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Emotional Development 4 – 6 year olds

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1 Emotional Development 4 – 6 year olds

2 General Emotional Patterns
4 year olds Assert independence Self-centered Impatient Defiant Boastful Argue more often Bossy

3 General Emotional Patterns
4 year olds, cont. Loving and affectionate Need and seek parental approval Enjoy people laughing at their jokes Dislike people laughing at their mistakes Important for them to “no longer” be seen as “a baby” Difficult phase of emotional development

4 General Emotional Patterns
5 year old Quieter period of emotional development Practical Sympathetic Serious Realistic Enjoy slapstick humor

5 General Emotional Patterns
5 year old cont. Carry on discussions Ask meaningful questions Conform to rules more easily Adult criticism is very hard for them Patient Persistent Generous and conscientious

6 General Emotional Patterns
6 year old Stubborn Quarrelsome Resent directions (they know everything) Center of their own universe At their worst w/their own parents Rapidly changing moods

7 General Emotional Patterns
6 year olds cont. Love and hate; accept and reject; smile and storm – for NO apparent reason Learn to appreciate humorous situations and jokes Faced w/ the task to find their status outside the home Crave praise and approval Easily hurt and discouraged

8 Specific Emotions Self – confidence
Improves w/the accomplishment of new tasks Success at facing unfamiliar situations Develop initiative – motivation to accomplish more Anger 4 year old – physical fighting, lasts longer, often threaten and attempt to “get even” 5 year old – more likely to hurt feelings of others than physcially 6 year old – more stinging words, tease, insult, nag and make fun

9 Specific Emotions Fear They have well developed imaginations
Sensitive and insecure children are more prone to fears Help overcome fear by: Accept the fear Allow expression of fear w/out ridicule Ability to face the fear by talking or acting out

10 Specific Emotions Jealousy Sibling rivalry is common at these ages
Parents cannot show favoritism May take the form of: Tattling Criticizing Lying Nail-biting Bed-wetting tantrums

11 Children and Stress Children lead stressful lives
Worry about everything 1 in 3 children suffers from severe stress May cause: Stomachaches and headaches Moodiness and irritability Trouble eating or sleeping

12 Children and Stress Handling stress Find the cause
Give chances to get rid of tension Read books about the issue Maintain normal limits on behavior

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