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2 VISCOM Sales Trend by year: 01 JANUARY – 31 OCTOBER 2010 vs 2009 : an increasing of + 42% 2010 vs 2008 : an increasing of + 23%

3 VISCOM Sales by product groups YTD 2010 Digital Print Screen

4 VISCOM Sales by region 2009

5 State of the art technology: coating manufacturing sites Ritrama S.p.A. - Cernusco S/N (Italy) Ritrama S.A. - Barberá del Vallés (Spain) Ritrama (HEFEI) - Hefei (China) Ritrama S.A. - Valparaíso (Chile) Ritrama S.p.A. - Sassoferrato (Italy) State of the art coaters designed to produce materials according to the same Ritrama specifications worldwide. Deeply knowledge on self-adhesive materials and coating technology (water based, solvent based). Continuous research, an innovation mentality and production competence. Products developed in accordance with Ritrama Italian engineering specifications and operate in compliance with Ritrama Corporate Quality System. Excellent control over every stage of the production process with a highly qualified staff, able to perform any relevant test. Ritrama UK Ltd - Manchester (UK)

6 VISCOM Ritrama Inc. Cleveland is a production centre mostly dedicated to the manufacture of high quality Cast PVC films for the Viscom Division, to meet the most critical specifications in indoor, outdoor decorative and commercial applications. A huge range of high quality materials suitable for the most varied and demanding applications. Wide range of standard colours available. Small volume colour matching service available. Exceptionally high gloss finish. Over 15 years field experience in the U.S. Coating manufacturing Cleveland site: Cast PVC

7 State of the art Slitting & Logistic Centre for the VISCOM Division (Digital, Sign and Screen- printing materials Based in: Caponago (Milan) - Italy Building: 7000 m 2 Production: 50 million m 2 /year Fully automated slitting and packaging line with 4 multiaxial robots Faster and efficient deliveries worldwide. VISCOM slitting & logistic centre RITRAMA S.p.A

8 VISCOM Carton box with Ritrama logo Standard lengths 50 and 100 meters; variable widths according to the product ( cm). Core diameters: 3 and 6 End caps included Roll Position: vertical (standard) and horizontal (under request) N° of rolls/ pallets: _ 24 rolls – 50 metres length = pallet type 75x105 _ 36 rolls – 50 metres length = pallet type 115x115 _ 25 rolls – 100 metres length = pallet type115x metres – diam 6 for Scitex turbojet press Wrapped film around the pallet VISCOM rolls packaging

9 VISCOM sheets packaging VISCOM Ream Wrapped (with Ritrama logo) Bulk packed on pallets Standard sizes for film and boards: 70 x 100 cm Standard sizes for papers: 70 x x 100 cm (On request 45 x x 61 cm) Pallet block selling units also available


11 VISCOM Certified Distributors VISCOM Key relation points: Free decision to cooperate with Ritrama; Share common targets in each country; Transparency in relations; No exclusivity to Distributors, but able to differentiate the distribution offering diverse sales condition to cherry pickers. The Ritrama Certified Distributors are officially registered and authorized partners that provide and guarantee the highest standards for both service and product availability to all our clients on a world wide basis, with a technical assistance network.

12 What we offer to Distributors: Complete a Competitive range Dedicated Ritrama reference person who must: Lead the relation, checking trend results; Promote new products; Propose promotional actions. Training on Ritrama products in our Viscom Media Center or locally at the Distributor site; Link inside Ritrama website promoting a list of Distributors in each country; Receive periodical Ritrama newsletters. VISCOM Certified Distributors What we ask to Distributors: At least 70% of its own Digital potential, must be Ritrama; Ideally Digital, RI-Mark, Screen, Lamination & Mounting; To have Technical competence in self-adhesive Media Products; To demonstrate capacity to distribute in a wide territory with its own sales force (to be trained); To be available to follow Ritrama policy, to not push sales at our existing customers.

13 What we offer to Distributors: _ New business opportunities and activities as car wrapping show at distributor location with an expert applicator. _ Ritrama Material Application Guideline & Video: plenty of procedures, tips & tricks for professionals and beginners. The exclusive video supplemented by the Application Guide, is Ritramas answer for those digital printers who want to enlarge their business with car wrapping and decoration. VISCOM Certified Distributors

14 What we offer to Distributors: _ Support with materials and image files for fairs, co-advertising on web or magazine _ Ritrama Distributor KIT: Technical & Promotional Documentation; Company &Product Presentations, gadgets, etc VISCOM Certified Distributors

15 An example of a dedicated Training to a Distributor VISCOM Certified Distributors

16 An example of a dedicated Training to a Distributor with car wrapping show VISCOM Certified Distributors

17 An example of a dedicated car wrapping Training to a Distributor VISCOM Certified Distributors


19 PRINTER PLOTTER CAR WRAPPING SHOW ENTRANCE APPLICATION ROUTE: Training about the application of self-adhesive materials on different surfaces LAMINATOR DIGITAL ROLL RI-MARK ROLL GLASS WORKING TABLE RIVET CONVEX FAKE WINDOWS The new Demo Centre is a dedicated area for training and materials workshop for Customers VISCOM Demo Centre

20 Worldwide presence: manufacturing & logistic centres in $ and areas Why are we a global supplier? State of the Art equipment & technology Well-known self-adhesive materials know-how Consolidated partnership with international raw materials suppliers Extensive range of global product specifications Strong relations with global advertising agencies as JC Decaux, CBS Group etc.

21 Our VISCOM products divisions GRAPHICS DIVISION VISCOM Complete Range for screen, sign and digital markets, for outdoor advertising, point of sale & display and vehicle graphics. Digital Range: an extensive choice of solvent and water based Ink-jet printable media developed for Large Format Digital Printers (LFDP). RI-Mark Range: a complete range of high quality coloured adhesive films to use in the computer- aided cutting systems (cutting plotters). Promotional Range: wide range of self-adhesive materials as soft PVC films, Semi-rigid and Static Cling PVC, Top Coated PET, PP in sheets or in roll.

22 Our Digital media specially designed for Large Format are certified for HP Digital media for HP designjet L65500 digital press and compatible with HP Latex inks. RI-JET 145 RI-JET 165 RI-JET 100 RI-JET 100 MATT RI-JET DECOBUS RI-JET 75 PE GLOSS WHITE RI-JET 75 PE GLOSS CLEAR RI-JET WRAP RI-JET TRANSLUCENT RI-PROMOVIEW RI-JET 385 WHITE RI-JET 385 CLEAR HP L65500 HP certification – HP L65500

23 VISCOM DIGITAL RANGE: Solvent based Ink-Jet print media

24 Solvent based Ink-Jet print media: Floor Talkers VISCOM RI-JET 140 FLOOR TALKER ASP8A permanent GREY A 100µ gloss white soft self- adhesive vinyl, printable in screen printing (solvent based and UV), offset UV and with the best solvent Ink-Jet printing machines. The adhesive has an appropriate adhesion to the flooring substrate and at the same time allows an easy and clean removability. Furthermore, the grey pigmentation of adhesive gives to the material excellent coverage performances. Backing is a 144 g/m² Polycoated paper with very good lay flat characteristics. A 200µ embossed, scuff resistant, clear soft vinyl, with a high performance adhesive on 90 g/m ² Glassine liner. RI-121/200 FLOOR TALKER ASP8A permanent RI-179/100 ASP UL-410 A clear scuff resistant polyolefin, ideal for temporary and short term durability (6 months). This ovelaminated product is an excellent choice for floor graphics applications. The face material is UL-410 classified for slipping resistance file SA12057 ADD NEW MODEL Getting Noticed! is a primary goal of floor advertising Floor Talkers has been developed for durable indoor temporary floor graphics advertising, designed to be used on many different dry floor surfaces in good conditions. Floor Decals are an efficient way to let consumers know about new products or for industrial safety marking.

25 Solvent based Ink-Jet print media: Floor Talkers VISCOM STATIC FRICTION COEFFICIENT SLIP RESISTANCE APPROVAL Ritrama RI-121 Floor Talkers Overlaminate film has been tested in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the UK Slip Resistance Group. The Assessment of Floor Slip Resistance- Issue Static friction coefficient is defined by ASTM D , DIN on product Floor Talker in comparison with: _ PVC WHITE GLOSS RI-145 _ PVC WHITE MATT RI-165 Tests were made on conditioned material at 25°C, 50% UR, 24 h (DRY indication in the graphic) and on wet material. Simulation of wet surface after washing (WET indication in the graphic). DRY WET DRY WET DRY WET ( FLOOR TALKER ) ( GLOSS PVC RI-145 ) ( MATT PVC RI-165 ) 0,9 1,1 0,22 0,85 0,27 0,70

26 VISCOM JC Decaux Passing specific technical tests in our laboratory, approved by Certified external Laboratories and homologated by the end-user. Ritrama materials were considered the best solution for decoration on public transport and airports in Milan and China. The products that worth this title are: _ RI-JET 100 REMOVABLE AVM _ RI-JET 170 AVM removable _ RI-1867 AP permanent (overlaminating film) _ RI-VIEW 4015 ASP30 semipermanent _ RI-PROMOVIEW AVM removable BLACK RI-VIEW 4015 _ RI-JET 100 REMOVABLE AVM _ RI-JET 170 AVM REMOVABLE _ RI-JET 100 REMOVABLE AVM RI-JET 100 REMOVABLE AVM DIGITAL RANGE: Ink-Jet print media + RI-1867 AP permanent RI-PROMOVIEW

27 VISCOM VISCOM: Vehicle wrapping media with repositionable adhesive The ASP 33 is a unique and highly specialised solvent based adhesive that has very low initial tack allowing easy repositionability during application. After a short period, the adhesive builds to a high tack permanent, enabling long-term application on glass. The ASP 33 option can be applied without wetting.

28 VISCOM: Vehicle wrapping media with repositionable adhesive ASP33 vs ASP26

29 VISCOM VISCOM: Vehicle wrapping media with air flow technology A special pattern in the adhesive of the self-adhesive constructions allows air to be easily squeezed out (to eliminate the air entrapped), helping the operator to make bubble free and fast applications.

30 VISCOM: RI-JET 50 CAST AIR FLOW-REPOSITIONABLE This exclusive construction combines: _ SPEEDY application and yet superior conformability to even the most challenging vehicles thanks to the Airflow pattern in the adhesive which allows air to be easily squeezed out during the application of the material. _ EASY repositioning of the material during application due to the specialised ASP33 adhesive which has a very low initial tack, but after a short period of time builds to a permanent, giving a secure and weatherproof finish. PRODUCT NAME FRONTAL FACE DESCRIPTION ADHESIVELINERSIZE AVAILABLE RI-JET CAST 50 WHITE AIR FLOW REPOSITIONABLE ADHESIVE 50µ gloss white CAST vinyl film ASP 33 Grey permanent repositionable 160 gsm embossed PE coated kraft paper 1.37m * 50/100m 1.52m * 50/100m VISCOM

31 Ritrama Wrapping System supplies turnkey solutions for visual communication professionals that want to enlarge their business with car wrapping and decoration CARBON WRAP Exciting texture and no scratching properties, suitable also for 3D applications RI-JET 50 CAST WHITE AIRFLOW REPOSITIONABLE ADHESIVE + RI-JET 30 FLEXILAM CAST CLEAR MATT BLACK CAST 80 STONE GUARD 240 & SERIES PEARLESCENT CAST VINYL VISCOM: Ritrama Wrapping System

32 Example of Carbon Wrap application


34 VISCOM: Ink-Jet eco-green print media

35 VISCOM VISCOM: Water based Ink-Jet print media

36 VISCOM VISCOM: Overlaminating films

37 Adhesive 1 side siliconised liner A double side adhesive is a film with adhesive coated on both sides and protected by two siliconised liners. It is used to make adhesive all sorts of materials by lamination. Carrier VISCOM VISCOM: Mounting films MONOTAPE CONSTRUCTION A special mounting materials range with double-coated clear and white filmic carriers protected with a differential self wound 2 side siliconised PE paper. DOUBLE SIDE ADHESIVE CONSTRUCTION 1 side siliconised liner Adhesive Carrier Adhesive Double side PE siliconised liner Carrier Adhesive

38 Launched in Cast & calendared products Comprehensive range including several highly specialised product lines. Featuring worlds first 60 µ calendared polymeric range Specially engineered release liners for excellent weeding Solvent and water-based adhesives to meet a multitude of demands. COLOUR MATCH available – wide range of colour fast service VISCOM: RI-MARK range VISCOM

39 RI-MARK: Etch Glass Series VISCOM ADHESIVE ASP 30 AIR FLOW A special pattern in the adhesive allows air to be easily squeezed out (to eliminate the air entrapped) through the resulting channels allowing trouble-free and fast applications. The specialised solvent-based semi-permanent adhesive also allows clean removal from glass at the end of the graphics life. The ASP 30 provides the added advantage of easier removability for shorter term graphics. Our Etch Glass Series has been enhanced with more interesting products for outdoor glass decoration using a pioneering adhesive to improve and facilitate the application. The new construction has been developed with the adhesive ASP 30 Airflow semi-permanent, offering a number of advantages, that together with the standard one ASP 26 permanent, make them remarkable.

40 RI-MARK Series VISCOM Transparent Series Self adhesive material for plotter. Transparent vinyls, suitable for 3/5 years outdoor use. 14 colours available. For illuminated signs and window graphics. Translucent Series Self adhesive material for plotter. Polymeric matt finish vinyls, suitable for 5/7 years outdoor use. 21 colours available. For illuminated signs and window graphics. Cast 670 Series Opaque Self adhesive material for plotter. Cast vinyls with 10 years outdoor durability. 52 colours available. Engineered for use on irregular surfaces with rivets, corrugations and where extended outdoor durability is required.

41 RI-MARK Series VISCOM PREMIUM Series Self adhesive material for plotter. Polymeric gloss finish 7 years vinyls, with excellent dimensional stability. 48 colours available. For long-term outdoor signage, especially where high conformability is required. O Range 400 Series Self adhesive material for plotter. Polymeric gloss finish vinyls with high flexibility and conformability to curved surfaces, suitable for 5 years indoor/outdoor use. 52 colours available. For medium to long term indoor & outdoor signs. Gemstone 640 Series Self adhesive material for plotter. Cast vinyls with a high concentration of metallic flakes, with 5 years outdoor durability. Excellent dimensional stability. 15 colours available. It provides dynamic graphic accents and can be used for RV and marine applications, automotive aftermarket graphics and striping, computerized signmaking, tradeshow exhibits and point of purchase displays.

42 RI-MARK Series VISCOM L100 Series Self adhesive material for plotter. Monomeric gloss finish vinyls, suitable for 3 years indoor/outdoor use, with good flexibility and conformability. 33 colours available. For medium term indoor & outdoor signs. M300 Series Self adhesive material for plotter. Monomeric matt finish vinyls suitable for 3 years indoor/outdoor use. Good conformability and resistance to sun light. 33 colours available. For medium term indoor & outdoor signs. RI-FLEX Series Self adhesive material for plotter. Semi-gloss semi-polymeric soft vinyls, suitable for 3 years durability, with high conformability and flexibility. 20 colours available. For promotional and decorative labels.

43 RI-MARK Series: Special Products Fluorescents 100µ fluorescent soft vinyl with white pigmented adhesive. 6 colours available. For short term indoor & outdoor signs. Photoluminescent 380µ photoluminescent vinyl film which stores light from conventional sources, whether daylight or electrical lighting, and glows in the dark. The material can be used for wall decorations and for photoluminescent safety systems. Sandblast Vinyl Heavy gauge vinyl suitable for sandblasting memorial decoration. CSMB Beige (260µ) CSMG Grey (300µ) RI-MASK 70µ clear green semi-gloss soft vinyl. Suitable for a wide range of spray paint applications. Highly specialised adhesive with excellent key. Blackboard vinyl 145µ blackboard vinyl black embossed PVC. Mirror finish RI-210 Bright Silver and RI-220 Bright Gold semi-rigid vinyls for a speciality finish. VISCOM

44 A wide range of self-adhesive products to be converted into sheets for screenprinting, offset and die cutting decorations. Promotional range Rigid vinyls Soft vinyls Solid Aluminium foils Specialties Polyesters Double side adhesives Polypropylenes Designed for points of sale, window-stickers, two-way window-stickers, floor graphics advertising, promotions, transport advertising, toys and various marking applications. VISCOM

45 Gloss white, matt white and gloss clear vinyl 80 microns Gloss red, blue, yellow, green, black vinyl Polypropylenes - gloss white and clear top coated ADHESIVES AP 900 – Acrylic permanent AP 902 – Acrylic permanent AP 904 – Acrylic permanent AR 801 – Acrylic removable AP – Acrylic permanent (For Stereo range) Under request and particular application there are available also these adhesives: AP 905 – Acrylic permanent AP 906 – Acrylic permanent ASP32 – Acrylic permanent BACKINGS Solid or scored back: White Kraft 135 g/m 2 Film scored back spacing (RI-LINE): 50 mm Solid back only: White PE Kraft 150 g/m 2 Film for Screen & Offset UV printing VISCOM

46 WHITE PAPERS Uncoated Machine coated Multi-coated Matt coated Cast coated Papers for Offset printing SPECIAL PAPERS Coloured papers Fluorescent papers Boards - uncoated and cast Blockout (Cover) Metallised Paper backed foils Specialities (Indigo range, etc.) ADHESIVES AP permanent (acrylic emulsion) FP02 Plus – supertack (acrylic emulsion) RP extra permanent (rubber hot melt, only for very specific applications) AR semi-permanent for stickers (acrylic emulsion) AR removable (acrylic emulsion) SOLID BACK OR SCORED BACK White kraft 85 g/m 2 SCORED BACK (RI-LINE) Spacing: 38 mm or 50 mm VISCOM

47 Phthalatefree vinyls & Static Cling Films Phthalatefree vinyl films have good flexibility and conformability to curved surfaces. They are printable in solvent and UV screenprinting, UV offset and hot stamping. The adhesive is permanent with good adhesion on glass and on a wide variety of substrates, except for apolar (PE, PP). Suitable in particular for children toys, labels, stickers and points of sale advertising. RI-405/80 GLOSS WHITE 80μ Gloss White Phthalatefree Vinyl AP 900 Acrylic Permanent135g/m 2 Kraft paper RI-405/80 MATT WHITE 80μ Matt White Phthalatefree Vinyl RI-405/80 GLOSS CLEAR 80μ Gloss Clear Phthalatefree Vinyl PRODUCT NAMEFRONTAL FACEADHESIVEBACKING Static Cling films are laminated on a cast coated cardstock liner to perform a better printability either for solvent and UV screen printing or offset UV. For use in advertising specialties such as points of purchase displays, retail windows advertising and various decorations. PRODUCT NAME FRONTAL FACE DESCRIPTION ADHESIVEBACKING RI-4519/150Gloss clear static vinyl g/m² cast coated white board RI-4519/150Gloss white static vinyl VISCOM

48 DS PAPER 60g/m 2 double side adhesive natural paper DS PET 12µ double side adhesive clear polyester A double side adhesive is a film with adhesive coated on both sides and protected by two siliconised liners. It is used to make adhesive all sorts of materials by lamination. The standard construction has the same adhesive on both side of the carrier. On one side of the carrier, moreover, is possible to coat the adhesive with Dry Lap Pattern. The standard construction has the same adhesive on both side of the carrier, but constructions with two different adhesives are possible on request (for instance removable/permanent). Double Side Adhesives VISCOM

49 Promotional grade A selection of semi-rigid vinyls and polyesters, with a permanent acrylic adhesive (water based) protected by a special siliconised backing paper, with very good layflat characteristic. Promotional grade is suitable for general applications on a wide variety of substrates. Typical uses include promotional goods, key rings, badges, household appliances, etc. Automotive grade A selection of semi-rigid vinyls and polyesters with a super-permanent acrylic adhesive (solvent based) protected by a special siliconised backing paper or by a 100µ clear siliconised polyester providing an excellent flatness, excellent die cutting and good adhesion performances thanks to the high smooth adhesive surface. Automotive grade is specifically designed for long-term outdoor durability applications such as luxury decorations and markings for the automotive industry. Extended range of self-adhesive materials suitable for resin doming to realize a wide variety of customize signs, badges and emblems of incomparable beauty and elegance for the automotive, motorbike and promotional gadget markets. VISCOM Stereo range NEW SILICONISED PET WITH ANTISTATIC TREATMENT The antistatic treatment of this siliconised polyester remarkably reduces the static cling effect generated during the printing or doming processes of the material. PRODUCT NAME FRONTAL FACEWEIGHTTHICKNESSADHESIVELINER RI-6991/5050µ clear PET70 g/m ²50 µ AP 906 – 40 Acrylic permanent 100µ siliconised polyester featuring antistatic treatment



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