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CRADLEY ACTION GROUP Regeneration of Cradley 22nd April 2013

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1 CRADLEY ACTION GROUP Regeneration of Cradley 22nd April 2013

2 Cradley Action Group AGENDA Welcome and Introductions
Key points for discussion Current condition of premises and accumulation of rubbish in Colley Gate Other areas for attention Questions and Answers Date of next meeting Feedback Contact details for Cradley Action Group Cradley Action Group

3 Cradley Action Group The Golden Cup Chinese Takeaway – 128 Colley Gate
Owners: DMBC Current Problem: Outside Extractor vent/flue covered in congealed grease In the summer, generates lots of flies Cradley Action Group

4 Cradley Action Group Hairdressers – 126 Colley Gate Owner: Mr Hussain
Building boarded up for many years Cradley Action Group

5 Cradley Action Group General Store – 124 Colley Gate Owner: Mr Hussain
Building boarded up for many years Cradley Action Group

6 Cradley Action Group Shaks Balti & Kebab House – 122 Colley Gate
Owner: Mr Hussain Business closed down in and is now boarded up after problems with broken window – shards of glass on pavement Cradley Action Group

7 Cradley Action Group Second Hand Furniture Shop – 120a Colley Gate
Owner: Mr Goodman Building boarded up since Autumn of … Before this time, the owner/property had caused problems for all the neighbours in the immediate vicinity including bonfires Current Problems: At the front, bags of rubbish and piles of wood, rodent infestation At the rear, either furniture abandoned from shop or fly tipping and rodent infestation Cradley Action Group

8 Bonfires at properties in Colley Gate - put out by the Fire Brigade 2005-12
Cradley Action Group

9 Cradley Action Group Lucky Star Takeaway – 120 Colley Gate
Owner: Mr Goodman Building has been open in 2012 but after new banner hung over windows, no sign of any activity Current Problems: New front door fitted, which does not fit and there is a large gap underneath, allowing rodents to enter There is no ceiling above door – rafters showing through Banner – planning permission needed? Cradley Action Group

10 Cradley Action Group Adam Myers (Modi Pharmacy) – 118 Colley Gate
The chemist shop front was given a “face lift” a few years ago, and still provides a service to the local community Cradley Action Group

11 Cradley Action Group Star Newspaper Shop – 116 Colley Gate
Owner: Mr Newton The shop closed down in 2001 It is currently being refurbished to include a flat above the shop Date of Opening – not known Current problems: Accumulation of Builders’ rubble blowing around the site and onto other properties. This in turn, encourages “fly tipping” by others Dangerous condition of barriers erected around the site Cradley Action Group

12 Cradley Action Group Council Car Park, Maple Tree Lane Owners: DMBC
Current problems: Fly tipping The wall at the back of the car park has been knocked down, so where is boundary between the car park and the Star Newspaper land? Pot holes at the entrance to the car park Cradley Action Group

13 Cradley Action Group Time Line – 128-116 Colley Gate
If you have photos, copies of letters, s etc of the problems you have experienced and reported to DMBC about the buildings in Colley Gate, and you are willing to share them with us for our Time Line folder ? Then please complete one of the sheets around the room. Thank you Cradley Action Group

14 Who/Where to report an Environmental incident?
For Dudley MBC: Miss S Welch Senior Environmental Health Officer DMBC Claughton House Blowers Green Road Dudley, DY2 8UZ Tel: Fax: Cradley Action Group

15 Cradley Action Group Contacts
Cradley Action Group C/O The Laurels 100 Windmill Hill Colley Gate Halesowen West Midlands B63 2BY Tel: Group/ ?fref=ts Cradley Action Group

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