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SJA Film Technologies Ltd

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1 SJA Film Technologies Ltd
The presentation is really just a brief introduction into what SJA are about. A brief Introduction

2 The company was formed in 2003 when 4 colleagues decided that they wanted to go it alone and form their own company 2003 – The birth of SJA

3 2009 Home – 2005 In 2005 SJA moved into the current premises but at the time only occupied half the building In 2009 the other half of the building came available and SJA took the opportunity to take over the whole building

4 SJA Film Technologies Ltd.
Initially performed - Some Slitting Rewinding (salvage work) Limited Film supply – mainly cast polypropylene When they first started the company did some slitting, salvage work and a limited film supply which was mainly cast PP.

5 Conventional Slitting
Conventional slitting remains a big part of the business for SJA with trade slitting forming a large part of this.

6 Slitting Capabilities
Duplex and Centre Surface Winding available Widths from 6mm (2mm on spoolers) to 1600mm Thickness 6µm to 400µm in extensible / non extensible substrates – dependent on substrate properties Unwind Diameters up to 1000mm Rewind Diameters up to 780mm Razor in Air, Razor in Groove, Shear Slit and Crush Cut Web guide facilities available on all machines Conversion of films from SJA Stock to required size Trade Slit customer films as required Films slit – CPP, BOPP, PET, METPET (including ALUPET), HDPE, LDPE, Paper, Foils, Mica, Adhesives and many others. This gives an outline of the slitting capabilities here at SJA.

7 Additional Services Packaging – wrapped or boxed as required
Labelling – SJA, plain or customers own Hot Needle Perforation – all over or strip in P1 or P8 patterns – P160 strip only J-Fold and Centre-Fold – up to open width of 2150mm Salvage Rewinding Label Stock – Facility available to slit, rewind or salvage label stock These are extras to the list of slitting capabilities and we can tailor packaging and labelling to meet customer requirements.

8 12 & 24 Head Spoolers In response to a query from a potential customer asking whether SJA could do spooling the 12 head spooler was purchased. Then with demand increasing and the 12 head spooler reaching capacity the 24 head spooler was purchased

9 Comparison Spool 20000m Full shift run time!
A conventional red tint pad will have 2000m to 3000m on it and may run for about 1 hour on a machine. A spool can give up to 10 times that production time running for a full shift thus removing a lot of downtime. Can also make large savings in scrap Conventional Pad – 2000m to 3000m 1 hour run time.

10 Despooler To encourage customers to use spools instead of pads a lot of work has been done on producing very effective despooling units which can be supplied as part of the spool package

11 Spooling / Traverse Winding
Two state of the art spoolers – 12 head and 24 head Spools or pads in a wide variety of formats Unwind diameter up to 1200mm Unwind width up to 500mm Spool width up to 300mm both machines Spool diameter up to 460mm Slit widths 2mm through to 40mm both machines Line and edge guide for precision winding Razor and rotary shear cut facilities Blades accurate to 0.05mm 76mm and 152mm core facility both unwind and rewind Full recipe control on both machines

12 Films Converted on Spoolers
Filmic Substrates – PET, OPP, CPP etc. Paper MET PET ALU PET (Aluminium/PET) Security Tapes and Identification Tapes Holographic Film Mica Silicone Release Liners - Filmic and Paper Pre Preg Material Non-Woven Tapes Foam Adhesives Labels, Tapes and Foils Hot Stamping Foil Label Stock Water Swellable Tapes

13 Began Coating Film January 2010
Silicone Coating at SJA Since it’s arrival the coating machine has become a very valuable asset to SJA Began Coating Film January 2010

14 Coater Specifications
Offset Gravure UV coating In-line corona treater Various release levels – customer requirements 1600mm wide (can coat 1590mm*) m/min* Thickness range 12 – 250 microns List of the coater capabilities

15 Film Types and available colours
HDPE Natural, White Tint, Blue Tint, Red Tint (any colour available) LDPE Natural, White, Red, Green, Yellow PET Natural, Matte, Metallised (limited colour range available) CPP White (limited colour range available) Blown PP White (colours available, but may be limited) BOPP Clear (very limited for anything else) MOPP Natural, White (some colours available) A variety of film types in a variety of colours can be coated

16 Typical Market Areas Laminate backing. ‘Clear-on-Clear’ labelling.
Courier bag tapes (‘Bag Release Tapes’) Secondary Medical applications Bitumen backing film Composite surface finish/protection film SA floor tile backing film Car door panel inserts The coated film is used in a wide range of industries with a similar wide range of applications

17 Coatweight Measurement
An investment in testing equipment allows SJA to ensure consistent performance and the ability to match silicone coatings with customer requirements Release Test

18 SJA Coating Sales as % of Total Sales
Since the coater first began producing the contribution made to the Sales Figures for SJA has increased at a very good rate 18

19 SJA Film Supply Polypropylene – Cast (CPP), Oriented (OPP) and Biaxially Oriented (BOPP) Degradable films Polyester – PET, METPET Sandwich lidding film Release Liners and Tapes – Paper and Film Adhesive Products Holographic Films Non-wovens and Wovens, Textiles and Fabrics And many others…. SJA now supplies a large range of substrates and this is just an example of some of them.

2006 – Achieved BRC Standard Food Packaging and Packaging Materials Industry Recognised Global Hygiene and Quality Standard SJA has been BRC accredited since 2006 2011 – Coating added to Scope of Standard for SJA

Enhancing the work done by men and machinery the 2 SJA websites offer customers valuable information on products and services provided

22 SJA have a continued commitment to innovation and flexibility which has allowed them to grow and develop into a company with a very varied and successful portfolio. They never know where their products may appear next

23 Visit Hall 6, Stand 680 to see SJA at ICE 2013
To consolidate existing markets and reach new markets SJA will be exhibiting at ICE 2013 on 19th, 20th and 21st March in Munich.


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