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SERSIA FRANCE 50 years 70 countries 1st French Exporter

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1 SERSIA FRANCE 50 years 70 countries 1st French Exporter
of International Experience in more than 70 countries 1st French Exporter of cattle and goat genetics : STRAWS per year + up to EMBRYOS per year

2 SERSIA FRANCE, a strong team

3 SERSIA FRANCE, shareholders and suppliers-selection units
40 years of mutualisation of genetic programs in suckling, dairy, rustic breeds and crossing Representing an annual production of 4 million straws An experience of more than 60 years in dairy and suckling breeds Breeder of Jocko Besne 1,5 million straws sold Creator of genetics since 1965 of Charolais, one of the main cattle breeds in the world, present in 70 countries The only breeding scheme in the world to assess each year 42 Limousine bulls with top 12 are tested on progenies

4 Brings you the best solution
SERSIA FRANCE at your service Your supplier of genetic progress : Understand your constraints Analyze perfectly your needs Diversity & quality of our range of products and services Brings you the best solution

5 SERSIA FRANCE, 70 countries covered
An efficient network of partners-distributors Europe North America Asia Middle East Africa Latin America Oceania

6 SERSIA FRANCE, quality of products
The most balanced selection programs in the world 2) Progeny Tested bulls for all our breeds Irreproachable health status

7 SERSIA FRANCE, diversity of products
650 bulls 17 breeds 1) Semen of more than of 2) Semen with high added-value : > Sexed semen & (Sexed Semen Sersia) > High fertility semen (Ferti +) > Polled bull semen for Holstein, Charolaise and Limousine An unique wide range of embryos from our different breeds and from sexed semen 60 bucks 2 breeds & of

8 Research and Development
SERSIA FRANCE, Research and Development SERSIA FRANCE commited to technical progress : 1) The Genomic selection: SAM 1 (2001) & SAM 2 (2008) : markers ( = Genomics selection of 1st generation ) Genomic range since 2009 through : 2) EuroGenomics : SERSIA GenAdvance > bulls in the index reference population (n°1 world) > Future perspectives for genomics : high density map markers

9 SERSIA FRANCE, Expertises & Services
1) An efficient mating software, SELECTIS 2) Technical support in various domains : > artificial insemination > embryo transfer > husbandry evaluation & audit > scoring > mating 3) Organization of professional visits (SERSIA TOURS) with presentatin of our progenies in France and over the globe A wide range of reliable husbandry equipment in a unique catalogue In contact with our customers at numerous fairs and International conferences : > SIA, SPACE, SOMMET de l’élevage, Eurotier, CINOR…

10 SERSIA FRANCE, diversity of products

11 The dairy breed of choice
HOLSTEIN The dairy breed of choice Holstein is the world reference for the intensive dairy production. At SERSIA, selection is based on strict criteria which allowed our scheme to provide Holstein bulls with balanced production, high type and functional qualities for longevity and reproduction. - One of the most important selection schemes in the world - 40% of French dairy cows come from Créavia's semen - 15 million Euros invested in genetic creation each year - 20 million Euros invested in genomic research and breeding for the last 10 years on the 3 main dairy breeds

12 Protein in quality and quantity
NORMANDE Protein in quality and quantity A cow adaptable to various production conditions, an important added-value for meat: It's the NORMANDE! A scheme for intense selection, using individual feed efficiency control as well as an ambitious genomic selection program are the guarantees which will bring you : - Remarkable milk qualities, Prot% : 3,45% - Unmatched qualities for breeding - High added-value for culled cows and males

13 The desired functionality
MONTBELIARDE The desired functionality Montbeliard, a name now synonymous with the future for many dairy farmers around the world, in particular in crossing on dairy cows. The reputation of the breed has been built thanks to its natural qualities: Excellent fertility and aptitude to produce calves regularly. - Ease of calving for dams and vitality for calves at birth - Good butcher value for young males or culled females - Strong resistance to mastitis

14 BRUNE Remarkable longevity
The Brune breed is without doubt one of the oldest breeds in the world. Originally from Switzerland, where the name of Brown Swiss has long worn it, it is high on all five continents. Today, it has ten million heads in the world, ranking second for dairy breeds. The strength of the Brown Swiss breed today is to have succeeded its dairy specialization without affecting its rich milk protein, or its rusticity and longevity recognized internationally. Its presence on all continents of the world shows its great adaptability to all environments and all climates, hot or cold, dry or wet.

15 A unique growth potential
CHAROLAISE A unique growth potential Originally from the northern Massif Central region, this specialized beef breed has the largest population in France and is one of the top European leaders. It is appreciated in 70 countries both as purebred or crossbred. The world notoriety of the Charolaise breed was founded on its uncontested qualities: its extraordinary growth potential, its docility, its faculty to improve ordinary hay. Today, producers benefit from its Maternal Qualities and its fattening performances, including in intensive systems.

16 Excellent maternal qualities
LIMOUSINE Excellent maternal qualities The Limousin breed is a breed which has both excellent butcher and maternal qualities. Limousin animals have exceptional meat characteristics: smooth muscle, performance and excellent yield of high-end cuts. Its Calving Ease and fertility allows for an excellent technical and economic productivity. This is why Limousine herds require little monitoring : higher income and better quality of life.

17 Outstanding beef abilities
BLONDE D’AQUITAINE Outstanding beef abilities With almost 500,000 cows in France, the Blonde d'Aquitaine is one of the first French beef breeds. Its outstanding meat qualities and adaptability to changing climates allowed the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed international presence in over 50 countries with over 50,000 doses sold annually. The Blonde breed may be used in pure breed or for crossbreeding on dairy, rustic and local breeds.

18 SERSIA FRANCE, diversity of breeds

19 SERSIA FRANCE, diversity of breeds

20 GOATS SAANEN It is the dairy breed most widespread in the world. Saanen goats express their exceptional aptitudes under intensive production. Performances of the Gene+ dams : 882 kg/276 days Butter Fat : 3,61 % Protein : 3,15 % ALPINE The most common breed in France. The Alpine breed is well adapted to both off-grazing production system and pasture. This breed is exported with success in various areas . Performances of the Gene+ dams : 834 kg/274 days Butter Fat : 3,77 % Protein : 3,29 %

21 19, Bd Nominoë - 35740 PACE - FRANCE
Tel.+ (33) Fax. + (33)

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