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Catherine Grant School of Media, Film and Music University of Sussex.

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1 Catherine Grant School of Media, Film and Music University of Sussex

2 Changing Research Environment Changes in research communication/Open Access publishing/Public engagement Funding issues Impact upon my research

3 Funding Issues Research funding allocated on basis of economic/social impact Demonstration of value critical to ensuring funding Increase in collaborative, multi/ inter-disciplinary research


5 Changes in Research Communication, Open Access publishing and Public engagement [T]he repressed film culture that gave rise to film studies has returned with a vengeance." Mark Betz, Little Books, in Lee Grieveson and Haydee Wasson (eds), Inventing Film Studies (Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2008), 319-341

6 Digital Film Studies Timeline Advent of computer-based, non-linear editing systems, early 1990s Online Film Indices and Databases: in 1990 Col Needham founds the Internet Movie Database as a USENET newsgroup; mid 1990s the online Film Index International formed from BFI's offline Summary of Film and Television database. CD-Roms e.g. 1992-1999: Virtual Screening Room, a CD-Rom digital textbook. Produced by Henry Jenkins, Janet Murray, Ben Singer and Ellen Draper Rapid Growth of the World Wide Web, 1991 onwards, offering space for influential online film studies/criticism curators and salon hosts including, from the 1990s, Fred Camper, Glen W. Norton, and from the 2000s, for example, Steve Erickson & Girish Shambu Online film theory education: Daniel Chandler, Notes on the Gaze, 1995; An Introduction to Genre Theory, 1997. Also see the work of Sarah Zupko, e.g., 1996 Online Academic Listservs, then Salons, then Journals: Film-Philosophy, 1996; Screening the Past, 1997; Scope: An Online Journal of Film and Media Studies, 1999; JumpCut online, 2001 DVDs (and their Extras!),1997 Film related blogging 1999+. (Film Studies Blogging: Bordwell/Thompson, 2006;The Bioscope, 2007; Film Studies For Free, 2008) Online moving image archives and video sharing: Internet Archive Moving Image Collection, 1999; Vimeo, 2004;YouTube, 2005

7 Back to the future ? New university presses The need for a joined up approach Digital assemblages and where they will take us…. – Alex Reid, Exposing Assemblages: Unlikely Communities of Digital Scholarship, Video, and Social Networks, Enculturation 8 (2010)

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