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Green Rehab 101 Guidance For Turning Your Residential Rehab Program Green.

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1 Green Rehab 101 Guidance For Turning Your Residential Rehab Program Green

2 When first starting to implement green measures in your residential rehab program, there are 3 HUD Codes you can use: 1.14A – Rehabilitation (Single Unit) 2.14B – Rehabilitation (Multi Unit) 3.14F – Energy Efficiency Improvements CDBG Green Rehab 101: HUD Codes

3 HUD Codes 14A & 14B (Single- and Multi-Unit) are the most frequently used HUD Codes and allow for energy and water conservation measures as well as energy audits for program participants DID YOU KNOW? Many agencies currently operate a 14A rehab program but do not implement green measures CDBG Green Rehab 101: HUD Codes

4 HUD Code 14F (Energy Efficiency Improvements) can be used only when it is clear that the activity being funded is a rehabilitation program for the sole purpose of promoting energy efficiency. Note that residential structure size is not a determining factor for this HUD Code Example: weatherization programs CDBG Green Rehab 101: HUD Codes

5 Water Heater blanket Water pipe insulation Low Flow Devices (showerheads, toilets, faucet aerators) Caulking Weather-stripping doors Cover Plate gaskets Energy audit Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles Compact Florescent Lights (CFL) Replacement Attic/Wall Insulation Water Heater replacement/ tankless water heaters Evaporative cooler and room air conditioner vent covers Exterior Door replacement Window replacement/Dual Pane Glass Furnace Repair and replacement Refrigerator replacement (Energy Star rated) Stove/oven replacement Duct testing and sealing Solar energy equipment Installation CDBG Green Rehab 101: Eligible Activities Less ExpensiveMore Expensive

6 CDBG Green Rehab 101: Ineligible Activities Some environmentally friendly activities are ineligible when using CDBG funds. Some, though not necessarily all, are listed below: Landscaping (unless incidental to other rehab) Washing machines or dryers Pool pumps Window-unit air conditioners Sprinkler control units

7 CDBG Green Rehab 101: Procurement When procuring for green products, be sure to compare oranges to oranges Example: Compare Energy-Star certified refrigerators to other Energy-Star certified refrigerators, not other less environmentally friendly (though possibly cheaper) refrigerators REMEMBER! A minimum of 3 bids must be received for the same product.

8 CDBG Green Rehab 101: Procurement When procuring for green services: 1.Receive 3 bids for the same service 2.Lowest bidder must be selected Agency can enter into contract with lowest bidder for 1 year with an option to renew for an additional 2 years

9 CDBG Green Rehab 101: Green Contractors The following list is a collection of contractors known to conduct construction in an environmentally friendly manner in the Los Angeles County area. This list is provided as a courtesy by the Community Development Commission, County of Los Angeles (CDC) for your reference. The CDC does not endorse or evaluate the qualifications of any business. This list may not include all contractors providing this service. You are advised to contract for services in accordance with your procurement policy and procedures. Contractors who wish to be added to this list should contact CDBG Program Management Unit at (323) 890-7180.

10 Green ContractorsPhoneEmail Building Building Energy Efficiency Eco / Consulting Econnect Environmental Inspections818-865-8105 ext Green Building Green Home Evaluation, Grn Achers Sustnble Harding JASANA, Koonce Consulting & LA Works 626-960-3964 Poly-Tech Environmental So Cal Remodeling WaterWise Consulting 626-793-7211 The Morgan Whole House

11 Green Rehab Discussion Panelists Brian Talbot ( –LA Community Development CommissionLA Community Development Commission Chris Corrao ( –West Hollywood Green Building OrdinanceWest Hollywood Green Building Ordinance Kathy Ford & Ron Garcia ( & –LA WorksLA Works Vince Antonino ( –Metropolitan Water District of Southern CaliforniaMetropolitan Water District of Southern California Adam Knowles ( –Southern California Gas CompanySouthern California Gas Company Cheryl Wynn ( –Southern California EdisonSouthern California Edison

12 Now its easy being green! LACDC CDBG Green Residential Rehab 101

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