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PERIODICALS ARCHIVE ONLINE. Background – PCI Family Periodicals Content Index (PCI) began at Harvard University Library –Now called Periodicals Index.

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2 Background – PCI Family Periodicals Content Index (PCI) began at Harvard University Library –Now called Periodicals Index Online –The largest index in the humanities and social sciences at almost 5,000 worldwide journals and 16M citations –Began as a collaboration with Harvard on the index in 1991. Chadwyck-Healey began digitizing backfiles of titles in 2000 Periodicals Archive Online (formerly PCI Full Text) currently has five collections complete, with a sixth completing soon –425 journals –Coverage from 1802-1995 –Almost 1.7M articles, and over 9M pages

3 PERIODICALS ARCHIVE ONLINE Reliable archive of historical journals, from 1802 to the 1990s 425 titles available in five collections Over 1.4M full text articles and 9M article pages Adds new journals to a library’s collection whilst making existing ones easier to access

4 Overview A major scholarly archive of retrospective, full runs of periodicals used in humanities and social sciences to 1995 or ceased dates Multidisciplinary collections for greatest benefit English and other major languages in full-text Full-runs of full-text from first issue to 1995 or date when coverage ceased. Archival solution - includes all pages of each issue with non- article content Hard-to-find title coverage –Around 70% of each collection is peer-reviewed or older, scholarly journals that did not have that designation when published. The foreign language titles also do not normally have that designation, but are scholarly. Permanently owned archive No ongoing duplication of other backfile sources, including JSTOR

5 PAO - full text collections Collections 1-2 –Multidisciplinary –Both have 100 titles each Collections 3-4 –Multidisciplinary –75 searchable text titles each Collection 5 –Multidisciplinary –75 searchable text titles each Collection 6 – coming 2006 –Multidisciplinary –75 searchable text titles each 425 titles by 2006, soon growing to 500 Some additional titles available by subscription only, bring total to 445

6 AgricultureArea Studies - Middle East History (The Americas) Philosophy Ancient CivilisationsBlack StudiesHumanities (General) Political Science Anthropology/ Ethnology Business/ Management Jewish StudiesPsychology Applied ArtsEconomicsLawPublic Admin ArchaeologyEducationLibrary/Information Science Religion/Theology ArchitectureFine ArtsLinguistics/PhilologySocial Affairs Area Studies - AfricaFolkloreLiteratureSocial Sciences (General) Area Studies - AsiaGeographyMusicSociology Area Studies - Australasia History (General)Performing ArtsWomen's Studies Area Studies - Europe 37 Subject Areas …

7 70% of each collection is peer reviewed or pre-dates the classification 20% of each collection is foreign language content

8 Overview of language coverage

9 Collection 5 Overview Same concept as other collections –Interdisciplinary content –Foreign language – about 20% –75 titles –All searchable text –Now available Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik American Journal of Psychoanalysis Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie Journal of Cultural Economics Journal of Individual Psychology Orientalistische Literaturzeitung Police Studies Title selection based on feedback from scholars

10 Overlap with JSTOR Over 360 unique titles through 5 collections –65 of 445 titles overlap with JSTOR (including titles proposed for their Arts & Sciences Complement, 2008) –Combined with JSTOR, PAO users access backfiles for over 800 journals Unique foreign language coverage not in JSTOR –26 Spanish titles- 18 German titles –7 French titles- 8 Italian titles –8 multilingual titles Historical magazines that are not found in JSTOR provide primary source content –Longman’s Magazine- Bentley’s Miscellany –MacMillan’s Magazine- Edinburgh Review

11 Brand new Periodicals Archive Online interface! User-activated research area Fielded quick search on every page

12 Keyword and field options Sort options

13 Filter results to quickly see the trends and manage large sets Re-sort options

14 Combine filters for even narrower results

15 Easy navigation between hits, pages and articles! Download options Hit terms highlighted

16 Compare articles from scholarly periodicals with more popular ones

17 Other materials as well

18 Letters, Debates and Opinions

19 An historical repository of your institution’s publications

20 Periodicals Archive Online also includes unindexed, non-article matter. So researchers can now find useful information about the journals themselves and the circumstances of their publication and use.

21 Find Journals Search or browse by title, language or subject

22 Browse issue by issue, article by article Marked items are highlighted


24 Get even more results - include JSTOR citations in searches Citations from over 270 JSTOR journals can be searched from PAO Direct links to JSTOR full text drives use of those collections

25 My Archive allows users to create a personal workspace to save searches for using again in the future, and store selected records.

26 Interface in English, French and Spanish

27 From here, librarians can download free MARC records for journals in Periodicals Archive Online, set up connections to their link resolver, find information on searching the databases using Z39.50, activate links to JSTOR and view usage statistics.

28 Linking Direct links to JSTOR and ProjectMUSE Cross search with other resources, using Z39.50 Connect to link resolvers with OpenURL-formatted links Export records to bibliographic management tools

29 Periodicals Index Online (formerly known as Periodicals Contents Index (PCI) PERIODICALS INDEX ONLINE is a citation index of almost 16 million articles from almost 5,000 journals in the arts, humanities and social sciences, stretching as far back as 1665. Also available – Periodicals Index Online

30 “PCI Full Text is a major resource that will be extraordinarily useful in academic libraries. Content is scholarly and international, the back file is impressive, searching is straightforward, and the content is expanding. … [A] ‘must have’ for large public and academic libraries.” Library Journal, April 15, 2003 “ Bravo for the upgrade. The collection of scholarly titles as well as journals of historical interest will appeal to a broad spectrum of researchers, and digitized access to a full-text archive only makes it sweeter. With a brand new interface, search enhancements, improved features and tools, searchable full text, and new collections, these two products have only gotten better. PAO and PIO certainly deserve an opportunity to wow your patrons.” NetConnect, January 16, 2006

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