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NIFA TEXTILES LTD. AN OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CERTIFIED COMPANY Every garment that one wears, carries with it a story; a story of conception, design and.

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1 NIFA TEXTILES LTD. AN OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CERTIFIED COMPANY Every garment that one wears, carries with it a story; a story of conception, design and creation. However, other garments, if created in the facilities of NIFA TEXTILES, have more elements to their story -those of quality, technology and perfection. That is why some of the world's favorite and most recognizable brands of clothing rely on NIFA TEXTILES. Our Motto: "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND COMMITMENT WITH TRENDS"

2 NIFA has been established since 2000 and has rapidly become a major supplier of ready-made garments from Bangladesh. When it comes to ready-wear manufacturing, NIFA TEXTILES is a cut above the rest. NIFA TEXTILES is a 'tells a tale of' a company that has everything right about it –its people, its technology, its systems, its customers and its location. At NIFA TEXTILES is Ltd we endeavor to provide our customers with an exceptional service of the highest standard and quality to guarantee client satisfaction. Today, NIFA TEXTILESs success is a result of state of the art equipment and experienced personnel from the management team to the factory force. With a team of such quality NIFA TEXTILES is able to run a highly efficient and competitive production unit, enabling us to meet the industries continuous increasing standards and demands. As NIFA TEXTILES s reputation grows, so does interest from other countries. Our high quality product ranges include Knitwear and Sweaters for Ladies, Men and Children.

3 T-shirt, polo shirt, tank top, sweat shirt, cardigan, knitted trouser, shorts and fleece jacket for Ladies, Men and Children. Single Jersey, interlock, Rib, Pique, French Terry and waffle knit in cotton. Viscose or mixed Composition with or without Lycra. Polar Fleece, Micro Polyester. Solid Dyed or Yarn Dyed Fabrics.

4 The factory is situated in its own newly built multi-storied building with a built floor space of 88,000 square feet in 4 floors, with a provision for building another 4 floors(88,000 sqft). The ground floor houses the fabrics knitting, raw materials ware house; and the first floor houses the sewing, pattern, sample & design. The second floor houses the complete finishing, sewing and printing. The 3 rd floor houses the cutting and sewing section. The dyeing unit is housed in a prefabricated building having floor space of 12100Sft. Adjacent to this building a six storied utility building with floor of 3500Sft. per floor to accommodate the various utility section and other services required for the purpose. In addition, finished goods warehouse and workers facilities are in either attached or near by buildings. Ergonomically designed production floor to achieve efficiency.


6 Floor space: Total Space: 81,000 Sq.ft Knitting Sq ft Garments Sq ft Dyeing Sq ft Printing 6000 Sq ft Warehouse 8000 Sq ft Office and others 3000 Sq ft No of workers 950 No of Machines 269 Units PRODUCTION CAPACITY 30,000 Pieces Basic Garment Per Day 10,000 Pieces Polo Per Day 10,000 Pieces Jacket/ Sweat Shirt Knitting: 6,000 Kg fabrics per day Dyeing: 12,000 Kg fabrics whitening & coloring per day Lab: High Precious Testing Solutions with Specto Photometer Our production facilities are vertically integrated to facilitate all the processes involved in garment manufacture in-house. Be it fabric cutting, fusing, finishing or packing, the company has invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery to carry out these tasks flawlessly. These investments therefore contribute to higher efficiency in productivity and market for lower costs of production-a benefit that is passed on to the customer. IT integration is a key differentiator of Nifa Textiles from other companies. It is EDI compliant with most of its buyers, and has invested in a customized IT package. This package enables its staff as well as buyers and suppliers to access information they require regarding anything from garment specification to delivery schedules.

7 KNITTING Our Modern Knitting Machines produce flawless fabrics, which undergo strict quality inspection before further processing. Our knitting plant has a capacity of 6000 kgs/day. Possible fabrics are single jersey, pique, fleece, interlock, auto stripes with lycra, ribs with lycra, etc. We also have Flat Collar Knitting Machine. SINGLE JERSEY (S/J, Lacoste, Pique & Derivaties) Brand: Jiunn Long Country Of Origin: Taiwan

8 DYEING Our advanced dyeing facilities ensure that you get the brightest and most accurate colours, which are double checked for colour fasteness and AZO free. Dyeing facility has a capacity 15 ton/day with sophisticated soft flow machines. For CVC, Lycra,PC,Polyester,Specializing Dyeing High Temperature. Brand: Fong's Country Of Origin: China

9 SLITTING For our line finishing we have a slitting machine. Brand: Bianco Country Of Origin: Italy CAPACITY: 10,000 Kg/day

10 STENTER A 6 (six) Chamber Stenter with double padder gives us optimistic fabrics which comes along with wefstraitner. Brand: Bruckner Country Of Origin: German CAPACITY: 10,000 Kg/day

11 COMPACTING An open width compacting machine is untilized to ensure dimensional stability in the fabric. We have open width compacting machine which comes along with wefstraitner and double padder for best result >> TUBLAR COMPACTING Compacting machines are utilize to ensure dimensional stability in the fabric. We have tublar compacting machine Machine Type Brand Country Of Origin Capacity Compacting Bianco Italy 10,00 Kg/day Tublar Compacting Tube Tex U.S.A 8.0 M.T

12 SQUEEZER We are using a squeezer with double padder for dewatering after dyeing and before the dryer. Brand: Bianco Country Of Origin: Italy CAPACITY: 10,000 Kg/day

13 DRYER A 5 (five) chamber Shrinkage dryer being used in our factory. This dryer is designed for natural, relaxing and tension free drying. The dryer provides high quality finishing of both woven and knitted materials in either open width or tubular form. Brand: Fong's Country Of Origin: China CAPACITY: 12.0 Ton

14 Types of Sewing Machines: Machine brand: 1 Needle lockstitch Button sewing Juki 2 Needle lockstitch Pico ting Union Special Over lock Kansai special Flat lock Rib Cutting Button hole Bartrack Snap button Feed of the arm Garment units capacity is 24,000 PCs per day. PRINTING With four 100ft tables, printing section is capable of printing pieces of garments. Our qualities are: Rubber print, foil print, glitter print, pigment, plastisol e.t.c. To ensure proper curing, a fully computerized conveyor dryer has been set up. Printing units capacity is PCs daily.

15 SOPHISTICATED LABORATORY To assure quality product we have high precious testing solution at our laboratory Country Of Origin: SLD, UK Laboratory Machines & Equipments: Spectrophotometer, Color Fastness Tester, Pilling Tester, Rubbing Tester Shrinkage Tester, Mini Stenter, Lab Deying Machine, Lab Deying Machine Washing Machine, Incubator, Light Box, Precision Tumble Dryer, Digital PH Meter Electrical Balance, Heating Stirrer

16 Effluent Treatment Plant & Water Treatment Plant As the NIFA TEXTILES. is completely an eco friendly project keeping that in mind we have an Effluent Treatment Plant and a Water Treatment Plant. where all toxicated water from the factory is treated and drained out to the nearby rivers thus preventing contamination.






22 House#531/3, Road#11 (West) DOHS Baridhara - Dhaka Bangladesh Via Elimia, Rome- Italy tel

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