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The Nature Conservancy Visit

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1 The Nature Conservancy Visit

2 is to preserve plants, animals, and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. Our mission

3 works in all 50 United States and 27 countries. has protected more than 117 million acres of land around the world, including more than 64,000 acres across Maryland. has about 1 million members and supporters, including more than 22,000 in Maryland. has more than 1,500 dedicated volunteers, including 300 in Maryland. has 3,200 employees, 720 of whom are scientists. owns and manages the largest private nature preserve in Maryland.

4 Science guides our work by identifying Earths most important natural places. Using innovative tools, we protect and restore these priority sites.

5 Ecoregional Planning The scientific process that guides our work Conservation Targets Species Natural Communities Matrix Forest Blocks/Occurrences Aquatic Ecosystems Estuarine/Coastal/Marine Habitats Conservation Goals Viability Assessment Portfolio of Sites

6 Priorities in Maryland The Nature Conservancys portfolioStrategic Forest Lands Assessment Shared Priorities

7 Allegany Forests Potomac Gorge Nanjemoy Creek Nanticoke River Nassawango Creek Helping Sustain the Chesapeake Bay

8 Working forest easements and forest reserves Sustainable management of Conservancy-owned forests Collaboration with forestry industry, government and private landowners Innovative transactions for conserving large forested landscapes

9 Common Ground Conversion of forest land to development is a major threat to the goal of maintaining healthy and sustainable forests in Maryland. Economic viability of forest lands and the associated resource- based economies are important in providing incentives to maintain the forest land base. Efforts from conservation groups to protect landscapes before they are developed are also necessary to keep forests available for conservation and management.

10 A Powerful Combination Forest Legacy (federal funds) Rural Legacy (matching state funds) Promoting priority forested landscapes for these two programs could bring additional funding.

11 We achieve lasting results Science guides our work Shared priorities

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