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An Integrated Industrial Park. Outline Background Vision and Objective Geographical Location and Site Advantages Opportunities Offerings Conditions Overview.

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1 An Integrated Industrial Park

2 Outline Background Vision and Objective Geographical Location and Site Advantages Opportunities Offerings Conditions Overview of Petro Rabigh

3 Saudi Aramco A fully-integrated, global petroleum enterprise. Sumitomo Chemical One of the Sumitomo group company, and also one of Japan's leading chemical manufacturers, offering a diverse range of products in worldwide. Background

4 Establishing an industrial park to convert petrochemical further into downstream product with an integrated network of feedstock suppliers, infrastructure and service providers. Create more Value in Saudi Arabia Job, Skill, Future Business Opportunity Create more Value in Saudi Arabia Job, Skill, Future Business Opportunity Vision

5 Objective Enhanced local economy with a variety of industries and services Creation Job opportunities for local society Attraction of Local & foreign investments for High Value Added & Export Oriented industries A platform for broad downstream industries

6 6 Ethylene 1,300 KTA Propylene 900 KTA Ethane 95 MMSCFD Ethane Cracker LLDPE LLDPE PP (Homo) PP (Block) MEG HDPE PO LL Density polyethylene 250 KTA LL Density polyethylene 350 KTA High Density Polyethylene 300 KTA Ethylene Glycol 600 KTA Polypropylene - Homo 350 KTA Polypropylene – ICP 350 KTA Propylene Oxide 200 KTA Petrochemicals VDU VGOHDT HOFCCHOFCC C4 Alky&Isom Gasoline (63 MBD) Fuel Oil (89 MBD) RefineryUpgrade CDU Naphtha Kerosene Fuel Oil Crude 400,000 BPD Existing Refinery Utilities & Offsites Water Steam, Power Cooling Water Potable Water Compressed Air Tankage Flare Systems Marine Loading Misc. Projects Pipelines Buildings Communications Petro Rabigh Process Configuration

7 Geographical Location Saudi current and planned rail network In the same site with Petro Rabigh Saudi Arabia is already well connected by extensive road network. RCIP is within 7 Km from the highway. 150 Km to KAI Airport in Jeddah 180 Km to Jeddah Islamic Port, World 28th (in 2004) and Saudi Arabia largest container Port. handle 39 MM ton (exclude crude oil) and exports to 66 countries worldwide and still growing rapidly 20 Km to King Abdullah Economic City as an access to a possible future seaport and other facilities. Rail transport may be a good option from East to west by 2012…Expansion underway North-South expected for 2010 Land bridge expected for Km from Yanbu Industrial City

8 8 Geographical Condition King Abdullah Economic City and its Sea Port PETRORabigh Rabigh Town N W

9 RCIP Site In the same site with Petro Rabigh RCIP occupy's 240 ha (2,400,000 m 2) RCIP is Isolated from Petro Rabigh with Property Fence and has its own entrance connected to the highway RCIP is divided in to 5 Zones to accommodate around Medium / Small industries. Zone I –Industrial Services Zone II -Plastic Processing Zone III -Assembling Zone IV - High-Tech Zone V - Logistic and Utility RCIP site is equipped with high standard utilities and infrastructure network, i.e. power, desalinated water, sewage and communication networks. Petro Rabigh Complex Rabigh Conversion Industrial Park

10 Rabigh Plus Tech Park construction is based on the highest International standards including:- Buildings Administration Building, 643 SM Cafeteria building, 461 SM Support service building, 461 SM. Maintenance building, 461 SM Substation Building, 622 SM. Massjed, 162 SM to accommodate 90 persons. Guard house, 26 SM Rabigh Plus Tech Park

11 Roads and Parking areas Total length of roads at park is around 15KM with 5 categories as follows: Primary road: 3.6 KM length, with 35 M width Secondary road: 2.9 KM length, with 25 M width Collector road: 3.9 KM length, with 20 M width Patrol road: 4 KM length, with 4 M width. Side walk: 25 KM length with 2 M width around park Site Rabigh Plus Tech Park

12 Sanitary networks Total length of sanitary net work around 9 KM with 3 lifting station, 89 Sewer manholes and 89 inspection chamber box. Storm Water drainage Total length of storm water drainage around 8.4 KM including 4 concrete culvert box. Water networks Desalinated water net works for RCIP site is around 14.5 KM. The raw water is provided by Petro Rabigh at 300 CM per HR through 12 pipe line with total length 5.6 KM. Rabigh Plus Tech Park

13 Electrical networks Total length of electrical cable network is around 39 KM Providing power to site at 13.8 KV. The network will include 4 transformers, 4 switchgears and 48 RMU. The Power is provided by Petro Rabigh to the park site through 29 KM of Electrical Cable at 34.5 KV. Communication net works Total length of primary communication net works is around 35 KM and secondary network is around 13.6 KM with 13 communication manhole, 10 hand hole, 121 pulling hole and 6 cabinet base. Landscaping Landscaping area covers 500 SM with water concrete fountain in the center of the Park. Rabigh Plus Tech Park

14 Refinery Petrochemical Processing Petrochemical Processing Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Center Supporting Business / Industrial Services Feedstock supply Long term agreements Competitive prices High value added / Export oriented industries Housing Commercial Services Hotels & Other Business Services Training Facilities Social Services Urban Amenities & Environment Outside Park Facilities / Services Logistic Services One stop service center Technical support Services (PTC) Utilities Supply At cost Concept Fully Integrated Industrial park Industrial Park

15 15 Diversification of Industries

16 Identified Opportunities for Plastic Processing I.Non-Woven Fabrics (Hygienic & Medical) II.Geo synthetic Materials III.Dry Bulk PE Container Liners IV.Medical Solution Bottles & Sharp Containers V.Woven Fabric for Flat Jumbo Bags VI.Automobile Small Parts VII.BOPP Film VIII.HDPE Composite Pipes Opportunities First : Selection of Opportunities (Plastic Processing)

17 1. Children related - Infant care -Toys -Stationery -Baby stroller -Child seat 2. Automobile parts:- Battery container - Accessories - Replacement parts 3. Tires-Automobile tires 4. Medical & health: -IV solution bag -Supplements -Barrier film -Disposable medical analytical products 5. Water related:-Water purification plant -Membrane -Rigid pipe -Chemical additives 6. Construction-Plastic flooring - Domestic-Wall paper -Water proof sheet 7. Construction-Specialty film - Export(window, construction, agriculture) 8. Household-Household appliances Electric -Switches, wire and Appliances cables -LCD (long term goal) 9. Paints-Construction paints -Repair paints for automotive -Paint for plastic 10. Others-Plastic in general -Recycling system Suggested Products by Category Opportunities Second : Selection of Opportunities (Wide Range)

18 18 Offering Conditions Land Lease Rate (for 30 Years) include industrial park management fee (6) SR/sq m/year, to be revised every 5 years Lots are of multiple of 5000 sq m. Utilities o Electricity unit 13.8 KV 10 Halalah / Kwh o Desalinated Water 4.5 SR / m3 Feedstock from Petro Rabigh at market based competitive prices and through long term supply agreements. Tenants has the option to use feedstock from other than Petro Rabigh

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