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The Boggart By Susan Cooper.

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1 The Boggart By Susan Cooper

2 Characters of the book Jessup Volnik is a very smart 10 year old boy, with brown hair and brown eyes. He loves to use computers. Emily Volnik (Jessup’s sister) is a 12 year old girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. She has a good sense of humor and enjoys going to her dad’s theater. Robert Volnik (Father of Jessup and Emily) is a cheerful man with thinning brown hair and a grey beard. He is the artistic director of a theater. Maggie Volnik (wife of Robert) is lean and a little taller than Robert she runs an antique shop called “Old Stuff” Tommy Cameron is a 12 year old boy who lives in Scotland and is a friend of the Boggart.

3 Summary The main setting is in Scotland. It is set in al little town with an island near it. On the island is Castle Keep. Castle Keep is an old, run down castle. The other main setting is in Toronto, Canada. It is set in a big house in the city. It is a very busy place with lots of noise and it is very polluted. The story starts off in Scotland. The MacDevon who is Maggie’s relative dies. Maggie Volnik inherits a castle and every thing in it, including the Boggart. The Boggart is an invisible creature who lives to play tricks on people. Maggie goes to the castle and accidentally brings the Boggart home. The Boggart starts playing tricks on people. The Boggart can’t talk English but he can read and write Latin. They want him to leave because he plays tricks on people. The Boggart becomes home sick. He gets mad that he can’t get home and he hides in Jessups computer. The kids change their minds about the Boggart and befriend him. The Boggart almost dies but he gets taken out of the computer and put on to a disk that is sent back to Scotland. We would not recommend the book because it was too slow moving and got boring fast!

4 Flow Chart 1.The MacDevon Dies, the Volnik family inherits a castle in Scotland. 2.The Volnik family travels to Scotland and meets Tommy Cameron and visits the castle. 3.The Boggart slips into a roll-top desk and is accidentally shipped to Toronto. 4.The Boggart plays tricks on people and becomes friends with Emily and Jessup. 5.The Boggart gets stuck in a computer and shipped back to Scotland in a disk.

5 How The Book Should’ve Ended
The group thinks that the book should have ended with the Boggart staying in Canada. Instead of the Boggart going to Scotland in a disk, he should have stayed with his new found human friends, Jessup and Emily. They should give him a taste of the good old U.S.A. Then they should return the Boggart to his home so he can be with all his friends in Scotland. Maggie and her family should also go and live in Scotland with the Boggart.

6 Group Members Matt- Blue eyes, dirty blond hair, 14 years old, 5’9”.I like to play my computer and play football and baseball. Sean - Blue eyes, brown hair, 14 years old, 5’3”. I like to play video games and play basketball. Nicole - Brown eyes, brown hair, 5’3”. I like to watch TV and play basketball. Jamie - Green eyes, Brown hair, 14 years old, 5’2”. I like to play basketball and go to the mall. Andrea - Brown eyes, Brown hair, 14 years old, 5’3”.I love to watch basketball and do gymnastics.

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