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Choosing their own lecture: power relations in the lecture room Participation.

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1 Choosing their own lecture: power relations in the lecture room Participation

2 Disciplinary Concepts

3 Iteration in Programming May simply show / step through the code. May show the effect. May show pseudo-code. Lots of different types of iteration. Iteration in the real world. Etc…

4 Choose Your Own Adventure Childhood Bantam Books (1979-1998) Fighting Fantasy – Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone - Games Workshop Reader choice – Placing you in the footsteps – Power and control – cheating Barrowcliff Stories (Nye, 2008)

5 Motivation Student motivation & participation Control – Web 2.0 and the changing media ecosystem – Impact on traditional media channels Effective engagement – Student experience Questions over what a lecture is or should be – Expositor & Discursive [1]

6 Related Research Lectures, Stories & Narrative structures – Limited research focused on physical non-linearity Narrative (linear/non-linear & branching) Multimedia resources for l&t – Programmatic branching structures for storytelling – Erasmatron [2] & Dramatica [3] – Branching hypermedia content [4] – Film & Video Games [5][6]

7 Process & Demonstration

8 Choice Student Findings Practitioner Reflections Jump to Discussion

9 Student Findings The approach (pre/post) Choice Impact of and changes suggested to approach Overall impression

10 Practitioner Reflections A critical review of preparation and delivery Preparation – Time – Importance Delivery – Exciting & satisfying – Content overwhelming – Interactive whiteboards

11 Discussion Could focus on changing power relationships – Positives and Negatives Could focus on student choice – Building in student choice paths Could focus on student findings – Empowerment or lack of… – Democracy or autocracy Could focus on impact of web 2.0 and social participatory cultures Could focus on the weather…

12 Conclusions Time required Control Choice + Ownership+ Engagement+ Web 2.0 world Explore Further Work (Y/N)Further Work

13 References [1] Exley, K. and Dennick, R. (2004). Giving a Lecture: From Presenting to Teaching. Routledge, ISBN: 978-0415307192 [2] Crawford, C. (1999). Assumptions Underlying the Erasmatron Interactive Storytelling Engine. Proceedings of the AAAI Fall Symposium on Narrative Intelligence. Menlo Park, CA, USA, pp 112-114. [3] Phillips, M.A. and Huntley, C. (2002). Dramatica: A New Theory of Story. Write Brothers, Inc, ISBN: 978-0918973047. [4] Horney, M.A. (1991). Uses of Hypertext. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, Vol 2(2), pp.44-65 [5] Vardi, G. (1999). Navigation Scheme for Interactive Movies with Linear Narrative. Hypertext 99, Darmstadt, Germany, pp.131-132 [6] Gaylean, T.A. (1995). Guided Navigation of Virtual Environments. Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics. Monterey, CA, USA, pp. 103-104

14 Further Work Re-use The Wild Thing – YouTube Videos – hullunilecturer

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