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ORGANIZING A SIGN CAMPAIGN Presenter: Marilyn Birmingham Kingston Health Coalition.

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1 ORGANIZING A SIGN CAMPAIGN Presenter: Marilyn Birmingham Kingston Health Coalition

2 Planning and preparing campaign ! divide region into polls and prepare maps: = prioritize polls: best visibility, busy streets, corner locations, a few on every street, areas around hospitals = prepare maps: 200-250 houses per poll (can use election maps), define boundaries clearly so canvassers dont cross into another persons poll = divide large campaign regions into zones (groups of polls) as needed = place sign order form on web site & assign responsibility to pick up email orders.

3 Sample Map

4 Planning and preparing campaign(contd) ! street index (poll key) ! buttons/badges ! sign request slips, location records ! thank you notes ! volunteer records ! canvass boards

5 4.25x 5.5 (print 4 per page and cut ) Sign Request Slip Poll:________Date:___________ Name:_______________________ Address:______________________ Phone:___________________ Instructions or Comments:___________ ________________________ Erected Date:_______________ By:________________________ Lawn___ Window___ Large___

6 Poll:_____ NameAddressPhone Type Street:_____________________ Name Street # Phone Type Location Records 8.5x 11 paper

7 Thank you note to household Thanks very much for taking a sign in support of the Hamilton Stop the P3s Campaign to keep our hospitals public. If you have any questions or if we have put this sign on your property in error, you may reach us at 519-xxx-xxxx. Our sign crew will take down your sign within a few days of the end of the campaign which will be the xth of March 200x (Let us know if you want to keep your sign up after end of campaign so we dont remove it.) Thanks again Hamilton Health Coalition

8 8.5 by 5.5 Name: _______________________________________ Address:______________________________________ Volunteer Record Phone:____________ Email:______________________ Date Comments

9 Bristol Board and 8.5 x 11 paper Canvass Boards Poll #CanvasserStatus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Natalie Mehra Slash means taken Matthew Gventer Cross means completed 1/2 Cross means started not yet completed Marilyn Birmingham

10 Planning and preparing campaign(cont) Sign canvass instructions: t o be written, not just verbal suggestions re: what to wear what to take along suggested script = include when signs will be taken down = (some people may keep them up if they wish) canvassing tips campaign background information sheet campaign contact information thank canvasser for help Sample canvass instructions will be on OHC web site.

11 Recruiting Volunteers (and immediate sign locations) Contact lists: = local health coalition supporters = people who have signed petitions = supporting organizations like Council of Canadians = political parties (parties may have to phone own members) = unions (unions may have to phone own members) = brainstorm for other names = When phoning for volunteers ask if will take a sign (to get quick visibility of campaign) Two teams: canvassers and sign erectors.

12 Starting the canvass slotting training going over the map badges or buttons follow up with canvassers blitz options

13 sign crew to get requests filled within two days signs to be perpendicular to street thank you note to be put in mail box processing slips = envelope/box: signs needing to be put up = envelope/ box: signs up and to be entered in book Filling sign requests and maintaining records:

14 Large Signs: sign erectors responsible for assembling and placing municipal by-laws must be obeyed sign erectors to keep track of them and remove them

15 End of Campaign: use sign location book for removing signs take down signs within a day or two of end of campaign store signs for reuse or send them for recycling. keep sign location book future recruitment keep volunteer records for future involvement thank the people who volunteered by letter (and a party?)

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