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Genesis on a laptop God’s operations from the beginning.

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1 genesis on a laptop God’s operations from the beginning

2 start 1:1-2:4 genesis

3 3 How do we know God Created?

4 From the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what He has made. As a result, people are without excuse. ~ Romans 1:20 (HCSB) Self-Evident

5 Creation vs. Evolution How do we know God Created?

6 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

7 Models Concepts Answers How do we know God Created?

8 Models – Origins of Life

9 Evolution teaches that time, matter and random chance produces what we see today in the here and now. Creation teaches that God created the Heavens and the Earth which produces what we see in the here and now. Models – Origins of Life

10 Evolution Model About 4.6 billion years ago the earth evolved About 3.5 billion years ago life evolved Humans evolved from ape-like creatures Macro Evolution Time, chance, and natural processes Created all things  About 15 billion years ago the universe exploded into existence (Big Bang)

11 Creation Model Man was created in the image of God. Adman and Eve are literal people. Sin was the cause of death. God destroyed the world using a worldwide flood. All people groups, cultures, existence can be traced back to the origins of creation. God created ALL things  God created the universe and everything in it in 6 days

12 Can I believe in evolution and creation? Haven’t Theologians come up with theories that connect the Bible and evolution? Questions:



15 Religious Concepts

16 –Evolution and Creation are belief systems of the past based on the present (here and now) data. Both try to explain the origins of life. –An origin of life theory attempts to use the evidence in the present (fossils, observable data, etc.) to explain the past. This is historical science and a form of religion or a belief system. Religious Concepts

17 EVOLUTION IS RELIGION: –Evolution is based on natural processes that took place over time to create life. –What you have is “Time + Chance + natural processes/mutations = life. –Evolution requires presuppositions, beliefs, and faith. It is historical science, it is a belief system and it is a religion. –Operational Science involves observations in the here and now about the here and now. –Historical Science involves observation about the here and now based on inferences about the past. The Religion of Evolution

18 CREATIONISM IS RELIGION: –Creationism is a theory about the origins of life. It is based on a belief system in the God of the Scriptures. –Creationism incorporates the scientific data of the present in conjunction with the ancient writings of Scripture to provide a scientific explanation or model about the origins of life. The Religion of Creation

19 CREATIONISM vs. EVOLUTION –Both are theories. –Neither can be proven through operational science. –Creationism is a scientifically valid explanation about the origins of life! –Evolution is not biblically supported. The Religion of Creation

20 Answers

21 –IF there is no God then we are a result of chance and random processes. –There is no right or wrong. –There are no absolute truths. God: Evolution requires more faith than Creationism.

22 Scripture and Science: When you start with the Bible as your foundation and build models of science and history on top of its teachings you find that the evidence matches up. The evidence of all living creatures, humans, cultures, geology, biology, physics, archeology, fossils, etc. provide evidential support for the Bibles teachings on science and world history. This is true because the author of the Bible is the God of science and history and all that exists. The Bible

23 CHANGE IN WORLDVIEW: The Christian worldview has been under continuous attack. It has been replaced by an anti-God religion masked under the philosophies of humanism, secularism and evolution. This entire sermon series is to help you change that way of thinking or to at least objectively engage the Scriptures on this matter. –Secularist worldview = man sets the rules. –Christian worldview = God sets the rules. Worldview

24 –The Bible is a book of science, biology, astronomy, geology, anthropology, chemistry, physics etc. It is not a specific detailed science book. But it is trustworthy when it touches these topics. It is about time we start acknowledging this and it is about time that we Christians learn to combine scientific evidence with Scripture. –Genesis 1:1 – answers how the universe, earth, and humanity came into existence. –The Bible provides the starting place for all fields of Science. Worldview

25 –Darwin published the Origin of Species in 1859. However, up to this point the world accepted a biblical worldview of the universe, earth, and life. They understood their was a Creator. It has only been over the last 2 centuries that the western world and others have embraced a view of life outside of a Creator. –Over the past 2 decades Scientists have truly began to understand astronomy, the atom, DNA, double helix, genetic codes, astrophysics, etc. These discoveries demonstrate that science supports Scripture. We simply were not patient enough when we did not have all the answers. Theologians tried to make Scriptures match human thinking, they were wrong in doing this. But today the more we discover, the more the discoveries lead us to conclude there is a Creator. Worldview

26 –Today we are confronted with two worldviews. Either Creation or the theory of evolution are correct. If we say evolution is scientifically true, this means the Bible is untrue and there is no God. –When ever we see evolution for what it is – a lie! We are forced to acknowledge the logical alternative – Creation. That implies there is a Creator. –Creation has a beginning. The universe is a one time event. It cannot be repeated. Therefore theories about the origins of life cannot be proven or disproven by empirical science. However, the Scriptures give us a first hand account or personal testimony form God Himself. The Scriptures provide specific guidance about the origins of life. Is this so difficult to understand? Worldview

27 Romans 1:20 – tells us there is enough evidence in creation to know there is a Creator God. 2 Peter 3:5 - tells us that in the last days people will deliberately forget or ignore there is a God. Answers

28 –God made us so He could love us, bless us, and develop a relationship with us as we return His love. We are Created. We are loved. We can know our Creator. The TRUTH

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