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Boost and manage your CNC Workshop DNC & Production Cwork 2014.

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1 Boost and manage your CNC Workshop DNC & Production Cwork 2014

2 For the sake of ease of use, CWORK 2014 was developed for improved ergonomics. General ergonomics

3 CWORK SOLUTIONS fits the architecture of your workshop. Factory server NC programs can be stored on a file server in the shared network (DNC) Supervisory Workstation(s) " Method Profile " DNC Server workstation " Administrator Profile " RS232 Ethernet ETHERNET FTP SMB NFS RS232 DNC – Workshop Implementation

4 CWORK DNC allows you to communicate with all types of digital commands from your machines. In addition CWORK DNC manages traceability of machining programs. The next part of production CWORK PROD allows the user to see in real time the status of the machine (Production, stop, failure...) Once stored data can be replayed, processed and exported to an ERP or Excel. General use Production DNC

5 Data stored and indexed in a relational database, compatible with Access, PostgreSQL and Oracle. Software compatible with Windows Seven & 32/64bit versions servers. The client / server architecture of the software allows integration in any type of computer facilities. Software developed using an agile methodology (Scrum / Redmine) Technical specifications

6 Management login and advanced user rights. (Access to certain CNC, certain types of programs...) Creation and configuration simplified CNC. Main features

7 Graphical representation of your shop fully customizable. Setting elements: Number of workshops and CNC Name of workshops and CNC Picture of CNC Location of CNC in each workshop (size, positioning and sorting). Stored by user. Main features

8 Main features Throughout traceability of the the software events. real-time permanently accessible log Throughout traceability or on a specific element

9 Cwork 2014 DNC Transfer

10 Connectivity on all machines and all types of connection types and protocols. (RS232, RS232 protocols, Ethernet, Ethernet protocols: NFS, FTP, SAMBA…) Simultaneous transfer of all your machines (with running buffer management mode via RS232) Graphic visualization of the transfer in real time DNC FEATURES

11 Call program send 2) Program analysis by CWork 5) Reception of the called program into the controller 3) Search for valid called program 4) Return the called program to the controller DNC FEATURES NC Program call directly from the controller

12 CNet DNC: Slight client to put on machines running Windows (Mazak, Siemens, Charmilles...) DNC FEATURES

13 ISO code coloring ISO tools (search / replace, blocks renumbering...) Comments listing with easy access (configurable) Standard editing functions (copy, paste, font size +, undo, redo...) Printing Plugins oriented to add your own customizable modules. Mono-or multi-window layout. Editor of ISO programs DNC FEATURES

14 ISO comparison module Color differences Synchronization of the ISO code and mouse scroll Comparison of versions of the same file or different files Possibility to view only the differences Automatic numbering of lines DNC FEATURES

15 Advanced Management of Program listing Programs listing through some filters (CNC, Folder, Protection...) Search on some or all fields Search by program content Access to a folder tree Standard functions of file management (Copy / Paste, Properties, New, Delete, managing a basket...) Send and receive from the program list 5 customizable capture fields available (Name, title, subject...) DNC FEATURES

16 Traceability program. Management and versioning of documents and statements Listing of all versions of a program Satus management of each version Possibility for certification of a version DNC FEATURES

17 Scenario parameters related to the life cycle of a program (assignable to a CNC or a profile) DNC FEATURES

18 Ability to link documents attached to a machining program (images, pictures, comments, Excel, Word, PDF, tool gauges, OLE links, alarms...) DNC FEATURES

19 Automatic import of programs from the CAM, without access to Cwork. Import tools gauges trough ctools. Notions of plugins for specific modules. Advanced program management options (Protection, Archiving, Restriction, Alias ​​...) Function for manual program import / export, and export program list in CSV format. CNC group concept. DNC FEATURES

20 Presence of a movements box. DNC FEATURES

21 Cwork 2014 Production

22 Production Features State back from the CNC to the software Cwork 2014 (Production, Breakdowns, stop...) Through the DNC. (Unloading a program to change the state of the machine) Through Cwork Prod. Through CNet (Installed on one machine or a Panel PC) Through a case of reading dry contacts (OPC protocol is supported by CWork Manual state back informations Automatic state back informations All these types of statements are cumulative

23 Machine functions (DNC) Exports Manual Automatic sms Production Features Global Synoptic Real time analysis

24 View of real time machine states Production Features

25 Fully configurable list of states Production Features

26 Cumulation and graphical representation of the states over a time base Selecting a day, week, week slippery, one month, one year, or a custom time period (Day (s) + hours) Graphically statements edition. (Add, Resize, change and delete) Production Features

27 Accumulated states over a time base, and representation in table form Production Features

28 Visualization of real-time graphics directly from the cumulation modul. Production Features

29 Setup trigger actions when a state change. Automatic triggering of states. Presence of scenarios of states. Planning management of operating time. Export module data (to Excel application and ERP in real time). Production Features

30 Thank you for visiting... Contact address: Agatech Rue Dufour 156 CH-2502 Bienne Tél : (41) 079 124 58 06 Email : Web : Cwork 2014

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