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Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte.

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1 Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte

2 Plot Heathcliff Catherine Linton Edgar Linton Isabelle Linton
Hareton Earnshaw Linton Heathcliff Cathy Linton Nelly Dean Mr. Lockwood

3 Theme Love Class Brutality

4 Setting Wuthering Heights
“I just hope, I pray, that he may forget his diabolical prudence and kill me.” (313) “’But my father threatened me,” gasped the boy, clasping his attenuated fingers, “and I dread him---I dread him! I dare not tell!’” (545) Thurshcross Grange “seated herself on the top of the wall, reaching over to gather some hips that bloomed scarlet” (475) “Afterwards, they dried and combed beautiful hair, and gave her a pair of enormous slippers, and wheeled her to the fire;”(101)

5 Setting Wuthering Heights
“I have no pity! The more the worms writhe, the more I yearn to crush out their entrails!” (313) “About midnight, while we still sat up, the storm came rattling over the Heights in full fury.”(173) “pulling her on his knee, administered with the other a shower of terrific slaps on the side of the head ,”(553) Thrushcross Grange “Cathy stayed at Thrushcross Grange five weeks: till Christmas. By that time her ankle was thoroughly cured, and her manners much improved.”(103) “basin of warm water, and washed her feet; and Mr. Linton mixed a tumbler of negus, and Isabella emptied a plateful of cakes into her lap,”(101) In summer, Miss Catherine delighted to climb along these trunks, and sit in the branches, swinging twenty feet above the ground; and I, pleased with her agility and her light, childish heart,”(471)

6 “It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff now; so he shall never know how I love him:”(163)
“Set to two tables here, Ellen: one for your master and Miss Isabella, being gentry, the other for Heathcliff and myself, being of the lower orders.” (193)

7 “The whole household need not witness the sight of your welcoming a runaway servant as a brother.” (195) “I cannot help it; I shall be glad when they leave it, and shift to the Grange.”(689)

8 Works Cited Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights. New York: New York, Print. Laban, Lawrence F. “Emily Bronte.” Critical Survey of Long Fiction, Fourth Edition(2010): 1-4. Literary Reference Center. Web. 24 Nov McLeod, Jennifer. “Emily Bronte.” Magill’s Survey of World Literature, Revised Edition(2009): Literary Reference Center. Web. 24 Nov

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