discredited”, because the lazy dumbed down masses never think & investigate for themselves! LIKE: When the U.S. Fascists wanted to get rid of Kennedy, they created Oswald “the shooter” as a false positive or patsy, so the real “grassy knoll” shooter could get away with it, without being seen, caught and convicted!

24 The main purpose was to eclipse the original evidence, like the moon eclipses the sun
Why? To make that Sepia Shot disappear out of the public mind, and replace it by a known fake, just as a magician conjures away a ball in plain sight, while you’re watching his hands, in order to replace it with another somewhere else! SMART NO!?

25 Courtesy Auckland Museum’s Land Vertebrates
But WHY! Courtesy Auckland Museum’s Land Vertebrates BECAUSE THE PHOTO & ANIMAL ARE REAL! But they want YOU to continue thinking there are only BONES of Pterosaurs & Dinosaurs, and Dinosaurs are supposed to be EXTINCT! For 65 million years! THIS you are NOT supposed to see! A PHOTOGRAPH of a LIVE one in OUR time!!! Because THAT would EXPOSE their “65 million years extinct Dinosaur” MYTH! As the Auckland Museum’s website states: PTEROSAUR “Flying reptiles like this pterosaur shared the Cretaceous skies with the birds but died out along with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.”

26 THAT’s why! Their very Cover-up = The Smoking Gun!
…that PROVES that the photo is REAL! They considered that photo so dangerous, that they tried to make it disappear from the public mind! It’s dangerous to the masses’ trust in Evolution, & to their carefully contrived & promoted scam of “Dinos extinct 65 million years!” Why? Because it is so foundational to Evolution! Dinosaurs are like the primitive “Model T-Fords” of Natural Selection undergirding Higher Evolution! IF Dragons are contemporary…Evolution CRASHES! THAT’s why!

27 There’s another photo in another Mystery book.
Just like the sepia pteranodon shot, although not as clear, this amazing photo is yet another instance of obfuscation! It’s a small picture of an anatomically correct Rhamphorhynchoid Pterodactyl with its characteristic long tail ending in a diamond shape, held up by a Texan child cowboy! This photo is in a still available seventies’ book titled “Was earth visited by aliens?” also printed long before the days of PC-s & Photoshop! But still they call it “a Photoshop fake!” The First Sepia Sixties book, according to testimonies of many Americans, seems to have fully vanished from circulation & libraries, as if it was PURGED like in the Soviet Union in the days of Stalin! Weird! The caption above the photograph says: “All Photos courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History eso*g*d instant photography.” I somehow doubt that the American Museum of Natural History would show us ALL their picture archives! this rare pic has the surrounding text Judging from the short text it seems to be a revision history book! Yet popular dis-info websites also denounce this Shot as “hoax”

28 And WHY would ANYONE before 1990 ever fabricate false pterosaur photos!?
There was no internet nor market for “militant” Creationism before 1990! Omniology website claims that the Pterodactyl photos are also in the book, "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" by Dr. David Norman & Dr. Peter Wellnhofer from September 5, 1991, yet states that “they may be staged.” Well, if both these photos were truly staged before 1991, before Photoshop came out, these hoaxers sure did an expert job of staging perfect hoaxes & creating anatomically perfectly correct models! Hat off to these folks! Funny though, no one came forward to tell how they pulled it off! Perhaps they will now, since our Powerpoint!

29 Many netizens are fixated on “finding the mystery thunderbird photo”so-called…
while a TRUE Thunderbird is staring them in the bloody face! In search for it, some dis-info sites mention or even feature our 1st true sepia shot, along with the 2nd yellow fake, and the short, fat cowboy’s Ptero plus others! But in one fell swoop they denounce them ALL! For example ‘Above-Top-Secret’ & ‘Strange-Magazine’ both spin an enormous cloud around “the mystery thunderbird” while the REAL Civil War Pterosaur photo has been around since the early 1990-ies! …THE VERY PHOTO THEY ARE WAGING THEIR PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE AGAINST! I personally believe this entire “MYSTERY THUNDERBIRD CAMPAIGN” is the REAL HOAX! Just another part of the PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE against the PTERANODON! THE REAL THUNDERBIRD YOU’RE LOOKING AT NOW!!!

30 Why is that Pteranodon so dangerous?
Because YOU and many others might wake up out of your false conditioning, the Evolution paradigm you have been—may I say it?—brainwashed with! What would that do? It might turn you and many others back to real faith in God instead of faith in the religion of “Science”, falsely so called! And so what! The 1% Elite fears REAL independent thinkers much more than comformist, atheist Evolutionists, who see NO rhyme or reason in life, and therefore support global Collectivism, World government, and slavery to it! And CONTROL is what the Elite is really after. To put an RFID chip in your body, so everybody can be controlled, instead of being FREE MEN, Children of our Creator God of Love who opposes these rich warmongering slave masters!

31 Shocking Conclusion: Pteranodons & Pterodactyls both live(d) very recently!
And not just flying dinosaurs either. Apart from our sepia photo there is much evidence for walking & swimming Dinos, that also lived with man! What would that do? That proves “dinosaurs” is just a fancy “evolutionary” label for dragons, historically reported to have always lived with man until they went extinct! It is paramount for the elite rulers that Darwinism helps you to believe that you are a mere statistical coincidence, a meaningless fluke of nature! Why! Because when there is meaning (I don’t mean Churchianity) and life after death, and a Creator, then life is much bigger than mere consumption! When there is a metaphysical goal in life, where the love you have and give away to others has influence on your eternal growth, then you will not care about some worldly Elitarian Utopian pipe dream, and would even be willing to live, fight and die for LOVE! As LOVE is the absolute truth! But the Elite wants conformist non-thinking slaves!

32 Now you see perhaps WHY they hate that photo so much!
They need you to think and act and believe like a coincidental slave, rather than a free Child of God, so they can use you as free slaves to work, clean, cook and repair; All to keep their utopia machine functioning for them! Get it?

33 Don’t YOU be their dumb slave!
GOD created the Pterodactyl and God created you! God didn’t need 65 million years to create and form you! If God is God He is not bound by TIME or SPACE. Then He can create things in HIS time, that may appear to us as a couple of seconds. We call such events witnessed by many thousands of people “miracles”! Why? Because we see them but don’t understand how He did it! God heals and repairs bodies in a matter of seconds! If so, He can also create YOU in no time! Most of the huge big dinosaurs died during the deluge or Flood! We find thousands of skeletons in massive graveyards all over the world. where their dead carcasses floated & converged together and sank. Then they were buried under layers of sediments! On board of Noah’s Ark were also small “dinosaurs” or baby dragons! These were released after it landed in the Ararat mountains in East Turkey! But many of these were hunted by fearful men and other animals. St. George killed one, Danish King Marvus was swallowed up by one! Only few grew into big-sized dragons as seen by many, like… Alexander the Great, Nebuchadnezzar, Herodotus, Chinese kings and people, as well as many others throughout history, until most of them became extinct! If you’d like to see photos of living dinos of the last 150 years, download our PowerPoint called ‘Dinos and Dragons’ from

34 A change of Paradigm? At the occasion of Darwinian Centennial at Chicago in 1959 a prominent evolutionist Sir Julian Huxley Thomas' grandson, expressed, "Evolution has no room for the supernatural. The earth and its inhabitant were not created, they evolved. We all accept the fact of evolution. The evolution of life is no longer a theory. " OUR answer to Sir Julian Huxley is expressed like this, "The supernatural has no room for Evolution! The earth and its inhabitant were not evolved, they were created. We all accept the fact of creation. The creation of life is no longer a theory. It is a fact by the WORD of GOD!" In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1 Photos courtesy: The University of Chicago Library

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