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MMO Reporting Changes New Templates, Query API & Hub Database November 2012.

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1 MMO Reporting Changes New Templates, Query API & Hub Database November 2012

2 Background Following feedback from Media Monitoring Organisations regarding the complexity and number of monthly reporting templates, NLA has redesigned the monthly reporting process. At present: MMOs are asked to complete up to 5 spreadsheets, containing 16 separate tabs Spreadsheets can be submitted in Excel format only Spreadsheets can be submitted via email only Updates to the NLA repertoire are infrequent and notified via email Regional variations of some NLA titles are not listed on existing templates

3 Benefits of the new process The new reporting process has been simplified in order to save time and improve accuracy. Benefits include: A single simplified reporting template and client report Format flexibility - submit reports in XML, Text, Excel or CSV Introduction of Copy Type codes - reducing the number of tabs to complete Introduction of Org IDs - reducing the number of NLA client queries Submit reports via email or FTP - no late fees for large returns that failed to send A new database The Hub for checking licence status of eClips, FP, WDL & eClips Web sources Query The Hub real-time as reports are created, or as a regular job to download a full list

4 Required Fields - XML, Text, Excel or CSV Field NameField DescriptionPermitted Values Media / Domain NameTitle name, channel or domainAlpha numeric (up to 250 characters) e.g. The Sunday Times or Media CodeUnique NLA reporting codeAlpha numeric up to 20 characters e.g. WEBTTO or #ST Copy TypeDelivery methodPaper (0), Digital (1), eClips Digital (2), eClips Hardcopy (3), Web Link (7), Web Digital (8), Web Hardcopy (9), eClips Web Link (4), eClips Web Hardcopy (6) & eClips Web Digital (5) Organisation NameName of the client organisationAlpha numeric (up to 250 characters) e.g. British Broadcasting Corporation Customer IDUnique NLA Org ID (For eClips and eClips Web only) Numeric e.g. 1033 Active Users Number of active users during reporting period Numeric e.g. 167 Number of CuttingsNumber of articles or links made availableNumeric e.g. 100

5 Sample new reporting template (Excel)

6 Sample new report template and schema (XML)

7 Central content database - The Hub Web service API for MMOs to query real-time or in batch as a regularly scheduled job MMO Query = Media name / domain OR Code NLA Service: Exact match on Name or Code ( No match: Search alternative and previous name or domain) NLA Response: Title record - name, media, code, status, licence, service - XML, Txt, HTML MMO Query: RRO = NLA; Media = Print OR Web NLA Response: Database record - All media name, code, licence, service - XML, Txt, CSV

8 Sample data returned by The Hub

9 Next steps Present proposed changes to MMOs and gather feedback - November 2012 Review feedback and make changes to the process / template / The Hub query service as required Finalise requirements and communicate timelines for development to MMOs Switch to the new reporting process in 2013 The old process and new to run in parallel for 3 months Target full migration to new process within 6 months Feedback to: and

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