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Club President’s Responsibilities DISTRICT 12 LEADERSHIP TRAINING.

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1 Club President’s Responsibilities DISTRICT 12 LEADERSHIP TRAINING

2 OBJECTIVES Objective 1: To communicate and define useful information from Zonta International and District 12. Objective 2: To provide club leaders the necessary tools for effective operations within their clubs. Objective 3: To provide club leaders a learning environment for networking and sharing best practices. Objective 4: To provide club leaders the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from district board members/trainers.

3 Zonta International Mission Statement: Zonta International is a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. Website: – Bylaws, Manuals – Calendar – Member Resources

4 Zonta International Standing Committees Standing Committees: – Membership – Service – Advocacy Other committees the club board may authorize to achieve its biennial goals: – Finance – Public Relations – Nominating – Historian / Archivist – United Nations – Program – Fundraising

5 Zonta District 12 Mission Statement: Zonta District 12's purpose is to build, develop, and maintain strong clubs through support, leadership and communications in order to further the mission of Zonta International. Website: – Officers and Board Members – Strategic Plan & Biennial Goals – Advocacy, Scholarship & Awards, Service – Manuals – Newsletters – Helpful Links – Members-Only (need login and password) – D12 Clubs map, History, Contact Us

6 Flow of Information District 12 Board Club President International Director Zonta International Board District Committee Chairpersons Area Director Club Committee Chairperson

7 Critical Points of Discussion Long Range Plan (Goals) – Create Planning Committee – Member Surveys/Interest Inventories – Use Healthy Club Inventory and/or Club Achievement Report as a guide – Could encompass multiple years (1 to 3 yrs.) – Include Succession Plan Mission Statement – Create a club mission statement that aligns with ZI and District 12 Club Calendar – Use as a member communication tool 1. Club Planning

8 Critical Points of Discussion Board Meetings & General Meetings Agenda – Remember your “PAL” P: Purpose A: Agenda L: (Time) Limit Parliamentary Procedure – The ABCs of Parliamentary Procedure Club Annual Report – Reflect upon and showcase your club’s accomplishments – Delegate each portion to the appropriate board member or committee chair – The District Service Award and the District Advocacy Award are given based upon the information in the Local Service & Advocacy sections – Due to Governor on May 27, 2014 2. Club Operations

9 Critical Points of Discussion Include Club Calendar in all meeting agendas Dedicate part of a meeting to communicate Long Range Plan Develop a Newsletter (monthly, quarterly…) Consider maintaining a database of “Friends of Zonta” and include them in the newsletter e-mailng Dedicate part of a meeting to go over the Annual Club Report with members to reflect on all that’s been accomplished Dedicate part of a meeting to go over the Healthy Club Inventory or Club Achievement Form with members Encourage members to attend leadership training classes, conventions, conferences, area meetings-- perhaps an incentive program would be appropriate or money budgeted for attendees. 3. Communication

10 Mentor for Club Presidents Your Area Director is your Mentor – Do not hesitate to call her for assistance – she’s been there!

11 Contacts D12 Board & Committee Chairs – – Who We Are, Leadership D12 Club Presidents – – “Members-Only”

12 Long Range Plan & Goal Setting District 12 Biennial Goals Link your Club Goals with District 12 Goals – – Who We Are, Leadership, D12 Governor, Biennial Goals – Also in Leadership Training, Long Range Planning & Goal Setting Section Club Planning – Club Achievement Checklist 2012-2014 – Healthy Club Inventory – Club Revitalization Plan – Annual Planning Meeting Brainstorming – My Vision for the Committees – Sample Long Range Plan – Screening Tool (for service projects) – Sample Club Member Planning Survey – Sample Service Project Survey

13 Manuals District 12 Policy and Procedures, revised 2013 – – Select Resources, Manuals – These are D12’s By-laws – Updated every biennium ZI Manuals – – Select “Member Resources” – Select “Manuals” ZI District Manual ZI Club Manual ZI Membership Manual: Marian de Forest Membership and Classification Manual & Organization & Extension Manual ZI Protocol Manual ZI Foundation Manual Z Club & Golden Z Manual International Manual

14 ZI Bylaws On select Member Resources, Governance, 2012 Governing Documents, Bylaws Proposed 2014-2016 Bylaws sent out in 2014 Club Mailing – D12 will be sending out summary of bylaws for clubs to discuss

15 Calendars D12 Calendar – On homepage – Area Directors can add events for clubs Sample Calendars in Leadership Training Section

16 Club Meeting Tools Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes Template Club Meeting Agenda & Minutes Template

17 Other Tools D12 Map – homepage Sample D12 Newsletter – – Select Resources, Documents, Newsletters Various Zonta logos

18 Conclusion Make use of all the wonderful resources available to you on the D12 and ZI websites. Do NOT re-invent the wheel. Put your Area Director’s contact information in your phone. She is your direct line to all the help, information, concerns you might have. Encourage your committee chairs to keep contact info of their D12 counterpart handy as well. Delegate! Questions/ concerns not covered?

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