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The city where I live.

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1 The city where I live

2 My City I live in Łęczyca, a small town in central Poland.It is a nice place with a beautiful old castle and two churches. Unfortunately, there are not many places for young people to go out. There are some shops but there aren’t any department stores. I live with my family in a block of flast. Our flat is quitre spacious and comfortable. I like spending tim in my room reading books and watching TV. I like my small town.

3 My Family There are theres in my family. My mother and my brother. We all live together a flat in Łeczyca. My mum is ratcher tall and slim. She has got fair hair and blue eyes. My brother is tall and slim. He has got brown hair and blue eyes.

4 My House and my room I live in a blockof flat with my mum and brother. Our flat in on the third floor and is in quite large an comfortable. There is a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, a living room, my mum bedroom, my brother bedroom and my bedroom. My bedroom is next to my brother bedroom. The living room is opposite the kitchen and we sometmes heve our meals there. Our kitchen is quite big. There is a big table and six chairs. We ususlly eat in te kitchen. My mum is a very good cook.

5 My best friend My best friend’s name is Tom. He is twenty and he studies and works. He is rather thin and tall. He has got short fair hair and blue eyes. Tom is very intelligent. He likes reading books and watching good movis. He wants to be a computer scientist and he is really keen on computers. He has got a great sense of humour and he likes longhing a lot. I never get bored when I am in his company. He is really a good friend. I can count an him.

6 My free time First of all I love trips. When the weather is fine I take my bike and go to anyinteresting place I can find. From time to time I take my camera with me. When the weather is bad I stay at home and try to relax in a oliffevent way. Very often I sit and listen to music. I am also keen an watching good films. I usually wath TV in the evening. I am also interested in computer and I like playing computer games. Most of my free time I spend with my friends and usually we have a lot of great fun.

7 My favourite sport My favourite sport is basketball. I like when I and my friends meet together and play. However, I would like to do things that are a little frightening. I think it would be exciting to do a parachute jump. I hope that someday I will be given a chance to try.

8 My hobby My hobby is basketball. I play basketball very often. I don’t only play basketball but I also read magazines about famous players. My favourite computer geme in NBA LIVE 99 and it is also about basketball. I realy love it.

9 My favourite music I like various kinds of music. I relax while listening to music. I don’t have a favourite singer or kind of music but I like pop music. I laike songs which have interesting text and nice music. I like going to concerts and lirtening live music. I sometimes.. new albums but usually I can listen to old and new songs.

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