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How to Use Twitter. First go to and youll see this Creating a Profile.

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1 How to Use Twitter

2 First go to and youll see this Creating a Profile

3 Add your information. Math Coach Rod Willis is going to be our example for this training. Creating a Profile

4 After you click sign up for Twitter youll come to this page. Here you can choose your username (Rwillis_GCPS) you can change it later if it is available. Uncheck the boxes and click create my account. Creating a Profile

5 Click next Setting Up a Profile

6 Its going to ask you to add friends so you can follow them. Here well add 3 friends (the minimum till you can go on to the next section) @DrRickAtha @DrDarrenDennis @LRod457 Setting Up a Profile

7 Once you follow them, their last tweet will display. Click next. Setting Up a Profile

8 Youll add at least 3 more people on the next page. @OOLS_457 @Jperkins_ESOL @Cdecker_ools Setting Up a Profile

9 Theyll want you to add more people to follow. At the bottom is a skip. Click that to finish adding people. Setting Up a Profile

10 Here theyll want you to upload a picture of yourself and type up a small bio (i.e. Math Coach for Buffalo Jones Elementary School). If you dont want to do this step right away, you can click skip again. Setting Up a Profile

11 Here is your landing page. You can read the tweets from people you follow. You can compose a tweet from here. Your New Account

12 Learning the Menu Bar Takes you to your landing page. This is where you can see if someone has tagged you in a tweet, favorite tweets, new followers, etc. You can see who youre following activity in regards to following other or favorite tweets. Take you to your page as others would see it. Search for users or trends.

13 Here you can get direct messages. Setup keyboard shortcuts. Change the look of your profile by clicking on settings and then Design. Settings

14 You can compose tweets from two locations. On the left side there is a box displaying your tweet count, who you are following and who is following you. Underneath that is the box where you can compose a tweet (a limit of 140 characters including spaces). The blue button will allow you to compose a Tweet from anywhere on the page. Click it and a dialog box will pop up where you can compose your Tweet (140 character limit as well). Compose a tweet

15 Other Elements Allows you to reply to another persons tweet. Reposts a tweet on your feed by someone else called a Retweet. Adds the tweet to a favorite so you can refer back to it at a later time.

16 Twitter also will suggest people for you to follow. Sometimes they are local people or will be suggested based off of your usage. Twitter will also track trends which are popular subjects people are tweeting about, often accompanying a hashtag (#). Other Elements

17 Twitter is a simple tool that will allow you to connect with professionals locally and around the world. It can be a very useful tool if used right. Ensure you keep your password safe, complicated and secure to prevent any unwanted tweets to go out to your followers to see. If you have questions send me a tweet @OOLS_457 Questions?

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