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By KellyG. 2012-2013. One thing we did was we dissected flowers. Including lilies. The most fascinating thing I found was that the stamen of all the flowers.

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1 By KellyG. 2012-2013

2 One thing we did was we dissected flowers. Including lilies. The most fascinating thing I found was that the stamen of all the flowers really were sticky!! I hope the next third grade enjoys it as much as I did!!

3 Banana Split Party I absolutely loved the banana split party! It celebrated us passing all of our multiplication tests! (Including our alls.) Someday Im probably going to make my dad write out a few long division problems and after I solve them we can have a banana split party!!!!! Now goodbye I have to get started on that.

4 My Class I think my class is the best. I cant exactly tell you how, or why, but I can give you a few examples: We were the first class for everyone to be finished with 5 books for the bluebonnet challenge. We are supporting for each other and care what happens to one another. And boy, can they show someone a good time! Meet Our Class Click to view our class video.

5 At Work One thing we did was bio projects. I did mine on Elvis Presley. The dog I am holding up is for Hound Dog, one of Elviss songs. I had so much fun doing it. I wish I could repeat it all over again. I hope they have a project like this in fourth grade!

6 Celebrating International Dot Day!

7 My Self-Portrait

8 Im eight years old and I love top draw. Especially cute animals and people. I love animals and Im a vegetarian. I also love my class this year and one of my favorite things to do in my spare time (other than drawing of course) is reading. I think two of my favorite genres to read from are fantasy, and…… animals, maybe? In fact earlier today, this day that Im writing this, one of my friends, Kaela, showed me an animal book that sounded quite interesting. I believe that the book was called The Underneath. I do hope to ask her TODAY if when she finishes it if I may read it. Anyways I have just reached 2,000,000 words yesterday, meaning that I have read 2,000,000 words in books I have taken A.Rs on. Thats a bit about me!

9 My Favorite Books Inkheart

10 For one field trip, we went to Bass Hall, and saw the first half of the Nutcracker! It was such a fabulous ballet that I wanted to see the second half! (Although we did not have enough time.) I cannot wait to someday go back to Bass Hall and see the whole performance.

11 El Tesoro 0 CHOOSH! CHOOSH! The river rushed on as we crossed the long, rickety bridge that led us to camp El Tesoro. It had been a long day. We had had burgers for dinner, did 4 activities, and heard a legend about a guy named Redwood and saw one of his footprints. But those are all other stories…

12 State Floats I was so excited when I found out I had California for my state float. One, because it has Hollywood, and two because my sister had it!! I cannot wait to start because tonight, Im going to ask my parents if we can talk about ideas for my float and thoughts of how to show things etc. etc. I think it is going to be a blast! Now I have actually started working on my state float and all I have to do is glue some facts on my float and I will be finished! Its been SO much fun doing it and I cannot wait until Friday, (the day of the float parade)

13 State Floats

14 Field Day Field Day was so much fun! Plus Katy and I got third place in the water balloon toss and so we get a medal!!! I cannot wait until next years Field Day! This year we also had an activity called the Water Relay. In it your team has to buckets of water. One at the beginning and one at the end. The bucket at the end has holes in it so you have to have to have people clogging them with their fingers. You also have to have people at the beginning getting water out of that bucket with cups with holes in them so you have to be quick to get to the end and pour the water in THAT bucket. The team with the most water in the end bucket when time runs out wins. And our team won! I absolutely cannot wait until Field Day next year. Me jumping the long jump.

15 Fun Times MR.BABOON, please get back on my feet again! I scold my baboon (bottom right corner) of course, he doesnt move. Sighing, I pick him up and place him back on my silly socks. This is the first Silly Sock Day in Seuss Week that I get to bring a stuffed animal to school and its fun. Want to play tick-tack- toe on my socks? I hear Jackson ask Eli. (Jacksons socks, upper left middle corner) and I can tell its going to be a long day. A fun day, but a long day. Im the cat in the hat. Only modified! I have thing one and two on my head and I have a cat hat. Its Monday making it Silly Hat day. I just realized Im the cat in the hat now. What a coinc-a-dinc!

16 Gump Day This feels weird I mumble. Its our Gump Day party and were doing an activity where someone is the mummy and the other people wrap them up in toilet paper. Im the mummy. But for Gump Day Im the nighttime sky. Well I suppose that the nighttime sky helps mummies…Kind of. I thought.

17 Charlottes Web 0 From Do you want a friend Wilbur? Ill be a friend to you to Thank you for saving my egg sac Wilbur. Goodbye my friend its been SO much fun. Im Charlotte meaning I have a lot of lines… Anyways all the helping moms have helped out and we couldnt do it without them.

18 Charlottes Web Charlottes Web has so far been the most interesting and fun play Ive done at TVS. (And its in the lead of being the best thing weve done this year. But itll probably be neck and neck with worms once we get them.) And not only have I done an entertainment play, but I now have three daughters, Joy, Arenea, and Nellie. A.K.A my buds Ariana (Nellie), Annabel (Arenea), and Nivea (Joy). Plus, Im a vegetarian, and I saved Wilbur from being turned into bacon in the play. (I would probably do this anyway, even if it wasnt a play.)

19 Charlotte's Web: More Pictures

20 The 100 th Day of School On the 100 th day of school our class got one of the best things ever; 100 minutes of reading. Now that may not sound very interesting but Im a bookworm so for me that is like someone giving you a free house, with a Jacuzzi a pool, and a library that is just for you inside.

21 Mothers Day Seed Bombs For Mothers Day one thing our class did was we each made a pack of seed bombs. Seed bombs are little balls of clay that contain dirt and wild flower seeds inside it. What you do with it is you toss it somewhere where it doesnt really mow, and wait till next spring. What happens is the clay dissolves leaving the wild flower seeds a perfect place to grow. Then, next spring, wildflowers pop up, leaving a beautiful little field. Mos ( my mommy, I just call her Mos) and I havent decided where to put any of ours yet but we think we may plant them by our River House, but when we do plant them I cant wait until next spring to see them grow!

22 Im going to miss third grade, but at least Ill have its memories!!!!

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