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Construction Impact Analysis Tool Lise Goss WSDOT.

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1 Construction Impact Analysis Tool Lise Goss WSDOT

2 What is Construction Impact Analysis Tool? A means for tracking and estimating construction projects impacts on the roadway both individually and aggregately A coordinated, collaborative approach to managing construction on the roadway so that people, and goods observe the least amount of disruption A tool that facilitates the collection, validation, communication, and analysis of planned potential traffic disruptions

3 A little background At Least 10% of congestion is construction related Population has grown by more than 50 percent in the last 25 years to almost 6.5 million, with more than 500,000 new residents since the turn of the century. Unprecedented construction presents a major challenge WSDOT as well as local governments

4 What is a Potential Traffic Disruption? Traffic disruptions are events, either planned or unplanned, that will likely impact travel on a roadway within Washington State. For example, roadway construction projects and special events like Bumbershoot are known events for which we can anticipate the traffic impacts that will result. These events are not just on State Roads. Cities and Counties have their own PTDs and they can all be affected.

5 The Process Automated Process Charter development Requirements gathering Acquire Funding Develop application Testing Manual effort Collect data Create graphic representations Collect more/different data Create graphic representations Conduct analysis More graphics Communication with many levels of government, and internal groups going on constantly


7 New Business Activities Collect accurate traffic impact details related to traffic disruptions. Communicate traffic impacts to interested parties, both inside and outside WSDOT, using electronic and printed media (Gantt Charts, maps, folios and other reports). Identify conflicts that may result from two or more traffic disruptions. Resolve conflicts between known traffic disruptions. Each business activity is implemented by a set of new business processes.

8 Coordinated Efforts – Example

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