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DPRINT 2011 Zagreb Herwigh K. KRISO

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1 dPRINT 2011 Zagreb Herwigh K. KRISO

2 XEIKON – Market - Positioning Leading technology for dedicated markets Open flexibility for integration of finsihing solutions Highest possible print quality Professional variable data integration What we do we want to do perfec t

3 Xeikon Market Segments – Financials, Retail – Utility & Telecom – Service Providers – Direct Marketing – Self – Adhesive Labels – Packaging – Transfer Application Industrial Printing Document Printing

4 Unwind InfeedPrintFusing Xeikon Technology

5 Xeikon Dedicated to label & packaging production

6 Full rotary - Image on web, no frame Productivity: Xeikon’s full rotary principle Semi rotary - Image on frame

7 XEIKON Exclusivity Print-with: 50 cm B2: 50 x 80 cm „That is it for packaging“

8 Xeikon value proposition Profitability  Productivity – Full rotary printing – Higher monthly duty cycles – One-pass white – No pre-treatment of substrates

9 Xeikon value proposition Profitability  Quality – 1200 dpi – Extended color gamut – Dry toner

10 50  star pattern lines 2 point text 600 dpi 1200 dpi Extremely fine details, dot size of 21.2 μm Microtext capability Quality: 1200 dpi - What does it offer?

11 Sustainability: QA-I (Industrial) toner F irst dedicated toner for digital label printing Benefits: Reliable process Use of conventional materials (no special treatment) One-pass opaque white Highest light fastness (>=6)

12 Sustainability: QA-I (Industrial) toner Benefits: FDA compliant for indirect food contact /direct food contact (dry food) No odor No water or solvents being used Not during toner manufacturing Not during printing No VOC emission before/during/after printing

13 Commercial applications SA- Labels Wetglue labels Food approved wrapping PE based IML Folding carton Corrugated packaging Heat transfer

14 XEIKON Exclusivity Print-with: 50 cm B2: 50 x 80 cm „That is it for packaging“

15 Security Features

16 Security gets more and more important for the packaging industry. especialy the pharma- and beauty-industry requests strong protection for their expensive wellknown brand-levels. Xeikon is able to integrate special toner-protection, of-the-shelf available, clear and white, reflecting under UV-light. More possibilities can be offered to selected customers.

17 Conclusio XEIKON has got a strong position in the market for Digital Industrial Printing Applications because of its unique features and reliable technology.

18 Conclusio XEIKON started during the last year a very, very successful sales season and Is on the way to dominate the professional digital label-printing-market. And even in Germany, Austria and Slovenia could be realized some very spectacular deals: Hine-Labels in UK, Ero-Etikett in Germany, Ulrich-Etiketten in Austria, Helf-Etiketten in Austria, 3M in Poland, AS-Print in Slovenia and during the last days one more Slovenian Customer has invested in a Xeikon. Now it is the right time for Croatia!

19 Hvala vam na pozornosti Herwigh K. KRISO



22 INFRAREDESIGN ® - Double text for documents, securities

23 INFRAREDESIGN ® - Secured text for branding, documents, securities

24 INFRAREDESIGN ® - Secured text individualization by edition, date and place picture is the same in daylight, but different in infrared

25 INFRAREDESIGN ® color barcode - color barcode on color background - nowdays need for products with multiple barcodes, for faster recognition by barcode readers

26 INFRAREDESIGN ® – Packaging, Pharma Xeikon digital printing, offset printing,

27 INFRAREDESIGN ® 2D color barcode - readeable to all 2D barcode readers (honeywell 2d, datalogic, motorola)

28 INFRAREDESIGN ® – Textile products, T-shirts

29  Protection in Packaging gets very imortant  Now Hidden-IR-Protection is possible  The best actual protection  For nearly all kind of printing systems. „The best added value for printers“

30 Why INFRAREDESIGN ? + superior brand protection at no extra costs + simple implementation + new marketing + new product positioning + art and design improvement with double information

31 If you want to know more about IR-PROTECTION:

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