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© 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 1 Deliverability and IP Warming Overview and Implementation Using Eloqua.

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1 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 1 Deliverability and IP Warming Overview and Implementation Using Eloqua

2 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 2 Deliverability & IP Warming What is Deliverability? What is IP Warming? Sending Reputation Background Key Factors – Complaints, Bouncebacks, SPAM Traps Why is IP Warming Important? Methodology Guidelines for IP Warming Reputation/Authentication Migration

3 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 3 What is Deliverability? Keeping email out of SPAM / Junk filters Historically based on content and sending domain Now based on reputation of sending IP address Reputation can be checked at

4 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 4 What is IP Warming? Process to establish a positive sender reputation for your IP address(es) Other benefits: Cleanse your list of contacts (bounces, etc) Check best practices in list management, technical set-ups of your installation, etc. More information:

5 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 5 Sending Reputation Every sender (IP address) of email has a reputation, based on historical email behavior Reputation is measured and published by ISPs in the form of a Sender Score ISPs perform reputation filtering

6 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 6 Key Factors Complaints Most important factor: Human response to unwanted mail Very low threshold – 0.01% of all email sent Bouncebacks High bouncebacks signal bad lists/list management practices Spammers send to as many addresses as possible: No regard for validity of addresses Volume is the only objective Hard for receiver to differentiate between bad list management and actual spamming SPAM Traps Valid email addresses used to catch SPAM Hidden, therefore only found via harvesting ALL email sent to a SPAM trap is unsolicited Created primarily by ISPs & anti SPAM organizations

7 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 7 Why is IP Warming Important? Receivers heavily scrutinize email from new IPs as they do not know if it is legitimate SPAM signals: Heavy initial volume High bouncebacks High complaints Trap hits

8 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 8 Why is IP Warming Important? Warming allows for slow volume increase, as well as clearing out list issues Low initial volume helps avoid volume blocks Limits complaint likelihood (best contacts, targeted campaign) Bouncebacks on low volumes get less notice Active contact requirement eliminates SPAM traps Builds solid reputation

9 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 9 Methodology Suggested messaging / objective Data harvest campaign with incentive (must be CAN-SPAM compliant) Update your subscription options Newsletter View archived web content (white papers, demos, etc.) Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6 Develop an email communication that is not time- sensitive and historically performed well Build a distribution list of contacts who have explicitly opted in Send email to 1% of your list each day for 5-7 days, reviewing bounceback report regularly and adjust email content and other issues if required. Send email to 3% of your list each day for the next 5-7 days. Send email to 10% of your list each day for the next 5-7 days. Send email to 20% of the remainder of your list each day for the next 5-7 days.

10 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 10 Guidelines for IP Warming – Setup Silver or higher branding & deliverability configuration complete Subscription management and email footer configuration complete

11 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 11 Guidelines for IP Warming – List Criteria Large lists make it easier to identify and address issues No matter the size, still able to address invalid email addresses, complaints, and Spam Traps in list Warming should still be performed even if the total list is not sufficient to generate a score List should be clean in order to minimize hard bouncebacks Possible to have high bounce rate if the previous email provider (where applicable) did not have had a robust bounceback system List should not contain opt outs/unsubscribes If possible, target recent contacts (those who have been sent email in the past three months)

12 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 12 Guidelines for IP Warming – Content Email content should have clear, targeted messages Avoid using time-sensitive emails since the warming process requires minimum 30 day period Use simple HTML/Template or Plain Text; avoid complex code, excessive images, or CSS Include messaging that contacts expect to see Use familiar domains/branding Examples: Welcome emails Update Your Email Preferences campaign

13 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 13 Guidelines for IP Warming – Monitoring Prior to sending each batch, run a General Deliverability test to be used as a baseline report Check for any IP blocks – then address as needed After each batch send: Check the Bounceback History report for comments like ‘SPAM’ or ‘Blocked for Abuse’ If bounce rate exceeds 10%, consider revising the list before proceeding with the campaign Check the SPAM Unsubscribe report for complaints After two weeks, run another General Deliverability test to check progress After the IP warming process is complete, run another General Deliverability report to see the final results

14 © 2012 Eloqua, Inc. Confidential 14 Reputation/Authentication Migration You can leverage your existing sender reputation by adding your Eloqua assigned dedicated IP range to your existing SPF record prior to IP warming This means you will have your existing IP(s) and new Eloqua IP(s) co-mingling in your SPF record allowing for IP reputation migration Once the IP warming project is complete, you can remove your old IP(s) from the SPF record If DK/DKIM is being used, your private key information can be transferred to Eloqua as long as you use the same domain configuration/structure that has an existing public key in it Eloqua can configure its servers to send using your private key thus allowing domain reputation to migrate as well

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