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Software for Lean Management

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1 Software for Lean Management
AviX is an interactive improvement analysis system which uses video technology and standard times and activities, for all industries where manual work is involved. Software for Lean Management

2 The four AviX modules are:
Method Balance FMEA Design for Assembly Prologia LLC

3 Time and motion analysis using video technology and methodology
AviX Method Time and motion analysis using video technology and methodology Prologia LLC

4 AviX Method … combines your digital video with time and motion software based on timing norms lets you easily document and analyze the production process. has easy to use software that is flexible and versatile. Prologia LLC

5 AviX user list of world class companies
ABB Alfa Laval Audi Autoliv Avon Bentone CocaCola DaimlerChrysler DeLaRue Dynapac EDC Ekz Ericsson ESBE FTE Automotive Getinge Getrag All Wheel Drive GF Grundfos Husqvarna Invacare Lear Corp Leoni Maquet Miele Norgren Outo Kumpu Olympus Oras Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Plastal Powerwave Rapid Bofors Saft Scania Schaltbau Schondelmaier Presswerk Siemens Trelleborg SKF Swegon Wabco Volvo

6 Demonstration of AviX Method video-based software
AviX Method lets you Manage video footage of the process Manage the analysis Organize the work stream with the structure tree See the results Prologia LLC

7 Work stream organization
The structure tree identifies work on five different levels: plant product workstation task Work can be identified on different levels – plant, (MAKE Up names for company, product etc. within AviX program) operation blank Prologia LLC

8 You can also use standardized
Analysis management The analysis window lets you manage and analyze operations, workstations, and tasks. 11 activities to select from Non-ergonomics Add a new slide after this one showing documentation of products, processes and tools. You can also use standardized time units from MTM Prologia LLC

9 Results area shows the breakdown of productive, waste, and non-ergonomic times. Add pop-up: results area is interactive through the analysis; constantly updated. Prologia LLC

10 Video player controls in AviX Method
back up in 2.5 second increments Reverse in 2.5 sec increments, play backward, stop, fast forward in 2.5 sec increments, advance frame by frame, forward and backward, jump back to the beginning, play operations. fast forward in 2.5 second increments go back to the start reverse, stop, and play advance frame by frame Prologia LLC

11 Video player controls Make new slide for time stamp button, include video and analysis quadrants. Graphic indicator shows frame location within overall video. Speed control lets you view a task in real-time, slow motion, or high speed. Numerical indicator shows frame number. Prologia LLC

12 Other video window features
Stop watch function lets you time operations and mark specific film positions. Make new slide for time stamp button, include video and analysis quadrants. Prologia LLC

13 Other video window features
Play operations function shows the analysis and results for each operation as the video plays. Prologia LLC

14 Take Pictures from video
direct from Video and save for use in Manual Training *Send by Presentations Problem solving Analysis * Improvement * AviX Reports

15 Import your data to AviX
Avix comes standard with import data feature. You can import from excel, access, odbc data source, csv and ... Targets for imported data are objects, production aids, tasks and operations. Prologia LLC

16 AviX reports Prologia LLC
Avix comes standard with 20 different reports to select from Export data from the reports to Adobe, Excel, Word, Crystal and also to databases in different format. AviX is supported by Crystal so it’s always possible to create your own unique report. Prologia LLC

17 Try AviX. Software for Lean Management
Brought to you by Add prologia logo in bottom box. We want your company to be the best it can be.

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