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Welcome To Reception 2014 - 2015. Reception Staff There are 8 members of staff in the Reception cohort – 2 class teachers and 6 Teaching Assistants. Ratio.

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1 Welcome To Reception 2014 - 2015

2 Reception Staff There are 8 members of staff in the Reception cohort – 2 class teachers and 6 Teaching Assistants. Ratio 1:8 Our approach to learning means that all the children come into contact with all staff throughout the working week

3 The First Few Days We have a staggered intake into Reception to ensure that the children are happy and confident coming into full-time school Each class will come for half a day (morning or afternoon) for the first 4 days in September Both classes will come for the morning session Monday and Tuesday of the 2 nd week and stay for lunch (then go home at 12.55pm) By the Wednesday of the 2 nd week of term, all children will be staying all day Confirmation of these arrangements is enclosed in your pack

4 Morning Routine The bell goes at 8.45am. Please stay with your child in the yard until they have gone into class. Please encourage your child to put their lunchboxes on the racks outside by themselves. This helps them to remember whether they are dinners or sandwiches that day. When the bell goes, the children will line up and come into their classrooms via DD’s external classroom doors We encourage the children to be as independent as possible. They will need to put away their book bags, fruit snack and bottle of water. They also need to self register by putting their name in the appropriate place on the board in the corridor On wet days, the children can come straight into their classrooms from 8.40. Mrs Evans’ children will need to come in via the nursery area on these days

5 Lunch Time Arrangements The pupils can either bring their own packed lunch or can stay for school dinners All children eat in the main hall then go outside into the playground to play They will have the opportunity to sample school dinners for free on the Monday and Tuesday of the 2 nd week. We will give you information about this in September A sample copy of the menu can be found in your welcome packs

6 End of Day Arrangements Both Reception classes will be dismissed from the external doors to Reception DD classroom It would be a great help if the parents from Rec DD kept to the left hand side of the doors and Rec VE parents kept to the right. It can get quite busy (and confusing for the children) when both classes exit together Please let us know end of day pick up arrangements if your child is going with anyone other than parents (including grandparents)

7 Breakfast Club and After School Club All pupils can attend the free Breakfast Club which runs from 8am until 8.50am. However, they must be registered After School Club is run by Miss Helen Reeves and incurs an additional cost

8 Fruit, Milk and Water Please send a fruit snack into school (as you did in Nursery) in a clearly named tub. Each classroom has a fruit box where the children will put their fruit on arrival Each child also needs to have a bottle of water (named) in school – this will go home every day to be refreshed The children are able to have milk daily – we will send home a consent form to be completed and returned to school in September

9 Book Bags It is very useful if your child could bring a book bag to school to carry their belongings in, and for us to send home letters, etc in We will ask the children to choose a library book and they will need to have a book bag to keep the book clean and tidy Once your child is ready, we will give them a reading book to bring home in their book bag

10 PE Kits For indoor PE, the children need dark coloured shorts (not leggings) and a white t shirt Our days for PE will be confirmed in September The children will also develop their physical skills through our outdoor learning activities

11 Cornerstones Topic Work Topic and language work is carried out in small groups led by an adult during Cornerstones sessions 5 times a week. We have 4 learning areas (2 classrooms, the creative room and the outdoor areas) We also use the further outdoor areas around the school regularly

12 Phonics and Reading Read Write Inc lessons are carried out daily. The children will be assessed and grouped accordingly Daily Reading Time provides opportunity for developing reading skills When your child is ready, they will bring home a reading book from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme

13 Numeracy The children’s mathematical skills are developed throughout the curriculum There is a focus on understanding mathematical language and applying their skills in written and practical work The children are grouped according to their ability for our focused maths lessons

14 Homework Each class has its own bear – focus is to develop speaking/listening skills Please help your child to learn their sounds We sometimes send home topic related projects to reinforce work carried out in school When your child is ready, they will be given a reading book to practise at home

15 Topics Autumn Term – Glow and Glitter Spring Term – Dragon Tales Summer Term - Teeny Tiny Things / Beach

16 School Portal Please check the portal regularly for news and information. These can be found on the Reception notice board and calendar An overview of our skills and activities can be found by following the link on the Reception notice board This slideshow will be posted in the Reception section following the meetings

17 Developing Independence A main focus for the Autumn term is helping the children to become independent in school Please practise getting them to dress themselves over the Summer holidays. This will help us in P.E. and at playtimes (coats/outdoors)

18 Thank You For Coming This Evening.

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