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The Crustacean Society Mid-Year Meeting

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1 The Crustacean Society Mid-Year Meeting
San Jose, Costa Rica July 7 – 11, 2013

2 Current Membership Current membership 415
Membership continues to be a priority for TCS Each member needs to bring in one new member or more per year TCS is exploring new ways to maintain, or increase, our membership

3 Student Scholarships/Fellowships
We give six student scholarships/fellowships of $1000 each per year This year we received a sponsorship for one of these scholarships from Loligo Systems. We named the scholarship after them Please let us know if you know of opportunities like this

4 2013 TCSERA Award This award will be presented in Austin at the SICB January meeting

5 Elections For New Officers
President Elect Program Officer Asian Governor Latin American Governor SICB Liaison Officer Please Shane Ahyong your nominations

6 Mid Year Meetings 2014 Frankfurt Germany
2015 Most likely Sydney Australia 2016 Possible joint meeting with IAA-21 in Tampico, Mexico Please TCS with any suggestions or ideas for meetings 2016 – on

7 Future Activities of TCS
2015 Workshop in Thailand? (Shirley Lim) Zen Faulkes is organizing a symposium on parasitism (including Crustacea) at SICB in January 2014, in Austin, Texas, USA SICB symposia from TCS/members for future meetings in 2015 and beyond. Talk with Brian Tsukamura or Sherry Tamone

8 Finances Moved $$ into investment accounts that will produce between 4.8% - 12% per year = approximately $3000+ This is our restricted money for Student Awards Produced positive budgets in 2013 (just!) and we have a projected positive budget for 2014 Requests for TCS support for symposia or meetings must be made at least a year in advance because we have to build them into the coming budgets

9 JCB Impact Factor: 1-019 (2013) 4 year trend = 0.974, 1.115, 1.116
Possible move from 6 to 8 issues per year? Current rejection/declination rate = 39+% Submission rate is up since move to Brill Future JCB editor search

10 Other business?

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