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Write a personal letter

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1 Write a personal letter
HOW TO… Write a personal letter

2 You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Martin. Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions. Write words. Remember the rules of letter writing ….My best friend had a birthday party last weekend. We went on a picnic. There were many guests and it was great. And when is your birthday? How do you usually celebrate it? What present would you like to get for your next birthday?

3 Write back to Martin You have 30 minutes Answer his 3 questions
Write words Remember the rules of letter writing

4 Informal letter=Informal style
Short forms (I’d, I’ve, there’s) Everyday vocabulary (It’s taken me a while to…, cool) Phrasal verbs (get on, settle in) Idioms (He gets on my nerves)

5 Structure of the letter
Your address The date Greeting Introduction Main body Conclusion Ending Name

6 Address Write your address in the right upper corner CITY COUNTRY Voronezh Russia

7 Miss a line under your address and write the date
March, 15 March 2012 March 15th ,2012 15/03/12 (Br) 03/15/12 (Am)

8 Greetings Never begin Dear friend/ Pen-friend Write the name: Dear Martin, After the greeting put the comma.

9 Introduction Thank your pen-friend for his/her last letter
Beg his/her pardon Mention the facts from his/her letter

10 How to thank Thanks a lot for your last letter
Your last letter was a real surprise I was glad to get your letter It was great to hear from you

11 How to get pardon Sorry I haven’t written for so long but…
Sorry I haven’t been in touch for so long I’m sorry I haven’t answered earlier but I was really busy with…

12 How to mention the facts
I’m glad you went on a picnic Sounds like you had great time in London! Great news about…

13 Main body - Answer the question of your pen-friend
You asked me about… Well, I can say that… As you are interested in I’d like to tell you…

14 Conclusion Explain why you are finishing writing
Mention the future contacts

15 How to explain why you are finishing the letter
Well, I’d better go now as I have to do my home work Anyway, I have to go now because my mum asked me to help her with the washing up I’ve got to go now. It’s time for my favourite TV show

16 How to mention the future contacts
Write back soon Take care and keep in touch Drop me a letter when you can Hope to hear from you soon I can’t wait to hear from you

17 Write a completing phrase
Ending Write a completing phrase Love Lots of love All my love All the best Best wishes Yours Put the comma and sign your first name

18 Counting and Checking Don’t waste your time counting words!
Count sentences only in main body as you know that: address, greeting words introduction -20 words conclusion – 20 words ending – 2-4 words You have to write 6 sentences with 10 words.

19 Схема-шаблон Voronezh Russia 15th March, 2012 Dear Martin,
Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you. I’m glad/sorry to read that you …(had a good time). It’s cool to go on picnic! In your letter you asked me about … As for me… Of course… Actually… Well, I’d better go now as I have to take my dog for a walk. I’m looking forward to your next letter. All the best, Ivan

20 Task 1. Read the letter and match the paragraphs with the headings below. ending, greeting, date, address, conclusion, main body 1.Moscow Russia Dear Tom, 4.I was glad to get your letter. I’m sorry I haven’t answered earlier but I was really busy with my school. Great news about trip to Scotland. I hope you had fun. 5.You asked me about independence from parents. Well, in Russia opinions are different. Personally, I don’t want to live alone as I don’t have enough money. And yes, it’s easy to rent an apartment for everyone, but only if you have money. 6.Well, I have to go now. I promised my Mom to clean the bathroom an help her with washing up. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 7.Best wishes, Masha

21 Task 2. Use the words in brackets to rewrite the sentences.
I’m writing to tell you about my last holiday. (just a quick note) I’d like to thank you for your help.(thanks a lot) I was really glad to get your letter.(great to get) It’s a shame you didn’t get the job.(sorry to hear)

22 Task 3. Find the mistakes. Moscow Russia 23 May 2010 Dear, Rosie
Thank you for your letter. I was very happy to hear from you. Thank you very much for offering to send me a book for my birthday. I love reading different kinds of books, but my favourite genre is fantasy. I often read the most interesting books twice, for example, “Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter”. I think it will be very interesting to read books about Harry Potter in English. You ask me what books I definetely don’t like. I never read science fiction. I find it very boring. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and to getting the present. Best wishes,Lisa

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