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The Red Hill Estate (1929-1941) / Archbold Biological Station (founded 1941), as a part of the Historical Legacy of the Roebling and Archbold Families.

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1 The Red Hill Estate ( ) / Archbold Biological Station (founded 1941), as a part of the Historical Legacy of the Roebling and Archbold Families by Fred E. Lohrer, Archbold Biological Station, April 2005

2 The genesis of the Archbold Biological Station, and its longstanding (64 years, ) success in ecological research and education, is based on a remarkable confluence of philanthropy by two of Americas major business families; the Roebling and the Archbold. The Roebling family excelled in construction and manufacturing engineering; building enduring suspension bridges, manufacturing plants, and even estates. The Archbold family had a strong tendency for the support of science. Both families donated land for parks, conservation, and science. At the Archbold Biological Station, all three family traditions; construction of enduring buildings, creation of parks and preserves, and generous support of science, came together in continuing perfection.

3 Family tree (abbreviated) of the Roeblings

4 Family tree (abbreviated) of the Archbolds

5 innovative construction engineer & enterprising businessman John August Roebling emigrated to US, founded farm community Saxonburg, PA 1837 RR engineer Pennsylvaina 1841 invented wire rope 1845 first suspension bridge; a canal aqueduct at Pittsburgh 1855 first suspension bridge for a RR at Niagra Gorge 1867 signed contract for the Brooklyn Bridge

6 John Dustin Archbold key executive in growth and success of Standard Oil Company 1875 Director of Standard Oil 1882 Standard Oil of NJ founded President Standard Oil of NJ Board of Trustees Syracuse University

7 The Roeblings and Archbolds donated land For three parks (city, state, and national). Family Patterns Land Donated for Parks / Conservation

8 Anne Mills Archbold, acres Hillandale Estate, Wash., DC acres & 77 acres from C.C. Glover, Sr. = Glover-Archbold Park, now 250 a. John Dana Archbold, acre Middleham Estate, Dominica donated to The Nature Conservancy, later to Dominica for National Park addition

9 Margaret Shippen Roebling 1930 $50,000 for 500-acre Hooker Hammock, Sebring, FL; died October 24, – 1934 J.A.Roebling II $300,000 for development & maintenance of the park 1935 donated to the state as Highlands Hammock State Park with $50,000 for maintenance

10 The Roeblings and Archbolds donated land and facilities for three scientific research institutions. The Archbolds supported five separate scientific research programs. The Roeblings amassed and donated a major collection of minerals. Family Patterns - Support of Science

11 Washington Agustus Roebling W.A. Roeblings mineral collection donated to Smithsonian Institution by his son, J.A. Roebling II, with $150,000 endowment

12 Robert Clowry Roebling acre Modena Plantation Donated to State of Georgia for Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

13 Anne Mills Archbold, Botanical Exploration of Pacific Islands 1939 Cheng Ho vessel constructed in Hong Kong Jan - July 1940 – 1st CH Expedition, Indonesia Nov 40 - July 41 – 2nd CH Expedition, Fiji John Dana Archbold, Biological Survey of Dominica (BSD) 1950s – 1970s Breden-Archbold-Smithsonian BSD 60+ scientific papers described 170 new species 1989 His 90-acre Springfield Plantation became Archbold Tropical Research Center, Clemson University

14 Cooperative Quail Investigation, Thomasville, GA (with wife May) French-Anglo-American Zoological Expedition to Madagascar John Foster Archbold

15 AMNH Research Associate & major benefactor New Guinea Expeditions Post WW2 4 New Guinea Expeditions, 1 Australia, 1 Celebes Dec. 30, 1969 AMNH Centennial Commemorative Medal for distinguished service Richard Archbold Patron of Science

16 Frances Archbold Hufty President of Archbold Expeditions 1991-present Chairman of Archbold Expeditions

17 Founding of Archbold Biological Station in 1941 The remarkable confluence of philanthropy

18 JARII built the Red Hill Estate ( ) in the design of Roebling industrial buildings and in his grandfathers spirit. John A. Roebling, II

19 The Main Grounds buildings at the Red Hill Estate, November 7, 1935

20 Donald Roebling, son of John A. Roebling, II, and school- time friend of Richard Archbold, facilitated the donation of his fathers Red Hill Estate to Richard Archbold in On July 21, 1941, John A. Roebling and his second wife, Helen Price Roebling, deeded 1,058 acres of land to Archbold Expeditions as an absolute, unqualified and unrestricted gift. In October 1941, Richard Archbold became the Resident Director of the Archbold Biological Station, supporting the operation of the Station, managing the day- to-day operation of the facility, and living in the Main Building until his death in The Founding of Archbold Biological Station

21 The long-term success of ecological research stations is based on three essential ingredients; land, physical plant, and an adequate dedicated endowment. These ingredients came together at the Archbold Biological Station in the proper balance that has continued to attract talented scientists, interested in long- term ecological research, for over 64 years.

22 Physical plant. The extraordinary Roebling buildings at the Red Hill Estate form the core campus of Archbold. Land ,058-acre Red Hill Estate ,773a, R. Archbold purchase a, the Hufty Tract (Lake Annie) 1990s 1,300a, several purchases & mitigation parcels ,648a, the Reserve (Frances Hufty) Total 8,841a Endowment. At his death in 1976, Richard Archbold left his personal fortune as a permanent endowment for the Station. Archbold Expeditions has successfully managed the endowment for continued support.

23 With Archbold family leadership, the Station continues to thrive. The Trustees of Archbold Expeditions meet at Archbold Biological Station, November 27, 2001.

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