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1870-1900 America moving forward from farms to the cities.

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1 1870-1900 America moving forward from farms to the cities

2 Industrialization- The process by which a nation begins to develop large industries People began to move to the cities for better jobs from the late 1800s to early 1900s Because of this the North grew rapidly People left their farms for the city; better work and better life

3 Urbanization- Process by which more of a nations population becomes concentrated in the cities Many African Americans moved to the North looking for work- The Great Migration

4 Due to the growth of the cities a new social and economic class emerged: the Middle Class They were the doctors, lawyers, office workers and skilled laborers Better work, living conditions, purchase more goods We also saw the emergence of the factory worker

5 Two changed occurred with the population and industrial growth 1) New Technologies 2) Cultural Advances: Parks, Theaters, Museums, Art and Music expanded

6 Was interested in making bridges out of new material (other than wood and iron) He entered the steel industry in 1873 Built first steel plant Produced much of the countrys steel Very rich, but generous with his money

7 Traveled from Cleveland to Titusville, PA where oil was found He decided that he could make money refining oil Organized and became president of Standard Oil Company of Ohio It controlled the production and price of oil throughout the country

8 American financier, banker and philanthropist Dominated corporate finance Dominated the nations high finance corporations

9 He experimented with gas powered engines Developed an assembly line method for building cars cheaply Made it possible over the upcoming years for the average American to own an automobile

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