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2 First recorded 110 years ago Traditional London Street Market

3 Above: Artists view of what is now Green Street where Queen’s Market exists Left: View from Queen’s Market by local artist Eric Dawson (1933 retrospective) Source:

4 Queen’s Market - current day


6 Developers St. Modwen Properties originally proposed an Asda store on the market site but Asda were forced to pull out in 2006. At planning stage these were some of the grounds of objection to the developers plans: Design & context issues Reduced retail diversity Climate Change impact Participation and consultation issues Developers planned a 31 storey tower block for the market

7 “London’s most ethnically diverse market” - New Economics Foundation Report 2006 This report includes the result of a survey of shoppers at the market, carried out by Mori for Newham Council in December 2005/January 2006, which found that 54% of shoppers were Asian or Asian British, 27% Black or Black British and 16% White. 12,000 signed petition to GLA (Sept 2005) 2,600+ individually written objection letters (Aug 2008)

8 Protest March (200 people, Oct 2006) A lot of businesses are family owned, thus allowing ethnic minority women a working freedom who would in normal circumstances “face social barriers to employment such as child care responsibilities.” In addition “the Borough has the highest percentage of children aged under five in the country.

9 Demonstration at Barbican during developers (St. Modwen Properties) AGM

10 Shoppers sign petition at a stall

11 Publicity

12 Campaign stall days included Twinning projects with a market under threat in Zambia. (Dec 2008)

13 Price comparison (Sept 2009)

14 Big Draw event For the community October 2009









23 Time Out article


25 Whitechapel Market stall Queen’s Market stall Currently London’s Markets are in a state of neglect due to local Councils wanting to sell/ lease the land. “Markets have traditionally not been the subject of much attention within the policy domain, and the dominant policy narrative has been that of markets deteriorating.” Percival, T (2008/9). Commercial Gentrification in a global city: The changing nature of retail markets in East London, University of Leeds, School of Geography p.19.

26 January 2010: Replacement London Plan Policy 4.8 Retail Diversity - Missing Separate Policy on Markets We propose a policy in the London Plan as follows: The Mayor will identify and protect London's street and covered markets for their contribution to health, enterprise, local economies and their social value to London. Boroughs should: -recognise the benefits of their markets to health policy, local enterprise policy, social policy, local economic policy -seek to retain the ownership of markets as a public benefit -in considering proposals for redevelopment of markets consult with traders and shop keepers and consumers/users of the market -in considering proposals for redevelopment consider whether this will impact on economically hard-pressed groups - enable mechanisms to protect the levels of rent necessary for the market's social and locally affordable function


28 How you can help further One of the below should take 1 MINUTE: Keep friends and neighbours updated on the Queen’s Market issue. Look at our website and tell your friends about it: Find out about local people affected by the plans and ask for their details. Bring people- contacts and volunteer help. Maybe you know someone who wants to set up a stall at the market? Shop more regularly at the market. Speak with the traders to find out how they are doing. They would appreciate it. Donations towards printing or materials costs for leaflets, banners etc. Paypal is available through our website. Put up a poster on your window or public notice board.

29 One of the below should take 1 HOUR: Join us at a campaign stall at the market. We will let you know on the dates. Attend our supports’ meetings with friends. Distribute leaflets to homes and businesses. Write letters to people you think might be interested like a national newspaper, your favourite TV/ radio station, a community group or celebrity. Under Freedom of Information Act you can also ask the Council and public bodies to send you information on any issue concerning the market. Translate in a different language. You can translate leaflets or person-to-person at a stall. Draw or design a leaflet or poster. Do interviews. If you’re a confident person you might want to speak with the local and national media.

30 Friends of Queen’s Market have been running for over 5 years and we rely on volunteers help. We are a non- political group. Our aim is to “SAVE QUEEN’S MARKET” because thousands of local people have been left out of the decision-making process on the future of “London’s most ethnically diverse” market. We need an ‘alternative community plan’ to ensure its long term future. Thank you and hope to see you soon!

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