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North Saanich Middle School North Saanich Middle School Agenda Background from Previous Meeting History of Project Replacement or Upgrade School Site.

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2 North Saanich Middle School

3 North Saanich Middle School Agenda Background from Previous Meeting History of Project Replacement or Upgrade School Site Preliminary Design and Costing Ministry Approvals to Date School Site and Layout Traffic Study Servicing from North Saanich Next Steps Feedback to the Board of Education

4 Previous Public Meeting Held February 14, 2006 Reviewed background on replacement versus renovation and site placement options Feedback supported replacement of the school Petition received February 20, 2006 supporting the replacement of the school on the property off John Road

5 Capital Budget Government establishes a three-year capital plan which provides project funding for new schools, replacement or renovation of schools and site purchases All 60 school districts submit projects which are then prioritized by the Ministry of Education for support within the budget Some criteria that will assist in being rated higher are: School consolidations Community sharing/partnership School districts providing some of the funding from the proceeds of sale of older sites Age and facility rating of the school

6 Will the proposed replacement school increase school taxes? NO. As the project is approved within a fixed capital budget total, the taxes are already set on that amount and the project will not increase the amount of dollars being raised from school taxes. If school taxes changed, it would be a result of the Province deciding to fund a different amount of their budget from school taxes or changes in assessed value of the taxpayers home. If Saanich does not build the replacement school, those resources would be re-allocated to another project elsewhere in the province.

7 History of Project As part of a three-year capital plan for public schools, Government approved the renovation and/or replacement of North Saanich Middle School in the 2006/07 funding year This project was one of 11 approved for the entire province in that year August 2006 – Provincial projects deferred due to rising construction costs January 2007, reapproved to proceed to Project Agreement in March 2009. Ministry Independent Review Team - 2008

8 Approval Process Feasibility Study: Phase 1:Establish the Project Scope – Renovate or Replace Phase 2:Establish the Site & Budget for the Project Project Agreement between the Province and the School District which sets out the particulars of the project for which the School Board will be held accountable

9 Renovate or Rebuild The first step in the feasibility study was to determine if the best option was to renovate the existing school or to demolish the school and start again December 2005 – Chang Holovsky Architects and Advicas Group, Quantity Surveyors determined that the cost to renovate the school would be approximately 92% of the cost for new On a Life Cycle cost comparison basis, the lower operating costs for a new school would pay back in less than 5 years time The recommendation at Phase 1 was to demolish the school and build a new one on the John Road site

10 Existing Site Where Have We Come From ? Chang-Holovsky Architects Inc.

11 Existing School Site Chang-Holovsky Architecture Inc.

12 Site Analysis Chang-Holovsky Architects Inc.

13 Ministry of Education Review 2008 Ministry External Review Supported: Replace school on the existing John Road sports field (Alternative 4) 400 grades 6 to 8 student capacity Proceed with Feasibility Study & Rezoning But Ministry of Education Requires: New site development costs are to conform to Local Government Service Charge and Bylaw Requirements of Provincial Government. Including application of some proceeds from the Land Sale of the Existing School Site on Resthaven Drive.

14 Provincial Zoning & Bylaw Requirements Focus on services to school: –Utility connections to site or building, sewer service area costs, parking, on-site roads, access / egress, bus drop-off, perimeter sidewalks Not Supported: –Road upgrades, streetlighting, curbing, excess capacity or extended trunk services

15 Existing Site

16 Existing Site Features

17 Zoning

18 School Building Sites

19 What Have We Been Doing? A School-Based Advisory Committee is Working with the Architect on a Schematic Design Chang Holovsky Architects Inc

20 Traffic Impact Assessment Boulevard Transportation Group Recommendations: Separation of Parking, Pedestrians & Buses Bus Drop-off Zone at School Frontage Lay-by On-street Parking on both MacDonald and John Road with 15 minute parking limits New Bicycle Path and Mid-Block Pedestrian Crosswalk with Flashing Warning Lights New 4-Way Stop at MacDonald Park & Resthaven Drive

21 Boulevard Transportation Plan One-Way Entry from MacDonald Park Road for Buses Only Parking Lot Access at John Road Pedestrian Separations Frontage Roads - 15 minute Pick-up / Drop Off Zone 4-Way Stop & School Crosswalks

22 3 rd party certification program Internationally recognized benchmark for design, construction & operation of high performance buildings certified – silver – gold – platinum Integrated/whole-building approach to sustainability Recognizes performance in 5 key areas of human and environmental health: LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED 1.Sustainable sites 2.Water efficiency 3.Energy efficiency 4.Materials selection 5.Indoor air quality

23 Project Features Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – Gold Standard Alternative Transportation Geothermal Heating Superior Indoor Air Quality Stormwater Green Treatment Systems Recycling Content

24 School Schematic Site

25 Site Plan

26 Site Features

27 Lower Level Plan

28 Upper Level Plan

29 Elevations

30 Where To Next? Application for Development Servicing & Sanitary Sewer Service Area Inclusion Rezoning Application to District of North Saanich for Multipurpose Field Collaborate with District of North Saanich and Town of Sidney on Traffic and Parking Provisions Final Submittal to Ministry of Education for Project Agreement & Construction Funding Approvals

31 Potential Schedule Subject to Ministry of Education or District of North Saanich Approvals Potential Acceleration for Selected Sitework Spring 2010 - Major Construction Fall 2011 - Occupancy

32 Construction Minimize Traffic Disruption –flag persons Construction Parking –confined on-site Construction operations –7AM to 6PM Controlled Dust, sediment & debris on-site Secured Construction Perimeter Fencing

33 What Are Your Opinions? 1.Is there something more we need to consider about the school or location? 2.What community uses would You see for the Surplus Resthaven Property? i.Accessible Family or Inter-generational Housing? ii.Assisted Living or Long-term Care Facilities? iii.Community Services? iv.Other? Fill out a Comment Card tonight Email:

34 North Saanich Middle School

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