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The Gerritsen Collection Of Aletta H. Jacobs. What is The Gerritsen Collection? An international collection of womens historical primary material. Covers.

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1 The Gerritsen Collection Of Aletta H. Jacobs

2 What is The Gerritsen Collection? An international collection of womens historical primary material. Covers the 16 th to 20 th Centuries Traces the evolution of a feminist consciousness and the movement for womens rights The greatest single source for the study of international women's history and the feminist movement. - Anne Firor Scott, Duke University

3 Overview 400 years of material: Represents many countries, languages, and cultures. Different perspectives on the womens movement. Historical documents and personal accounts such as letters and diaries. Supports research in many disciplines, including history, education, and political science, etc. The cases of polygamy, concubinage, adultery, divorce, & c. seriously and learnedly discussed : being a compleat collection of all the remarkable tryals and tracts which have been written on those important subjects London: Printed for E. Curlletc., 1732 Janitschek, Maria Tölk, Vom Weibe : Charakterzeichnunge n Berlin: S. Fischer, 1896

4 Origins of The Gerritsen Collection Named after C.V. Gerritsen, a member of the Dutch parliament. Reflects the lifelong interest in womens issues of Gerritsen and his wife, Aletta Jacobs. Jacobs was the first woman university student and woman doctor in the Netherlands. Together they collected more than 2,000 volumes from around the world. Carel Victor Gerritsen (1850-1905) Dr. Aletta Jacobs (1854-1929)

5 The Gerritsen Collection contains: –2,000,000 pages –4,311 books and 265 serials –400 years of material, from 1543 to post- WWII –Many languages, including English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Latin Size & Scope of the Collection

6 Languages in Gerritsen Books English German French Dutch Italian Scandinavian Latin & Greek Spanish & Portuguese Hungarian Russian Polish Arabic Periodicals English German French Dutch Scandinavian Slavic Spanish & Portuguese Hungarian Arabic 2,000+ items are in English, followed by 929 German titles, 734 French titles, 279 Dutch titles, and 193 titles in 11 other languages. All summary descriptions are in English.

7 Unique Value of The Gerritsen Collection The collection represents different viewpoints on topics. –Pro-feminist and anti-feminist. –Juxtaposes original works and rebuttals to them. –Provides background and context for debate. Contains works by women and men. –Works by men undoubtedly influenced the women who read them! –Includes men writing in favour of womens rights and women writing to oppose them. Represents a variety of viewpointshumanist, positivist, socialist. Wil A. Linkugel

8 Subjects Covered by The Gerritsen Collection A diverse range of subjects and types of material are represented in The Gerritsen Collection. These include: –Biography and Autobiography –Health and Well-Being –Women and Work

9 Subjects Covered by The Gerritsen Collection Because of this diversity, the Collection can be used by many disciplines, such as: –Education –Literature –Political Science –Business and Economics –Womens Studies –History –Journalism –Languages – … and many more

10 Here are some examples …

11 Brown, Hallie Quinn, Homespun heroines and other women of distinction Xenia, Ohio: Aldine, c1926, 311 pgs. Biographies and Autobiographies Velazquez, Loreta Janeta, The woman in battle : a narrative of the exploits, adventures, and travels of Madame Loreta Janeta Velasquez, otherwise known as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford, Confederate States Army... Hartford, Conn.: T. Belknap, 1876, 641 pgs.

12 Health and Well-Being Beecher, Catharine Esther, Letters to the people on health and happiness New York: Harper, 1855, 226 pgs.

13 Marriage and careers : a study of one hundred women who are wives, mothers, homemakers and professional workers New York: The Channel Bookshop, c1926, 121 pgs. Women & Work

14 Literature Aunty Cook. A Women's Suffrage Meeting; The Woman's herald. London: Apr 27, 1889, 1, 27, page 5 Historische vrouwen : dichterlijk album. Haarlem: A.C. Kruseman, 1858-1862, 263 pgs. Study Fiction and Poetry in Historical Context Other Highlights: John S. Hart, The female prose writers of America : with portraits, biographical notices, and specimens of their writings, 1852

15 Clarke, Edward Hammond, Sex in education : or, A fair chance for the girls Boston: J.R. Osgood, 1873, 181 pgs. Education Howe, Julia Ward, Sex and education : a reply to Dr. E.H. Clarke's "Sex in education" Boston: Roberts, 1874, 203 pgs. Study Feminist and anti-Feminist works on Higher Education, Co-education, Primary Education and Professional Training Other Highlights: Mary Ashton Livermore, What shall We Do with Our Daughters?: Superfluous Women and Other Lectures, 1883. Edith A. Barrett, The Training of Girls for Work: An Expression of Opinions, 1894. Cecil Grant, The Case for Co- Education, 1913. Helen Starrett, After College, What?, 1896.

16 Political Science Study the Suffrage Movement in the United States and other countries, the politicians who supported Women's Rights & the role of women in encouraging political and social reform. Robertson, Anne Isabella, Women's need of representation : a lecture upon the necessity of giving women the parliamentary franchise Dublin: R.D. Webb, 1873, 16 pgs. Wollstonecraft, Mary, A vindication of the rights of woman : with strictures on political and moral subjects London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1891 Other Highlights: Catherine Beecher, An Essay on Slavery and Abolitionism, 1837 Frances Willard, Woman and Temperance, 1883. William Bowditch, Woman Suffrage, a Right not a Privilege, 1879. Mary Mumford, The Relation of Women to Municipal Reform, 1894.

17 Business Study works on business training & career opportunities for women. Examine how product marketing evolved towards women. The Illinois clubwoman's world. Chicago: May 1924, Vol. 5, Iss. 4 Front Cover; Womanhood : the magazine of woman's progress and interests, political, legal, social, and intellectual, and of health and beauty culture. London: Apr 1907 Other Highlights: Of women as clerks and bookkeepers, and of the advantages of thus employing them, 1876. A woman's opportunity in business and the industries: an address given at the Second annual commencement of Simmons College, 1907.

18 Law Porritt, Annie Gertrude Webb, Laws affecting women and children in the suffrage and non- suffrage states New York: National Woman Suffrage Pub. Co., 1917, 168 pgs. Study Womens Legal Status in the US and in Different Countries. Women's position in the laws of the nations : a compilation of the laws of different countries Karlsruhe i.B.: G. Braunsche, 1912, 200 pgs Other Highlights: Alvah L Stinson, Woman Under the Law, 1914. Isaac Franklin Russell, Lectures on law for women : delivered at the University of the City of New York 1892-93. Henry Edwin Fenn, Thirty-Five Years in the Divorce Court, 1911

19 Chicago Sunday press and the women's press. Chicago: May 10, 1919, Vol. 2, Iss. 36; pg. 2 Study Women Artists & Performers. Use fashion illustrations from books & periodicals to aid in costume design. Rosenberg, C. G. Jenny Lind in America New York: Stringer Townsend, 1851 Other Highlights: Eminent women: a series of sketches of women who have won distinction by their genius and achievement as authors, artists, actors, rulers, or within the precincts of home, 1890. Fine Arts/Performing Arts

20 Foreign Languages Study Works in Original Languages Kellen, Tony, Welche Stellungen können Frauen im Handel und Gewerbe finden?: …. Leipzig: L. Huberti, 1900. Arrighi, Giuseppe Lelio. La storia del femininisimo. Florence: A. Razzolini, 1911. Other Highlights: Psychologie de la femme. Vom Weibe: Charakterzeichnun gen(women in the arts in German). Discurso sobre la instruccion y emancipacion de la muje, a book on womens rights written in Spanish …these titles could be an interesting reading assignment for foreign language students. --Ellen Metter, Auraria Library

21 Using The Gerritsen Collection

22 Choose to perform a detailed search or to browse content in the database, or use the Quick Search tool (which appears on every page)

23 Conduct detailed searches within specific data fields, select terms from index lists and choose to search just in books or periodicals

24 Additional fields provide more options relevant to searching books and periodicals

25 Retrieved results can be sorted by relevancy, author, title or date and filtered to show just books or articles Link from the results page to a full citation, the full text of the article or book, or to a periodical record page or specific issue

26 Book citations include tables of contents for easty navigation Tools and links are consistent throughout – allowing for easy navigation of the site Documents are presented with a range of options for storing, printing and sharing

27 Durable links can be obtained for documents and features Pages can be zoomed for closer study Documents can also be downloaded in TIFF or PDF formats

28 As an alternative to searching, books can be browsed by their title, their classification by The Gerritsen Collections own indexing system, or by Library of Congress subject terms A list of periodicals can also be browsed by their titles

29 The MyArchive feature allows each user to save their own selected records and searches and come back to them at a later date Each MyArchive is protected by a user- defined password

30 Information Resources provides users and administrators with information and tools to help them to get the most out of The Gerritsen Collection

31 Detailed information is provided about the content of The Gerritsen Collection and PDF handouts can be printed out, showing the collections relevance to different subject areas and disciplines.

32 The Gerritsen Collection The greatest single source for the study of international women's history and the feminist movement More than 2 million pages, covering four centuries and thousands of books, periodicals and articles Combined with the latest interface and technology, to enable more people to discover and get more from these materials

33 The Gerritsen Collection For more information on the collection, to contact ProQuest, or to request a free trial for your institution, please see the following: Or visit the ProQuest website: –

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