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1 Yardsticks Chip Wood Presented by: Dusty Wright Presented by

2 Our Kids Children develop at different rates: emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially. As a parent, it is sometimes comforting to have a general guideline to help create appropriate boundaries and expectations for our children as they grow and develop. This presentation shares “snapshots” of development based on research, theorists, and observations of classroom teachers. It in now way answers the question “why”!

3 4 Year Olds Have endless amount of energy and curiosity.
Learn best by “doing” Seem clumsy, awkward, and have accidents/spills often Friendly, bubbly, love friends, but play parallel Like responsibility, “want to be big” Experimenting with new vocabulary Love to be read to

4 5 Year Olds Gross motor improving, but falls out of chair sideways
Active but more personal control Likes rules and routines Needs approval Literal Does not communicate about school at home Inanimate objects have life Seem illogical, but logical in their way of thinking (one way to do things, time for bed because it’s dark)

5 6 Year Olds Sloppy and in a hurry Wants to be first “poor sport”
Anxious to do well, but does a lot of testing Friends are important Like to “work” Loves to ask questions Cooperative play elaborated Loves jokes and guessing games

6 7 Year Olds Written work becoming tidy Many hurts, real and imagined
“Nobody likes me” Doesn’t like to make mistakes Conscientious Strong likes and dislikes Good listener Likes to send notes Likes to be read to Curious about how things work Enjoys one-on-one conversations

7 8 Year Olds Speedy, works in a hurry Attention span limited
Somewhat awkward Gregarious, humorous Overestimates own ability Trouble with limits and boundaries Friendship group broadening Talkative Exaggerates Basic skill begin to be mastered

8 9 Year Olds Pushes physical limits Somatic complaints Impatient
Worrier, critical, moody Baby-talk may emerge Age of NEGATVTTY Begin to see the Bigger World Less imaginative Intellectually curious

9 10 Year Olds Desperately need outdoor time
Handwriting becomes sloppier Snacks and rest times are good for growing bodies Fairness issues peak and can be solved Usually truthful Talkative, friendly, generally happy Likes rules and logic Able to concentrate

10 11 Year Olds Vast appetite for food, physical activity and talking
Growth spurt for some girls More illness and need for more sleep Moody, sensitive Impulsive, rude, unaware Self-absorbed Height of cliques Argumentative Able to abstract Increased ability to de-center and see world from various perspectives

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